How to judge whether I am pregnant?There are 3 signals, earlier than vomiting

When we watched TV, if a woman suddenly felt nausea and vomiting, and ran to the bathroom, the family could whisper whispering.

So this causes many women to think that the first signal after pregnancy is pregnancy.In fact, the time of pregnancy is not so early. If you want to judge whether you are pregnant, some early pregnancy reactions occur earlier. I hope you can master it.In addition to pregnancy vomiting, you can also use 3 signals to determine whether you are pregnant

The body is fever and has no craftsmanship. For women preparing women, they should have heard of the basic body temperature. When the ovulation period is entered, the basic body temperature will rise, but after ovulation, the basic body temperature will decrease. It will not pass a few days.It will come.

If the basal body temperature will not decrease after ovulation period, and you still feel that your body is a little fever, and there will be symptoms like a cold. It feels weak and becomes lethargic. In this case, it is likely to be pregnant.May wish to test pregnancy.

Breast pain. After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, they represent a woman who is successful in pregnancy. In order to ensure that the fertilized eggs continue to develop on the uterine wall, progestin and estrogen will secrete the body. As these hormones increase,It will stimulate women’s breasts. At this time, women will have breast bloating and pain, and they will also find that breasts become soft.

Menstruation does not come on time. First of all, you have to know how menstruation comes, and menstruation is actually a process of endometrial falling off.If a woman is pregnant successfully, the endometrium not only does not retreat, but also secrete hormones in her body to maintain the stability of the endometrium.

And the endometrium no longer retreats, and women naturally will not come to menstruation, so when you should come to menstruation, you find that menstruation is delayed. If the time is more than one week, you can test it.Very big.

In fact, these pregnancy signals appear earlier than vomiting, you can compare it!Do you have any other questions about this? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below. You can also pay attention to the editor and share some parenting knowledge every day.

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