Husbands and wives often have rooms, and pregnant baby is still far away, which may be related to 3 reasons

The family’s happiness is closely related to the child.The existence of children will not only bring joy to the family, but also means the crystallization of parents’ love, and the life of parents can continue.

However, some families are troubled and troubled by giving birth. Even if they have the same room every day, women are still unable to get pregnant. Why is this?

Xiao Wang and his wife have been married for many years, and have always wanted a child, but the more anxious and less good results.

Although Xiao Wang and his wife said nothing, he was very anxious.

Once Xiao Wang came back, his wife told him excitedly that he was pregnant and thought he would be in exchange for Xiao Wang’s surprise, but in exchange for Xiao Wang’s anger.

Xiao Wang believes that his wife has not been pregnant for a long time. Why is his wife derailed when he is pregnant when he is on a business trip.

Xiao Wang and his wife quarreled and threatened to divorce. His wife was very aggrieved and asked to go to the hospital for examination with Xiao Wang.

After arriving at the hospital, Xiao Wang regretted that he scolded his wife’s behavior, and the baby was pregnant with Xiao Wang.

And after the doctor’s explanation, the two learned that the reason why she had not been pregnant before was because they did not find a period of ovulation.

Coupled with too many times in the same room, and this time I can get pregnant, it can be described as "the time and place of the world."

In short, the final results are very happy, and Xiao Wang and his wife also go home happily, waiting for the baby to come.

From the story of Wang and his wife, everyone can know that it is not possible to get pregnant every day.

It is a prerequisite to perform the same room in the ovulation period of women, but even the ovulation period is normal. There are mainly the following reasons

1. The same room during ovulation during ovulation does not necessarily conceive 100 %.

Many husbands and wives want to ask their children as soon as possible, and find a female ovulation period for the same room. However, it is not as good as everyone. Although the eggs will be excreted during the ovulation period, it will not be effectively combined, which will also cause conception to fail.

2. Diseases.

Women’s body structure is special. If there are inflammation inside, such as uterine problems, it will easily affect normal conception without timely treatment.

Not only that, if men have the problem of excretion, they cannot get pregnant.

In short, if you want to have a baby as soon as possible, men and women are best for physical examination in advance to eliminate disease problems.

3. There are too many times in the same room.

Both husband and wife were anxious to ask their children, so they frequently had the same room, thinking that there was always a chance to "hit", but the actual "seedlings" method was very wrong.

Too frequently in the same room will reduce the quality of the sperm, so that it will affect the combination with the egg and cannot conceive normally.

Since everyone knows that the premise of wanting women’s pregnancy is in the ovulation period, what are the performances of female friends before ovulation?

1. The body temperature rises.

The increase in body temperature is a clear manifestation. On the day of ovulation, the temperature of the female body will be 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees higher than usual.

This kind of body temperature will last for about 14 days. If there is no conception during this period,

So under normal circumstances, women start menstruation on the 15th day.

2. Increase secretions.

Women who are ovulation will increase the estrogen and progesterone in the body, naturally increase the secretions, and the color of the secretions will be colorless and transparent under normal circumstances.

If the color and odor of women’s secretions are abnormal and prove that the body is inflammated, it is necessary to check in the hospital in a timely manner.

【Mom Sending】

Now more and more couples are anxious about pregnancy and think that they can conceive as long as they have the same room, but in fact, there are many prerequisites for pregnancy.

For example, in the ovulation period of women, good health and good health, etc., so I want to get pregnant as soon as possible,

Both husband and wife must ensure that the objective factors are sufficient, and everything can be prepared.

【Topic today】

What preparations will female friends make in the process of preparing for pregnancy?

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