How to prepare for irregular menstruation?Don’t be afraid, try these three methods, especially the third one is very useful

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The menstruation of a cousin of Jing has always been in the case of free, and if she doesn’t want to come, she will not come and dispersal. Sometimes once every two months, sometimes it comes more than half a month. It doesn’t matter when making a girl.But she started to be nervous after getting married.And fans often ask fans to ask Jing’s irregular menstruation how to prepare for pregnancy?Then let’s take a look at what kind of menstruation is regular?

The regular menstruation indicates that ovulation is also more regular, so it is easier to prepare for pregnancy.

1. Menstruation like alarm clock

Some women’s life and endocrine are also very regular, so menstruation is 28-32 days.A friend said that his aunt was accurate. It was 30 days a month, so if you go out to bring a sanitary napkin every month to these two days, it is definitely right.

2. The menstrual cycle with small differences

Menstruation is once a month, and it is not necessary to be regular on the same day of the same month. Compared with this month, it will come on the 20th. Then the next month is normal after the 14th or before the 27th.The cycle is a regular menstrual cycle in 30 days and 7 days.

The rule of menstrual period is generally regular.

3. Not menstruation of menstruation

There was a classmate in the former dormitory of Jing, a menstruation every two months. We all envy her to have a lot of trouble. If it is only every two or three months each time, it also means that it is regular.Essence

The above three menstruation and the duration of menstruation each time, the amount of menstruation has not changed much, which shows that the regular menstruation.

The regular menstruation means that ovulation is also relatively regular. Our ovulation day is generally 14 days before the next menstruation.And the time to get pregnant is 17 days to 13 days before menstruation.

However, there are still many female friends with irregular menstruation now. Some may be endocrine disorders, or uterine fibroids, or uterine cavity adhesion, polycystic ovary syndrome, and hypertomium.

In the past, a colleague of Jing’s mother had no menstruation without taking medicine. After taking the medicine, because there were hormones, the whole person was too fat, and her liver function was not very good, so I dare not take medicine.It is no menstruation without menstruation.She said that she couldn’t get the time to make an ovulation needle.

Irregular menstruation is indeed our pregnancy blocking, and how do women with irregular menstruation prepare for pregnancy?

The first step is to first understand whether there is an autonomous ovulation. If there is no autonomous ovulation, you need to treat ovulation, just like the colleague of Jing’s mother.

1. Ovulation test strip

First go to the pharmacy or buy ovulation test strips online, and you may also buy early pregnancy test strips. Many merchants also pack this product together.

After the end of the menstruation, you can start testing the same time per day for a week. Generally, ovulation will occur on the second or third day of the strong positive, because sperm can survive in the body for three days, so you can consider the strong positive day.Third and fourth day of the same room.Increase the chance of conception.

2. Basic body temperature monitoring

This will be more troublesome. After getting up every morning, test your body temperature and record in a quiet state, and connect the daily body temperature to see the dynamic changes in body temperature.Many mothers think that the body temperature rises is the ovulation period. In fact, the eggs have been discharged when the body temperature rises, so the basic body temperature is a horses.

Generally, for three consecutive months, the process of mastering the body temperature from low to high is generally ovulation the day before the body temperature as low as high.

Generally speaking, the basic body temperature may be more used to understand whether our ovulation is regular.The law of finding ovulation also helps us find the ovulation period.

3. B -ultrasound detection method

A relative of Jing’s mother is that menstruation does not call body temperature monitoring, and the ovulation test strip has no effect. Later, she was still using ultrasonic monitoring to test three times a week after menstruation. The last time they found high -quality follicles.It’s really pregnant.

Therefore, women who prepare for pregnancy should pay attention to that when menstruation is regular, ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the next menstruation, and irregular menstruation should check whether there is no autonomous ovulation to see if it needs to make an ovulation needle.If there is an autonomous ovulation, it is recommended to use the three methods mentioned earlier for the ovulation period test.

Topic: Have you tested the ovulation period?

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