How to sleep during pregnancy?Sleeping and lying on the left is not right, it is critical to learn to "sleep" correctly

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After pregnancy, the sleeping position of the pregnant mother is very particular, because the correct sleeping position can avoid oppression in the abdomen.

Most expectant mothers choose "sleeping on the left" during pregnancy because they can "oxygen" to the greatest extent.

But for a long time to keep the "sleeping on the left" posture, the pregnant mother feels deeply. Many people will consciously become "flat" as soon as they wake up.The change of sleeping position is likely to cause hypoxia in the fetus, and many pregnant mothers worry.

After Xiaoli was pregnant, she was lying flat and sleeping, and her sleep quality was not bad.At four months of pregnancy, my girlfriend told Xiaoli: "Lying flat and sleeping can cause the baby in the abdomen to be hypoxic, it is best to choose to sleep on the left."

Xiaoli starts to "sleep on the left" every day, but with the increase of the pregnancy month, she often feels unable to breathe, as if "hypoxia".Once sleeping in the middle of the night, she suddenly found that she was lying flat and sleeping, and she frightened her cold sweat.

Since then, Xiaoli has been in a state of sleep, lest she accidentally become a "flat" sleeping position, which will cause the baby to be hypoxic.There is no doubt that Xiaoli’s sleep quality decreases and the mental state becomes poor.

When going to the hospital for delivery, Xiaoli complained to the doctor, but the doctor told her: "Sleeping on the left and lying on the right side is not right."

Xiaoli was dumbfounded, how to sleep during pregnancy?

In the choice of sleeping position during pregnancy, many pregnant mothers feel a headache.If the pregnant mother "goes to bed", it will not only be tortured, it will be difficult to sleep, but it will also affect the development of the fetus.

The pregnant mothers lying down during pregnancy have a adverse effect on the fetal oxygen supply.Many pregnant mothers will choose "sleeping on the left", but their breathing is a problem.Pregnant mothers have a big cracked sleeping position during pregnancy -learning the correct sleeping posture is the top priority.

Sleep on the left: The fetus breathing is smoother

Most women’s uterus is right, and it is more obvious in the third trimester.Pregnant mothers choose "sleeping on the left" during pregnancy, which can adjust the right rotation to avoid the uterus from being oppressed and affecting the blood flow.The blood circulation is smooth, the fetal oxygen supply is sufficient, and the breathing will be smoother.

However, there are advantages in everything.If the pregnant mother "sleeps on the left" for too long, it will be squeezed to the heart, which is easy to have nightmares, making the pregnant mother’s difficulty in breathing, which will affect the sleep quality of the pregnant mother.

Sleep on the right: help metabolism

Pregnant mothers choose "sleeping on the right" during pregnancy. The blood supply is more sufficient, which is very good for the metabolism of the human body, and it helps to absorb gastrointestinal and stomach, making food nutrition absorption more fully.

In addition, when the pregnant mother "sleeps on the right", her legs are slightly curved, and the blood can flow more to the right side of the body, so that the heart can be rest.Lie flat and sleep: the most comfortable sleeping posture

Among all sleeping positions, lying flat and sleeping is the most comfortable sleeping position, which is the most relaxed.Pregnant mothers can also choose to lie down flat, but depend on their own actual situation.

Choosing to sleep flat during the third trimester will form a certain oppression of the uterus and fetus, it is best to choose to sleep on the side.Pregnant mothers can try it by themselves to find a more comfortable sleeping position in the abdomen.

Whether it is sleeping side or lying flat, pregnant mothers should not use the same sleeping position for a long time. It is best to switch the sleeping position in turn, mainly comfortable.However, in the third trimester, the fetus grows relatively, and the pregnant mother must insist on sleeping sideways. Among them, it is better to sleep on the left side. It is not advisable to "lie flat".

Most pregnant mothers know that "sleeping on the left" is good for the fetus, but very little benefits.Therefore, these benefits of "sleeping on the left" during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must understand.

Blood circulation is smooth to avoid fetal hypoxia

Other sleeping positions may lead to hypoxia in the fetus, and there is a certain danger for the fetus.Pregnant mothers choose "sleeping on the left" to reduce the local compression of the uterus, and provide sufficient oxygen for the fetus to avoid hypoxia.

Reduce stomach discomfort, and the stomach will be more comfortable

With the increase of the pregnancy month, the fetus will grow up, the volume of the uterus will increase, and the stomach will be oppressed, and the stomach of the pregnant mother will have discomfort.Pregnant mothers choose "sleeping on the left" to appropriately reduce stomach discomfort.

Prevent umbilical cord around the neck, prevent fetal suffocation

After four months of pregnancy, the fetus has gradually moved, and the uterus will be more active, causing the umbilical cord to around the neck and easily suffocate the fetus.Pregnant mothers choose "sleeping on the left" to prevent umbilical cord around the neck.

"Sleeping on the left" is not only good for pregnant mothers, but also helps fetal development.However, maintaining the same sleeping position for a long time is indeed difficult, it is easy to cause pregnant mothers to physical discomfort, and it will also affect the quality of sleep.

Pregnant mothers are particular about sleeping positions during pregnancy, but they must not maintain the same posture, and they can also adjust different sleeping positions.Of course, in addition to the comfort of the pregnant mother, you must also listen to the doctors’ suggestions and choose the most suitable sleeping position to ensure the healthy development and growth of the fetus.

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