HPV infection and pregnancy and childbirth are blind!

With the gradual promotion of cervical cancer screening and HPV popular science work, especially after the second child policy comes, more and more women have begun to pay attention to the relationship between HPV and fertility. There are many problems, such as:

"Can you get pregnant infected with HPV?"

"Is HPV positive affecting pregnancy opportunities?"

"Is it more likely to be infected with HPV after pregnancy?"

"Will HPV infection cause fetal infection or even deformity during pregnancy?"

"Can you give birth, will it be transmitted to the newborn?"

"Do you need a cesarean section infection with HPV?"


Then whether HPV will have an impact on pregnancy. In this issue, Meow Zi is a science popularization to help you make doubts.

Can I get pregnant infected with HPV?

The HPV infection site is cervical or vaginal mucosa, which does not affect the fallopian tube, and it does not necessarily connect with infertility.

At present, HPV infection is not an absolute taboo for pregnancy, but it is recommended to standardize and then pregnancy after standardized examination and necessary treatment.

If HPV is positive, it will recommend:

(1) Determine whether to combine the undergraduate tract infection: HPV infection during pregnancy will increase the incidence of bacterial vaginal disease and chlamydia.These infections are not conducive to the ending of pregnancy, so it is recommended to regulate the treatment before considering pregnancy.

(2) Cervical cancer screening must be performed: continuous high -risk HPV infection may cause cervical epithelial tumor to change or even cervical cancer. Therefore, cervical cancer screening must be performed if infected with high -risk HPV.

(3) Determine whether there are genital warts: Low -risk HPV, especially the continuous infection of type 6 and 11 may cause genital tract condyloma acuminatum. If it develops too fast, it will have a certain impact on continued pregnancy.Generally, genital warts are found, and pregnancy is recommended to consider pregnancy.

Does HPV positive affect the chance of pregnancy?

At present, most studies believe that HPV infection does not affect fertilization.

In 2015, the Guidelines for the Treatment of Sexual Communication and Diseases of the American Disease Prevention and Control Center pointed out that HPV infection itself will not increase the difficulty of conception and will not affect the pregnancy to the full month.If HPV infection causes cervical cancer or cervical cancer, and therefore, necessary cervical treatment may reduce women’s conception.

Is it true that it is more likely to be infected with HPV after pregnancy?


After pregnancy, the immune function decreases, pelvic congestion, and increased vaginal secretions, coupled with the increase in estrogen, HCG, and progesterone levels, which is more conducive to HPV survival and proliferation, thereby significantly increased the HPV infection rate during pregnancy, while after deliveryDecreased significantly.

Will HPV infection cause fetal infection or even deformity during pregnancy?

HPV is in the cervix and vaginal mucosa. It is not in the blood, so it will not be passed to the fetus through the blood and placenta, and it will not cause malformations.

Can it be delivered smoothly, will it be transmitted to the newborn?

HPV has cervix and vaginal mucosa. If the genital warts are not caused, the probability of passing the newborn is extremely low even if it is produced.

Even if it is spread to the fetus, you don’t have to worry.Foreign research detects the mouth and skin of the newborn, and found that even if there is a short -term sexual infection, it will be cleared by the human body in a few months.

Does HPV infection need Caesarean section?

Even if pregnancy is combined with genital warts, it is not a indicator of cesarean section.

Ye Meowzi recommends that you are preparing for pregnancy. Whether you have HPV positive, you must pay attention to diet health, balance nutrition, exercise appropriately, avoid long -term fatigue, and maintain an optimistic attitude.

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