How to judge normal and abnormal leucorrhea?Teach you a few tricks, women must learn to distinguish

For our women, leucorrhea is a barometer that can reflect our health. If one day it has changed unusual changes, it is likely that our body has "trouble".The water in the leucorrhea can make the Y road wet and not dry, more flexible, improve the experience of the same house, and the normal leucorrhea character is not uniform and fixed, but with different changes in the different physiological cycles, then it should be timely.How to judge normal leucorrhea and abnormal leucorrhea?Let’s take a look together.

1. Look at the surface

First of all, the normal leucorrhea looks like a translucent pale white or slightly yellow, flocculent with sticky liquid. If the abnormal leucorrhea looks yellow -green on the surface, it may be trichomonas Y Tao inflammation.It may be a bacterial Y -Taoitis, and if like a tofu residue, it may be a mold Y Dao inflammation.

2, smell the taste

Under normal circumstances, leucorrhea is usually no taste. Unless you go close to smell it, there is generally no obvious odor, and the taste of abnormal leucorrhea may be pungent, especially when you suffer from Y Daoyan.A large amount of bacteria may also cause the leucorrhea to smell a little smelly.

3. Look at the form

Under normal circumstances, the leucorrhea is transparent, as sticky like egg white. When our body is in the vast estrogen secretion, the leucorrhea will be large, but the entire form is still elastic and translucent.The sense of paste, if the leucorrhea becomes abnormally sticky and paste, or even the case of the block, it may have a moldy Y Tao inflammation. If it is like a bubble state, it may be trichomonas.

In addition, the leucorrhea under normal circumstances is different from various changes with ovulation period, after ovulation, menstrual period, and pregnancy. In addition to mentioning above, abnormal leucorrhea may sometimes take blood samples.Cervical cancer and other conditions. Sometimes, in addition to the abnormal smell, various itching and pain may also appear around the female genitals. We must pay attention to observing your own situation in time and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

1. First of all, from the perspective of personal hygiene, do not use public bath towels or pots. If you think of the swimming pool, pay attention to water quality to prevent external pollutants from causing abnormal leucorrhea in the body.Change underwear, clean the outer Y, and change the sanitary napkin during menstruation to do a good job of cleaning.

2. The cleaning of women’s private parts should not be excessive. Usually use water to clean from back to the back. Do not abuse detergents, especially if you feel itchy in the outer Y and abnormal leucorrhea, do not buy the washing agent at will.Under the guidance of doctors, it should not be cleaned too much, which affects the balance of the flora in the Y road.

3. If there are high blood sugar, you need to control blood sugar first to avoid abnormal endocrine abnormalities due to high blood sugar, and leucorrhea abnormalities will also pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy.

The above is the little knowledge about leucorrhea that I will share with you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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