How to successfully "block" the arrival of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Listen to the opinions of experts

Pregnant women will have many problems when they are pregnant. For example, at the beginning, there will be a feeling of retching, often wanting to go to the toilet, etc.Pay attention to the situation of pregnant women.Some time ago, I heard some people say that nine pregnant women have hemorrhoids. Pregnant women are very likely to have hemorrhoids. Recently, some materials have been checked to show that pregnant women are indeed more likely to have hemorrhoids. So how should pregnant women prevent hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids may happen in men and women, especially for pregnant women when they are pregnant, because pregnant women will have many symptoms during pregnancy, such as particularly easy to constipation, but pregnant women want to go to the toilet, but they want to go to the toilet.When you feel it, you will work hard, which only increases the chance of pregnant women’s hemorrhoids.There are also pregnant women in the body when they are pregnant. The content of flavonoids in the body will be relatively high. When the belly is too large, the uterus will be squeezed, and these conditions will increase the incidence of hemorrhoids.

Pregnant women should be careful when they are pregnant. Once there are some abnormal situations in their bodies, they should go to the hospital for examination in time to see what is going on?Try not to delay time, otherwise if the situation is urgent, it is very dangerous.When pregnant women find that they have bleeding in the genitals when they are going to the toilet, or itching in the anus, and so on, hemorrhoids may occur.

When pregnant women find that they have hemorrhoids, they should pay attention to some behaviors in life in time. If you find that you are really painful, go to the hospital for surgical treatment. The drag time is too long, which will affect your baby’s healthy development.Generally speaking, if the situation is not very serious, you don’t need to go to the hospital for treatment, as long as you pay more attention at normal times.

However, after the pregnant woman finds that she has hemorrhoids, she should pay more attention to their own diet and living habits, and the diet should be as light as possible. Eat less spicy and greasy foods.Fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, there are many vitamins in fruits and vegetables. Eating more fruits and vegetables can increase the body of vitamins.Try to take a bath every day. You can put water in your bathtub, and then put your hips in the water for half an hour.

In addition, more exercise is needed. Pregnant women need a certain amount of exercise. After growing hemorrhoids, more exercise should be exercised. More exercise can relieve some symptoms of hemorrhoids.Usually develop good living habits and hygiene habits. The paper used in the toilet is used for full amount of paper for pregnant women. Do not use odor paper.

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