How to make sows go to childbirth smoothly

How to make sows go to childbirth smoothly

The childbirth process caused by a certain reason is called dystocia.The sow from the first piglets to the excretion of the fetal clothing. The whole process lasts for 2-4 hours, usually 2-3 hours.The time interval between the childbirth is generally 10-15 minutes.If the amniotic fluid flows out for more than 30 minutes, the sow is restless or fatigue, the mental is weak, the breathing is rapid, and the mucosa can be brought up.Difficulty should be taken.Accurate judgment.This is an important prerequisite for emergency treatment.The diagnosis of sow is difficult to give birth, and we must take "one, two, three touch".

Listen: The sow is breathless, and the sound of the pigs is difficult to grow.

Second look: sow gesture, difficult to produce pigs to make time break, like the gesture that cannot be excreted.

Three touchs: There are no pig pins in the belly under the sow’s soft waist.If there is an unprepared pig cub in the belly, you will feel obviously uneven, and you will move the hard object when you press it with a little pressure.

The sow rarely occurs, and its frequency is much lower than that of other livestock. This is mainly because the diameter of the pelvic inlet of the sow is twice as long as the widest horizontal section of the fetus, which is easy to produce piglets.Therefore, sows are difficult to produce in the large -scale pig farm for primary sows and old sows.In the hot summer, some pig farms are as high as 50%due to the elimination rate of difficulty in giving birth! As a result, the problem of "sows have a baby, but they cannot be born".As a result, some pig farm managers completely attributed difficulty in the fetus to the fetus too large, and adopted the method of not attacking the fetus during the attack period to reduce the difficulty of the difficulty by reducing the primary weight.Indeed, after the implementation of this method, the difficulty rate is reduced, but the decrease in the first weight of the piglets has reduced the vitality, and then the survival rate of the breastfeeding period is reduced, because the type and antibody level of the first sows of the sows are low.The piglets have poor resistance. If the first birth is low, the resistance will be worse. In this way, there is a dilemma of "born, but not living".

The method of reducing the difficulty of reducing the difficulty of the first life is a technology of "disassembling the east wall and replenishing the west wall". Although it may temporarily solve one problem, another problem is derived.Such technology is stupid and mentally retarded.

We must find the two ways to truly solve the problem.

First of all, don’t worry too much about attacking the sow to be too fat.The test shows that after 100 days of pregnancy, the net weight weight has not changed even if the sow has doubled energy.

Secondly, we must avoid the technology of "dismantling the east wall and replenishing the west wall"-to sacrifice the vitality of piglets in order to avoid difficulty in giving birth?

Again, Gua is familiar.Tire attack may be conducive to mobilizing delivery.However, malnutrition and certain disease factors cause the fetus to mature normally, and there will be delay in childbirth; attack tires are conducive to physical stimulation: the growth of the fetal membrane and the development of the fetus expand the volume of the uterus, and the weight increases, especially in the late pregnancy, the fetus, the fetus’sQuickly develop and mature, the pressure on the uterus exceeds its ability, causing reflective contraction of the uterus and launching delivery.Insufficient tires are not conducive to starting childbirth. Delayed delivery leads to excessive fetus and increases risk of dystocia.

Finally, find the root cause of dystocia to prevent the occurrence of dystocia!

Whether the childbirth is smooth or not depends on the three factors, namely the relationship between the birthplaces, the power, the birth canal and the fetus.

In terms of production channels, there are rigid lanes (pelvic mouths) and soft -producing lanes (cervix, vagina, vulva).From the perspective of sow’s anatomical characteristics, it is not easy to cause difficulty in giving birth, because the pelvis entrance of the pig is oval, with a large tilt, wide and flat at the bottom of the pelvis, leaning down the pelvic axis, and almost straight lines. It is easier to pass the fetus through the line.EssenceHowever, if the initial time is too early, it may cause pelvic mouth to develop poor and narrow; in addition, the preliminary sow is also prone to incomplete luteum dissolution and cause incomplete cervix.

