Husband did not go home for half a year, and his wife was pregnant with twins?Moisturizer also requires parent -child identification!

"Hey, is it a television station? I asked for help. My wife was derailed, but I asked me to be unjust." A TV station received a call from a man.

Later, the reporter came to the address provided by the man: an unknown small mountain village.

The man named Zhou Zhiqiang, who is in his thirties this year, has been married to the second wife Li Xiaomei for two years.

He took the reporter to his wife Li Xiaomei’s mother’s house. Before entering the door, Zhou Zhiqiang wanted to get angry, and he scolded him at the village entrance. When he saw this, the reporter quickly pulled Zhou Zhiqiang away.

Subsequently, Zhou Zhiqiang spoke eloquently.

It turned out that after Zhou Zhiqiang and Xiaomei got married, in order to make up for the family, he worked outside the country for a long time. The number of returned a year was very small. Xiaomei at home was taking care of it. The two were clearly divided into labor.

The reason for this quarrel was that his wife was pregnant. When Xiaomei informed the news on the phone, he was very happy. After all, his wife was not pregnant for two years. This time, she was a twin.

For this reason, he also asked to go home to visit Xiaomei. He said casually to see the pregnancy checklist.

I never wanted Xiaomei to hide in Tibet, and I was unwilling to take out the pregnancy checklist for him.

His heart immediately felt uncomfortable, which made him more firmly want to see the pregnancy checklist.

However, Zhou Zhiqiang’s question, Xiaomei took the list.

Zhou Zhiqiang took a closer look and took out his mobile phone to inquire. He found that there was a problem with the pregnancy date on the pregnancy checklist. According to the date above, he was not at home.

He fell hard on Xiaomei’s face with a pregnancy test, and yelled loudly: "Who is your child in your stomach? Why do you let me make a grievance?"

Xiaomei was frightened by his expression. She didn’t look at the list seriously at the time, so she took the list to the hospital to inquire and inform the things.

The doctor asked her about her pregnancy in detail. After verification, the doctor changed the data.

When she showed Zhou Zhiqiang again with the list, Zhou Zhiqiang was completely unbelievable. He felt that Xiaomei was a guilty conscience, and she and the doctor stunned him.

In order to figure out who the child was, he deliberately checked it with his mobile phone and knew that the extraction of amniotic fluid could be identified.

So he found Xiaomei and wanted Xiaomei to do an appraisal.

Facing her husband’s unreasonable trouble, Xiaomei packed up her clothes and returned to her mother’s house.

He found Xiaomei’s family several times and wanted Xiaomei to give it a statement, but Xiaomei not only ignored him, but also blackened his phone.

This made him more sure that his wife had betrayed him.

With the reporter, Zhou Zhiqiang once again found Xiaomei’s mother’s house. When his father -in -law saw his arrival, his face was obviously displeased. Asked his daughter’s whereabouts, he did not answer.

Zhou Zhiqiang learned that Xiaomei had played cards at the nearby neighbor’s house through a friend’s phone call.

When she saw her husband’s arrival, she didn’t want to get up and walked away. The reporter quickly persuaded the guidance, and she stopped and told the reporter.

It turns out that her monthly affairs have not been accurate. There was still a small amount of blood during the pregnancy. She thought it was a normal month. She didn’t rest assured, but after a few days she felt uncomfortable, so she went to do it.I checked, I knew that I was pregnant, and there was a risk of aura abortion.

At that time, because of anxiety, I did not tell the doctor the last time, so the doctor wrote the wrong date of pregnancy.

When her husband saw that there was a problem with the date, she suddenly remembered and told the doctor that the doctor changed it.

These situations told Zhou Zhiqiang, explained, but he just didn’t believe it. For this date, he had promised to wait for the child to give birth to a parent -child identification, but he just didn’t agree.Essence

Zhou Zhiqiang did not believe such an answer. He felt that his wife was a guilty conscience and would definitely betray him. Otherwise, why not do parent -child identification now?

Xiaomei said, "Pumping amniotic fluid has risks to me and children, and I won’t do it."

"I have any questions." Zhou Zhiqiang is lonely.

In order to confirm whether what Li Xiaomei said is true, the reporter specially consulted the doctor. The doctor also said that it is normal for pregnant women to remember their own monthly things. We are not rare to change the date.The good is that the child is born after giving birth.

After listening to the doctor, Zhou Zhiqiang changed his mind, thought for a while, and wrote an agreement: The results of the identification came out. If it was his child, he apologized and met all the requirements of Xiaomei. If not, Xiaomei lost 500,000.

Seeing such an agreement, Xiaomei turned his head angrily, claiming: This is the greatest insult to himself, no matter what the future results are, they will break up.

Seeing Xiaomei left, Zhou Zhiqiang teared the agreement angrily.

He took out his phone and called a man: "Hey, I’m Li Xiaomei’s cousin, she is pregnant, shouldn’t you be responsible?"

He suspected that the man on the other side of the phone was the child’s father. Li Xiaomei often played mahjong with him. The two often talked and laughed, and they looked very close.

But the man on the other side of the phone felt inexplicably, and he left the phone and left the phone.

But Zhou Zhiqiang did not regret making the phone herself.

At this step, all the evidence of Zhou Zhiqiang was just his conjecture, and there was no theoretical basis.

Although everyone advised him to believe his wife, he couldn’t suspicious, but he couldn’t hear it at all. He said he didn’t figure out who the child was?Can’t sleep at night.

Now that his marriage and Li Xiaomei’s marriage can no longer continue, a good family has fallen apart because of Zhou Zhiqiang’s suspicion.

Lev Tolstoy said such a sentence: If there is something worse than pain in the world, then it is doubt.

Marriage needs trust, because trust is the cornerstone of marriage.

If you really love someone, please trust her unconditionally.

I hope that the child will be born in the future. What is the result of the appraisal?They can treat their children well.

What do you think of this?Welcome to comment.

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