Hungry? Continue to improve: the year of fiscal transaction volume has grown steadily, and the health degree of key indicators has improved significantly

On the evening of May 26, Alibaba announced the fourth quarter of fiscal year and fiscal year in fiscal year.According to the financial report data, as of the end of March 2022, the annual active consumer of the Ali Life Service sector reached 376 million, with a net increase of 64 million years, and the number of local living orders increased by more than 25%during the fiscal year.Analysis shows that, driven by the overall drive of consolidating capacity building and improving operating efficiency, the health of many core indicators has improved significantly.

During the recent anti -epidemic, he has launched a number of new services in the emergency. He has made every effort to invest in urban emergency and material insurance supply. Through technological and business innovation, it is continuously creating more value for users and merchants.

Capability construction drives the efficiency of operations, high -quality and healthy growth in performance

Ali Financial Report shows that this fiscal season is hungry, taking into account both performance growth and benefits.In the quarter of March 31, 2022, the hungry non -meal orders recorded a strong growth, the overall transaction volume of the platform increased steadily, and the unit operating efficiency continued to improve year -on -year.

Behind healthy growth, is it hungry? Under the focus of the organization and business strategy of the "four horizontal and four vertical", it has driven the overall operation and improvement through enhanced capacity building.

The financial report shows that the increase in transaction volume in the fiscal season is mainly promoted by the increase in the average order amount from the second half of fiscal year in 2022;Key investment membership operations and user experience, focusing on user retention and operating efficiency.Better user experience, richer supply types, bring more platform transactions, and promote sustainable performance.

At the financial report yesterday’s financial report, Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group’s board of directors, said that although the hungry catering takeaway was significantly affected by the epidemic, the category of non -catering was developing rapidly.Zhang Yong also said that with the improvement of business quality, UE (unit operating efficiency) is significantly improved.

(Are you hungry?

This year’s Spring Festival, traditional dinner dinner has been restricted by epidemic prevention in many areas, and takeaway has become a new trend of consumption.During this period, hungry, with thousands of chain catering brands across the country, and passing Wanjia offline stores, the first time to launch the New Year’s Eve food package, prefabricated dishes and semi -finished vegetable takeaway, bringing rich choices for users’ "online New Year’s Eve dinner".

At the same time, it has been hungry from the fourth quarter of 2021 to focus on the localized operation of seasonal solar terms to formulate a perfect food supply plan for all seasonal festivals and improve users’ ordering experience on seasonal festivals.From the dumpling milk tea of the Lantern Festival, to the "spring flavor eight fresh" in the spring equinox, and then to Qingming’s snail powder and milk tea flavors of green groups, can they be hungry through in -depth cooperation with merchants, so that users can feel the traditional solar terms culture.Enjoy novel seasonal new consumption experience.

Fully invest in anti -epidemic supply, multi -dimensional services to ensure user needs

Since March, a new round of new crown epidemic has occurred in many places across the country.Are you hungry? He devoted himself to the anti -epidemic supply supply, adopted a variety of measures to support the operation of physical merchants, and successively launched innovative services such as "all -round supermarket", "community group meals", "community collection+centralized medicine"Users’ lives and guarantee emergency needs.

In Shanghai, the "emergency special needs" service is launched as soon as possible, and special service channels for special groups such as elderly people, pregnant women, infants, and disabled people are launched.Emergency vehicles such as emergency drugs "and" help blindness and love car "are fully coordinated to solve the material needs of the above special groups.As of the end of April, "emergency special needs" had responded to about 70,000 emergency needs in Shanghai, and a total of over 2.5 million drugs were sent, which became one of the important forces in Shanghai to protect the demand for citizens’ life services.

(Are you hungry in the epidemic?

In Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan and other places, you are hungry to launch the "peaceful purchase" people’s livelihood guarantee venue, allowing users to buy Qi Fresh Medical Milk Powder and other life needs to ensure that the inventory of the goods is sufficient and not price increase.In addition, is the hungry catering merchant who is hungry to open the green launch channel for the dining merchants who are suspended from the food. Organize special distribution teams to pick up and drop off at key suppliers such as RT -Mart, Wumi, and Jingkelong.Delivery capabilities, maximum efforts to meet user needs.

In Changchun, he is hungry to play the product advantage and support the efficiency of the protection work with digital ability.By united the local government, are you hungry? In some communities, "online collection orders, community groups" pilots: users are hungry online orders, the platform is responsible for connecting to guarantee enterprises and fulfilling community delivery.The service has covered nearly 55,000 Changchun families.

According to reports, Hungry has launched the "Resonance Plan" in Shanghai a few days ago. In addition to providing support policies such as break -up protection for business affected by the epidemic, it has also passed 500 million yuan in motivation, special fee reduction subsidies, digital support, additional subsidies for riding, and so on.Measures to fully support Shanghai merchants to resume work and market recovery.

Adhere to the creation of value, let consumers "rest assured to reach" on time "

On May 10 this year, Yu Yongfu, president of the Ali Life Service Section, said that in the new fiscal year, it will continue to focus on the business and organizational capabilities of "four horizontal and four verticals", adhere to the long -termism of "value creation, ability precipitation", and the long -termism, andAdhere to the ability to improve technology -driven and business organization.

Earlier media reports showed that under the focus of business and organization, hungry is working to allow consumers to better achieve "rest assured and on time."In this fiscal season, Hungry has launched a number of measures to consolidate platform food safety mechanisms.

According to reports, through the establishment of a "transparent restaurant" standard system, give more traffic support to "transparent restaurants" merchants.Win -win for merchants and platforms.

(Hangzhou Xiasha merchants are using hungry? Dianfang signed and packed meals)

In addition, in many places in Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places, they are hungry and united with a number of brand merchants to customize exclusive "food safety seals" to strengthen the popularization and implementation of small and medium -sized merchants.

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