How to solve the "physiological needs" of the other half after pregnancy?This will be happier between husband and wife

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Women’s pregnancy is definitely a "big thing" for a family, so the whole family will focus on protecting pregnant women to prevent a little harm.Among them, the most often hearing sentence is: "You can’t have the same room after pregnancy."

I believe that there are still many couples who have started a 10 -month "abstinence" journey since they are pregnant. They think that "exercise" during pregnancy is not safe, bad for fetal fetuses, and fear of abortion.

Many husbands and wives are very entangled in whether they can have a "husband and wife life" after pregnancy.Because in the process, it is easy to cause the uterus to shrink and affect the fetus.But this does not mean that the life of couples during pregnancy is completely prohibited.

During pregnancy, a reasonable life score is conducive to the development of the fetus.

But whether you can have a "husband and wife life" depends on the specific situation.

Misunderstanding 1: There will be abortion during pregnancy during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the couple will inevitably passion in the process of "love", which will more or less cause the uterine contraction. However, such contraction will only last for a few seconds, which is not enough to cause premature birth or abortion.

At present, there is no evidence to prove that there is a direct relationship between abortion during pregnancy and "same room" during pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 2: The same room during pregnancy is not good for the fetus

In the same room during pregnancy, the fetus will not hurt the fetus directly. Because the fetus is in the mother’s belly, the appearance is wrapped in amniotic fluid and uterine grassroots, so the fetus cannot reach the outside environment.

Therefore, in general, couples in the same pregnancy will not cause harm to the fetus.

Misunderstanding 3: After the same room during pregnancy, the pregnant belly will increase tightly

Many pregnant mothers during pregnancy said: After the same room, I feel that the pregnant belly will have a tight rise. Will there be problems with the fetus?

In fact, this situation is often caused by endogenous hormone secretion. Even women of non -pregnant women generally feel this way.

Generally, you do n’t need to be particularly nervous. Relax, you can return to normal after a few minutes.But if this situation continues, and the abdomen still feels tighter, it is best for pregnant mothers to go to the hospital.

Pregnant women’s body is not suitable in time and is not suitable

There is a "husband and wife life" during pregnancy, and it is necessary to be in a good state of the pregnant woman.If pregnant women are uncomfortable or irritable, it is not suitable.

In the same room during pregnancy, we must meet the good physical condition of pregnant women, and it is more emotionally relaxed.

Not suitable for early and third trimester

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs were just bed. At this time, the spontaneous embryo was very unstable.

At the end of pregnancy, due to the large volume of the fetus, the uterus will be extremely sensitive, so the same room at this time is also inappropriate.

Both of the couple must be healthy

If the husband or pregnant woman has some diseases, then in this case, it is not suitable for the same room. Even if there is a physiological needs, it is best to endure it to avoid hurting the baby.

Pay special attention to hygiene issues

In the same room during pregnancy, you must pay special attention to sanitation and clean it to avoid the safety of the fetus due to the breeding of bacteria.

In the middle of pregnancy, two couples can be appropriately "in the same room", but pay attention to the frequency and degree.It should not be too frequent or too rude.

In the early and third trimester of pregnancy, for the other half of the "physiological needs", you can try to do some other things to divert your attention.

If you want to accompany your mother to visit the supermarket, buy the items used by the baby after buying; or think about the name of the baby’s birth in the future, learn more about parenting knowledge; or lie on the mother’s belly and communicate with the baby.

This allows the baby to feel the existence of dad more. After the baby is born, the parent -child relationship with Dad will be better.

Written at the end:

After pregnancy, most people have changed the feeling of "physiological needs".

Under normal circumstances, the demand and sensitivity of pregnant women for "husband and wife life" will increase. Of course, some pregnant women will reduce demand. These are related to the physiological changes during pregnancy, hormone levels, and psychological changes, and do not have to worry about it.

As long as the couple pay attention to the precautions of "having the same room" during pregnancy, they can enjoy the "two -person time" with peace of mind.

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