In terms of productive power, there are two types of fetal power.One is the rhythmic contraction of the uterus, called contraction, and the other is reflective contraction of abdominal muscles and diaphragm muscles.The deflation is mainly dominated by oxytocin by hormones. Oxytocin is mainly transmitted by the fetal stimulation of the fetus to the brain. The factors that affect the secretion of oxytocin and transmission may affect the intensity and rhythm of deflation.There are two problems here worth our attention. One is that oxytocin secretion needs to pass the stimulus signal. Any factors that affect the transmission of signals may cause insufficient oxytocin secretion.It is conducive to the transmission of childbirth information.In addition, constipation, high temperatures may affect the secretion of oxytocin; another problem worthy of our attention is that the shrinkage of the uterus is a contraction rather than a continuous contraction (or spasm contraction), because the uterine contractionThe obstruction is hypoxia. The advantage of shrinkage is that contraction and diastolic alternation enable the fetus to "slowly breathe."If we inappropriately injected oxytocin, it may cause uterine spasm contraction and cause the fetus to die in hypoxia. Therefore, it is found in clinical discovery that the increasing tires of the use of oxytocin are often increased, which is the reason.

In terms of fetal, the fetal potential, fetal position, fetal orientation, abnormal front of the front, and the fetus are too large.According to statistics, the fetus is the main cause of dystocia, and the cause of dystocia in the fetus is mainly fetal potential, which is caused by abnormal fetal position, fetal orientation, and front.In addition, the lack of amniotic fluid, premature water breakfast is an important factor that causes long -term production processes to cause dystocia.

In summary, there are six main aspects of the root cause of the difficulty.Right now:

Prematurely: Premature breaking time and "good" body shape causes the pelvic mouth to narrow.

Excessive fertilizer: It is mainly due to body type adjustment period (30 ~ 75 days of pregnancy) and the breast development period (75-95 days of pregnancy).

Passing: During pregnancy, especially the sow of constipation in the late pregnancy, after the absorption of toxins in the intestine, it affects the start of childbirth and oxytocin secretion.Bladder urine.

Excessive heat: The temperature of the delivery room is too high during delivery. The sow is in stress, which is not conducive to the start of delivery. It is not conducive to the transfer of delivery signals. It is not conducive to the balance and stability of the electrolyte of the body fluid, which is not conducive to the persistence of anger.

Too full: It is not conducive to starting delivery before giving birth.

Too noisy: The childbirth environment is not quiet and the delivery signal is blocked, and the oxytocin secretion is insufficient.

At this point, we already know that there are many reasons for the dystocia for preliminary production sow, and most of them are caused by improper management. According to the author’s follow -up survey of large -scale pig farms, some pig farms, the first birth of the first sow is 1.5There are no difficulty in KG or above.It can be said that the first life has not been "heavy" to the point where it is difficult to produce!

Therefore, in production, we must prevent difficulty in giving birth, but also increase the vitality of piglets

"6" refers to "six but not".

But early: the first placement must meet the standard.The external ternary sow, the initial weight is about 130 ~ 140kg, and the date of age is about 230 to 240 days.EssenceWhen choosing seedlings, choose good motherhood.Choose sow according to the sow’s standard, not the sow according to the standard of the boar.High standards are strictly selected, and the rear body requirements are abundant.Adhere to the maturity of more than 110kg or more in August or more, and eliminate the multi -age secondary sow in time.

But fertilizer: Control the emotion.30 ~ 75 days of pregnancy, 3 points, 75 ~ 95 days, 3.25 points, attack tire period, 3.5 ~ 3.75 points.

But knot: Constipation is always harmful to sows. Professor Zhang has said a very classic words: "Raising pigs is the intestines." I feel very reasonable.The health of the intestine, the volume of the intestine, the health of the body, the smooth delivery, and the amount of feeding during breastfeeding. Therefore, we must exercise the intestine before the reserve breeding.Nutrition such as Kexin Borotid+intestinal power and green feed.

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