How to relieve back pain during pregnancy?4 recruitment to solve your troubles!Learn

Almost all pregnant women will encounter back pain, because as the uterus and fetus increase, the physical center of gravity of the pregnant woman gradually moves forward. In order to maintain the body balance when standing, the spine shape will change accordingly.In addition, after pregnancy, due to hormones, the joint ligament becomes relaxed, and the pubic bone and sacroiliac joints will also change, increasing the unstable lumbar spine, which will lead to back pain.In order to reduce the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy, you need to master the correct standing, sitting posture, and walking posture.

1. Master the correct posture

With the extension of pregnancy time, the body of the pregnant woman becomes more and more bulky and the center of gravity moves forward.When walking, you need to keep your shoulders relax and not bend your upper body.If necessary, you need to wear a dedicated waist protection during pregnancy, which can play a role in setting off and effectively reduce the symptoms of waist pain.However, you need to control the walking time and walk for about 30 minutes a day.In addition, when walking, you must choose shoes with good arch support. The soles of the shoe have a certain thickness, because as the fetus gains weight, the load on the feet on the pregnant woman will become large.Supporting effects can easily cause fasciitis and heel pain.

2. Stand well

The spine will change after pregnancy, and when standing, the head, back, and buttocks will occur, but this standing position will increase the spine pressure.When standing, you must lift your head to keep the neck in the correct position.Raise your head and your shoulders and be relaxed. You cannot bend over the hump; tighten your hips properly; you cannot tilt your body when you stand, and let the two legs support the weight evenly.

3. Sitting

Some pregnant women make the waist hang out because they are holding their stomach, but this will increase the burden on the lumbar spine.No matter when you must sit up, your butt must be close to the chair back, keep your body upright, you cannot move in a certain direction, and the head and neck need to be posted;; When using a computer, you need to adjust the height of the computer display, so that the sight and the horizontal midline are flat. At the same time, it is necessary to find support for the elbow, which is conducive to the shoulder relaxation.In addition, every 30 minutes of sitting, you need to stand up for about 10 minutes, not to sit for a long time.

4, lying down

Pregnant women lying for a long time will aggravate the symptoms of lumbar pain or cause a numbness of the legs.Pregnant women need to take a sleeping position when they sleep, because lying flat can increase low back pain. As the fetus increases, it can compress the large blood vessels in the stomach, causing the blood vessels to be hindered, thereby aggravating the burden on the heart and reducing the blood supply of the placenta.In addition, pay attention to the height of the pillow. Choosing a wave -shaped pillow can better support the cervical spine. You can choose a U -shaped or L -shaped pillow dedicated to pregnant women to help hold the waist and abdomen and effectively alleviate the symptoms of waist pain.

Kind tips

During the pregnancy, you need to stand up and sit up and sit up. You cannot lie on the bed for a long time without necessary circumstances. You can participate in outdoor activities, such as walking or pregnant women yoga, which can promote blood circulation of the whole body, increase muscle elasticity and physical strength, and at the same timeCan shorten the output process, which is conducive to postpartum body recovery.In addition, if there is persistent pain in the waist, you need to go to the hospital for examination and treatment.

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