Hu Xing’er died in August pregnant belly with her husband. The amount of food was nearly nearly.

On February 28, Li Chengde shared a photo of going out to eat with his wife Hu Xinger on his personal social platform. Although Li Chengde did not enter the mirror this time, he carefully recorded the cute scene of his wife, the couple’s alternative fitIt’s also extremely sweet.

In the photo, Hu Xinger, who has been pregnant with a three -child baby for about eight months, appeared in the photo with all his face, and his condition was great.She was wearing a pink hat and glasses. It seemed that even if she had upgraded the expectant mother three times, Xing’er’s girl’s heart was not diminished at all. She was also pink and tender in the third trimester, and she was cute instantly.

Hu Xinger held the fork in one hand and gently stroked the pregnant belly with one hand. The large pregnant belly was already unable to hide, and the thick pregnancy smell was almost floating out of the screen.In addition, when Hu Xinger stroked his pregnant belly, he also looked at the food in front of him with a sweet smile, full of "pregnant mothers in food".

Later, Hu Xinger’s girlfriend Huang Zhiwen asked Li Chengde online whether Xing’er could finish eating these foods.Li Chengde responded to "Killed It".I have to say that Hu Xinger’s current food is very large, but it can be understood, after all, it is two people.

It is worth mentioning that although Hu Xing’er’s eating volume became large, she was not very fat as a whole except her pregnancy.This time, her pointed chin grabbed the camera, and her exposed arm was also thin as soon as possible.

Last Christmas, Hu Xinger happily announced the good news of having three babies on the Internet. Many netizens gave her sincere blessings.

However, after the three treasures, Hu Xinger did not raise his heart at home, but continued to complete his work in his hand.In the early days of pregnancy, she concealed the recording of the variety show "The actor, please", and later won the championship in one fell swoop.After "Actor", Hu Xinger appeared in various activities one after another, and even had her shadow on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, which was completely unstoppable.

Not only that, a few hours before the Spring Festival Gala live broadcast, Hu Xing’er made a table of rich New Year’s Eve dinner for the work partner with a three -child giant belly.So busy, the state is still online. Hu Xinger does keep well, at least one at all can’t see the 41 -year -old mother.

Although busy with work, Hu Xinger will still take time to accompany two baby sons.From the photos of the three mother and son before, even if they are about to usher in the three treasures in the belly, Hu Xinger’s care for Yiting and Yilin has not diminished, and the proper ten good moms.

Now the two little babies have grown into a handsome and cute little Zhengtai. Yiting is still full of "brother control". The pet brother who is always showing makes the fans shout.And now his mother is about to add another younger brother and sister to him.

In addition, Hu Xinger had previously revealed that she wanted to chase her daughter, and in the exposed family portrait, netizens with sharp eyes found that her clothes she prepared for Sanbao was like a female treasure style.Let’s look forward to it together!

The picture comes from the Internet

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