How to look at progesterone examination reports during pregnancy?The progesterone value is too high or too low, and it must be paid attention to

After women’s pregnancy, various examination indicators of their bodies are key information on observing pregnant women. Only the relevant examination indicators are normal can the fetus be ensured.Many times pregnant women get the examination report during examination, but they do not know whether they are good or bad. For example, the value of progesterone after pregnancy is what people need to understand.

What is the normal value of pregnant women?

Clinically, the normal value of women after pregnancy is 52.7-100.1nmol/L. Women within this range are healthy.Welonone is a progesterone and is also a progesterone.During pregnancy, the hormone level of progesterone is one of the important conditions that can be carried out normally, and progesterone will also directly affect the development of the fetus.Because progesterone can alleviate the sensitivity of the pregnancy uterus to the contraction, avoid excessive shrinkage of the uterus.If progesterone values are too low, symptoms such as abortion, ectopic pregnancy and other symptoms.

Of course, progesterone values are an important test indicator of pregnancy. Generally, the progesterone value of pregnant women after pregnancy is 52.7-100.1Nmol/L.If the progesterone value changes, there is no need to worry about when it is not floating.If the progesterone value is too high or too low, it should be paid attention to it. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital for examination and treat it under the guidance of a doctor.Different hospitals may have a difference in progesterone value. Therefore, after getting the test sheet, you can learn through conversion.

How to look at progesterone examination reports during pregnancy?

Pregnant women can compare the data that checks, and generally compare the previous values with the results of this test.For example, the progesterone content on the check report is 118.6 ± 40.6nmol/L. Through comparison, it can be inferred that this pregnant woman’s pregnancy time is about 9-12 weeks.

The above is the introduction of all aspects of the body during pregnancy. When going to the hospital every month for examination, the doctor will inform the questions on the report form.If you want to understand a certain situation, you can also focus on the doctor, and the doctor will explain the corresponding explanation.

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