How to remove stretch marks

Pregnancy will make a woman change many.Among them, the generation of stretch marks is a relatively obvious change, and stretch marks are a type of atrophy.The formation of stretch marks is mainly affected by the influence of hormones during pregnancy, plus factors such as collagen loss during pregnancy. The adverse effects of stretch marks on a woman are very obvious. Stretch marks will not only affect the beauty, but also itching.Feelings will make women very distressed, so it is necessary to master the method of eliminating stretch marks. Today we will discuss the five major methods of removing stretch marks.

1. Medical Tattooing Method

Medical stretch marks are the most commonly used and most effective methods at present. It can be irradiated with pulse light or dye laser, which can accelerate the fading of purple and red patterns, increase the production of collagen, and reduce the severity of stretch marks;Surgery, using special tools to smooth the skin cracks, can improve the scar tissue to repair stretch marks. Generally speaking, there are more medical removal methods, but after all, through surgery, it is still risky., Still do not use this method.

2. Postpartum maintenance method

After the production of pregnant women for a period of time, it is recognized as the best time to repair stretch marks. Because the mother’s body needs to recover at this time, the baby needs to take care of it, so it is difficult for many mothers to take out time to solve the problem of stretch marks.I have made some simple repair and maintenance.It is recommended that mothers do some simple exercise at home, and often massage places where stretch marks are produced, such as: abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, chests, and so on.Secondly, maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more vitamin -rich foods, try to keep enough sleep as much as possible, so that the skin will restore the flexibility as soon as possible.

3. Olive oil massage method

Olive oil is a good care product, which is rich in vitamin E. If it is properly massaged to promote metabolism, it can achieve wrinkle effects.Take an appropriate amount of olive oil every day, then apply it in a place with stretch marks, and then massage in the order from the bottom, each massage is about 10 minutes.

4. Use the method of removing skin care products

The use of tattooing skin care products to remove stretch marks is the most used in the current way.After taking a shower every day, or apply a tattoo place with a hot towel, open the pores, and evenly apply some dedicated to stretch marks products on the pattern, gently rub the massage until the skin is completely absorbed.It is very convenient and safe to do so.

5. Beauty salon nursing method

At present, many beauty salons on the market have service items that remove stretch marks.Through some dedicated beauty instruments or efficacy products, and through professional stretch marks products plus massage to remove stretch marks for customers.Some people will use essential oil aromas to make a SPA to help eliminate stretch marks.

In order to make the baby falling on the ground, the mother has to pay a lot, and the stretch marks are also one of them. The stretch marks will indeed bring a lot of adverse effects to women, but fortunately, this adverse effect is not permanent.The five methods of removing stretch marks are enough for most women to remove stretch marks. It is also noted that the majority of women can get rid of the distress caused by stretch marks as soon as possible.

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