How to judge abnormal fetal movements after pregnancy?Each pregnant woman is necessary to understand

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Most pregnant women can feel the fetal movement at 4-5 months of pregnancy. After the fetal movement occurs, the pregnant woman can truly feel that the fetus grows up in her belly.And every time the fetal movement occurs, pregnant women feel very happy.I believe that most pregnant women also know that the habit of digital fetal movement should be developed during pregnancy, and the fetus can be rescued from danger at a critical moment.But many pregnant women have doubts: how can it be judged that the fetal movement is normal or abnormal?For the health of the fetus, each pregnant woman is necessary to understand.

The more the fetal movement, the better?

Some pregnant women feel that there are not many fetal movements, and the range is not very large. They think that there is a problem with the development of the fetus.And most people also feel that the more fetal movement, the more powerful the fetus, the better the fetal development is, the more lively.In fact, this is not the case. Pregnant women also depend on the specific situation.If there are more fetal activity, it is a benign fetal movement.However, if pregnant women suddenly feel that there is a lot of fetal movements, this needs to attract the attention of pregnant women, which may be dangerous.

Why do you count the fetal movement?

Fetal movement is actually a way to communicate with fetuses and pregnant women, and it is also the way the fetus reports to the pregnant woman safely.The fetal movement of the fetus at different stages is different, and the fetal movement can reflect the development of the fetus.Generally, the fetus is abnormal and will be manifested through fetal movement.Therefore, we recommend that pregnant women move several fetal movements, in fact, they can be discovered in time when the fetus occurs, and avoid greater harm to the fetus.

How to count the fetal movement?

Pregnant women can choose the number of fetal movements within one hour. If the number of fetal movements of 1 hour is more than 3 times, it is normal.If less than 1 hour, continue for another 1 hour.Or the pregnant woman can take the number of fetal movements in 12 hours a day, take one hour in the morning, middle, and evening, and then add the number of fetal movements 3 times and then multiply 4, which will draw the number of fetal movements of 12 hours.

What is the normal fetal movement?

With the development of the fetus, about 7 months of pregnancy, the fetal movement will become regular. From this time, the pregnant woman will slowly learn to count the fetal movement.Under normal circumstances, the fetal movement is not less than 3-4 times, and the obvious fetal movement of 12 hours should be more than 30-40 times.Some pregnant women may have more than 100 fetal movements in 12 hours. As long as they are rhythmic, regular, and the changes are not very large, it means that the fetus is normal.

How to judge whether fetal movement is abnormal?

The fetal movement is normal, indicating that the fetus is developing well, and pregnant women do not need to worry.But if the fetal movement is abnormal, it means that the fetus is dangerous.The number of fetal movements increased significantly in a short period of time, or dropped to less than 20 times every 12 hours, or the number of fetal movements per hour was less than 3 times, which belonged to the abnormal fetal movement.The fetal fetal movement is abnormal, and it is likely that the umbilical cord is around the neck, hypoxia, and placental dysfunction.At this time, pregnant women need to go to the hospital for examination, don’t hesitate.

Tao Ma said: Fetal movement is a barometer for fetal development. Pregnant women should pay attention to and develop the habit of digital fetal movement.At the same time, pregnant women should also understand other knowledge of fetal movement, so as to better protect the fetus and avoid harm.

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