How to relieve the cause and harm of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Hemorrhoids are a common disease located in anal parts, which can develop on any age, but as the age increases, the incidence gradually increases.Pregnant women are high incidence of hemorrhoids. Although hemorrhoids are "hemorrhoids", they are completely different from the infectious pus in other parts of the body.Varicose group.The occurrence of hemorrhoidal veins is related to the pressure of compression and foreign stimulus.There are ten hemorrhoids in the people, but if he has hemorrhoids during pregnancy, what should I do?

Hemorrhoids usually occur from 28 to 36 weeks in the later stages of pregnancy, especially in one week before childbirth, which will appear constipation, causing local varicose veins to form hemorrhoids.This is because during pregnancy, the blood supply in the pelvic cavity increased. As the fetus grew up day by day, the uterus also swelled, and then compressed the veins, causing blood to be blocked.Coupled with the relaxation of pelvic tissue during pregnancy, the occurrence and aggravation of hemorrhoids.In addition, because the rectal anus is oppressed and blood stagnation is stagnant, which will also cause hemorrhoids.

As a mother may know, it is common to commit hemorrhoids during pregnancy.Literally, although hemorrhoids are "hemorrhoids", they are actually veins.Because the rectum does not have venous valve, it makes it difficult for the blood to return smoothly. The blood stasis will cause the venous plexus blood vessels to protrude and curl. If it is stimulated by the outside world during pregnancy, it will further promote the formation of hemorrhoids.

The uterine extrusion: The huge uterus during pregnancy will squeeze the pelvic cavity, and the venous pressure of the original pregnant woman is relatively high, and the blood vessels become relaxed.As a result, swelling and swelling expand.

Increasing progesterone: The increase in the body and the increasing progesterone is also one of the causes, which will make the venous vascular elasticity decline sharply, which is very likely to induce vein dilation.

Constipation: Women’s gastrointestinal function during pregnancy is not good, and it is easy to constipation. Once the bowel movement is not smooth, it will work hard, and then increase the venous pressure near the anus and further exacerbate hemorrhoids.

Old illness: If you have this disease before pregnancy, the possibility of recurrence of old diseases during pregnancy will increase, and it will even be more serious.

The expectant mothers have hemorrhoids. For the babies in their own and belly, there is no direct harm.But if you do not actively condition, it will cause some harm in the future:

Anemia: Breeding often during pregnancy can cause body ischemia, cause anemia, and then endanger the growth and development of children, which can easily induce premature birth, resulting in too light weight, severe weight, and even cause fetal death.

Toxin retention: This symptom is often caused by difficulty in defecation. For a long time, toxins in pregnant women are difficult to discharge normally.The toxins that should be discharged will continue to be absorbed by the body, which not only hurts the mother, but also harms the normal developmental fetus.

Interference delivery: During childbirth, in order to allow children to produce smoothly, expectant mothers should take advantage of their strength to make the pressure of the abdomen bigger, which will induce or exacerbate hemorrhoids. Embeddings occur. The pain and discomfort may hinder the normal production of normal production.conduct.

Although hemorrhoids can be treated with surgery, surgery is generally not suitable for late pregnancy.

Diet conditioning: Stay away from heavy taste or too greasy foods, such as ginger, green onions, pepper and other foods to stimulate gastrointestinal stomach, and food that is not conducive to gastrointestinal digestion should be eaten as little or not.Vegetables and fruits are also important, such as bananas, strawberries, broad beans, spinach, etc. The number of dietary fibers is very considerable, which is conducive to accelerating gastrointestinal exercise.Finally, a bowl of salt is boiled. Drink in the morning. Although the method is simple, it can promote intestinal peristalsis.

Bathture: Put warm water in the bathtub every day according to physical conditions, put all your hips in water, and enjoy the water care about half an hour.

Sports: Take a walk in the morning and evening, carry out health gymnastics, etc. Here it is recommended that you conduct anal -lifting exercise.The specific method is: merge the legs, clamp the anus while inhaling, and to relax the anus while exhaling. It is carried out 3 times a day and 30 times each time. This method can allow the pelvic muscles, Help defecation.

Ice pack: Apply medical ice bags daily on external hemorrhoids can alleviate discomfort and redness. Pay attention to 5 ~ 10 minutes each time.In order to achieve better results, you can also sit in the bath immediately after applying it to relieve the pain between the hot and cold cross.

Symphony: Do not use colored or delicious hand paper to wipe your hips to prevent excessive skin irritation. You should choose high cleanliness, good paper, soft hand, and odorless hand paper.In order to avoid severe symptoms, watching mobile phones, magazines or newspapers in the toilet should be eliminated.

In addition, women should avoid sitting for a long time, especially in the late pregnancy period, especially in the late pregnancy.Pay attention to the anal hygiene, and then wash the anus with warm water to develop a good habit of defecation, which will benefit pregnant women.

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