How to keep the chest firm after production?Show the S -shaped figure, the 3 Symark Mom shared the experience

It cannot be completely restored.One of the problems faced by many women after giving birth is breast drooping. Specific mothers must pay attention to breast care after childbirth. Unscientific weight loss and exercise will affect postpartum women’s body recovery. Each mother hopes to be a woman.The envious S -shaped figure has a proud twin peak.

1. Breast drooping classification:

1. Weight loss;

2. Create childbirth;

3, physiological creation;

Four treasure child focuses on sharing the knowledge of maternal and infants. Here, we will explore the drooping breasts created by childbirth.Due to the impact of progesterone, the breasts of pregnant women will be proliferated and expanded, the epidermis of the breast will increase, and the weight of the breast will increase.After childbirth, as the progesterone decreases, the increased breast epidermis becomes relaxed, and wrinkles will appear throughout the circle.Like foreigners who do not like to wear bras, their sagging situation will be more serious.

Second, what should I do if the pregnant woman droops after childbirth?

1. Persist in breastfeeding. Everyone knows that breastfeeding breastfeeding is the most nutritious. It is unmatched by other mammals. Breastfeeding can be dredged in time to dredge the breast and slow down the contraction of the breast, thereby reducing the chance of breast sagging.

2. Specific mothers with larger breasts should choose the proper bras with suitable size during pregnancy. After childbirth, a special breastfeeding bra is selected. The bra can provide proper support for the chest. Remember to wear it and do not give the breast sagging opportunities.

3, correctly feeding scientific breastfeeding, breastfeeding on both sides should be feeded at any time. The baby only eats one side of the milk. Baoma can feed on the other side on the other side.If there is no alternate breastfeeding, only sucking the single side, remember to use the milk suction device to empty the other side of the milk to keep the breast symmetry on both sides.During breastfeeding, when the baby pulls the nipple, it must be stopped.

4. Clean the chest in time. After feeding the baby’s milk, wash the breasts and nipples with warm water. Remember not to rub it hard.During breastfeeding, Baoma’s chest skin is also more sensitive. To strengthen the defense of the breast to avoid bacterial infections, chemicals such as soap soap are not available.

5. Self -proof can promote local blood circulation, promote the secretion of estrogen, and increase breast milk supply.Specific: Use 2 to 3 fingers to slowly massage the breast from the direction of the surroundings to the nipples, and then gently pat the breast from the bottom to the nipples with the entire palm, put the thumb and index finger around the areola, the position of continuous changes and lightly lightGently rub.

6, continuous exercise, firming chest muscles, doing some simple chest expansion exercises like students’ gymnastics.It is even more wonderful to do some professional postpartum recovery exercises.After 6 months after childbirth, you can do fitness or fitness.

7. The bras must be in place. Choose the feeding method after childbirth to be more convenient and shaped and protects the supporting supporting support.After confinement, you can choose to shake the body, change the chest curve and deepen the career line, which can make your chest stand upright and prevent breast sagging.

If you want to have a perfect S -shaped figure like before childbirth, in order to prevent the chest deformation due to childbirth, starting the chest exercise as soon as possible is the best way to strengthen your breasts.Full and stronger.

I am the four treasures of childcare, the Masao mother, with a baby for ten years, pays attention to me not to lose, and brings you more mother -in -child parenting knowledge every day.

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