How to scientifically cope with ovarian cysts?2 points are the key, women must pay attention to

Women during childbearing are high -risk people of ovarian cysts, especially those with bilateral ovarian cysts are very dangerous, increasing difficulty in pregnancy.Even if a woman is pregnant, premature or abortion is prone to occur. When suffering from ovarian cysts, it should be treated scientifically and should not be treated blindly.

Most ovarian cysts do not have obvious symptoms, and they are only found when they go to the hospital for gynecological examination.In fact, physiological ovarian cysts do not have to worry too much. As long as you adjust your diet, you can disappear without affecting fertility and health.

However, pathological ovarian cysts will increase the chance of suffering from ovarian cancer if it is not allowed.With the development of the disease, ovarian cysts will have obvious symptoms, such as small abdominal pain, leucorrhea abnormalities, menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea, and can feel no pain.The area of cysts without timely treatment will become larger and the ovarian cortex is relatively weak. This will affect its ovulation function and ovarian development. It is easy to induce endometriosis and increase the chance of infertility.

1. Scientific treatment

Patients with mild ovarian cysts can be treated dialectically under the guidance of Chinese medicine, controlling weight, and preventing the internal organs from accumulating too much fat and regularized ovulation.The medium -weight ovarian cyst can be treated by laparoscopy and abdominal surgery, but the surgical method is determined according to the size of the cyst and whether there is adhesion.The cyst volume is large, and the surrounding abdominal tissue has adhesion and bilateral cysts need to be performed. However, there are obvious scars and long recovery time, which increases pain.Laparoscopic surgery has recovered quickly and has a short hospitalization time, with small wounds and light pain.

2. Do a good job of life conditioning

The number of times of controlling sexual life should not be too frequent, and the ovulation promoter cannot be used to promote the production of eggs.Keep a regular life, reduce the number of staying up late, and learn to reduce stress, so as not to cause excessive acidification of the body and reduce the overall function.Increase the basic metabolic rate by exercise and diet, so that endocrine and ovaries are stable.The diet is mainly low fat, low cholesterol, and high -vitamin to prevent ionizing radiation and quit tobacco and alcohol.Avoid sexual life during menstruation and during confinement, control the amount of salt.

Kind tips

Patients with ovarian cysts must choose a regular hospital for surgery. After surgery, the doctor should choose drugs to prevent the recurrence of cysts and reduce the chance of suffering from ovarian cancer.Do not eat too spicy or too salty foods, maintain a regular life, strengthen physical exercise, and carry out outdoor activities to improve your physique.

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