How to reduce losses after breeding the sow to find mold toxins?

Summary: Pig Disease Classroom selected the latest pigs and answers for you.Is the vulva swelling after breeding? Is it estrus?What should I do if the sow’s hoof is cracked?

About February after breeding the dual pig pigs, the vulva shows redness and swelling. Is this estrus?

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I do n’t know if you are talking about this situation, whether it is individual or group. If it is individual pigs may be estrus, if you want to be diagnosed, you can use B -ultrasound to detect it. If there is no pregnancy, then the possibility of estrus is more likely.Love pigs to check, and know it when you check.

If it is not estrus, it may be caused by trauma. Pay attention to the estrus time of this sow to achieve real -time breeding to prevent leakage.

If the sow group after the breeding shows the swelling of the vulva, then it is necessary to consider the false estrus caused by mold toxins. In this case, check the mold of the feed.Is there a problem with the raw material for purchasing? There is something wrong when storing, or the problem of the feed adding process. When finding the problem, the moldy feed should be discontinued, fed fresh moldless feeds, and add VC and VC and add VC and add VC and add VC andGlucose to speed up the discharge of mold toxins in sows, and it is recommended to test B -ultrasound for sows to see if it affects the pregnancy of sows.After discovering the problem, take remedial measures in time to minimize the loss.

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Pig breeding feed is important, and antibacterial disinfection must not be less!Pay attention to these three issues!

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