Husbands during pregnancy, what should the mothers do?

A female fan asked me for help, saying that her husband went out and was known, and he knew it for the reason. Because of work, she was working in the field and could go home once a week.

Now that I am pregnant for four months, I once went home and found that her husband was looking for a lady. She knew it, and her husband acknowledged it.

She wants to divorce now, but she is reluctant, uncomfortable, without divorce, and she can’t face the mistakes made by his husband.

I considered this question for a long time, and I finally got the courage to talk about it today.

I suggest that the first point is not to divorce. You have to consider that after divorce, you have children, you ca n’t work, keep your fetus, and take your child with a confinement, do you complete your economic income alone?

Can you hold the pressure?

Second, he acknowledged the mistake, so you give him another chance.

Do you know what there is a saying in a man’s mouth?

Men’s derailment is just an ordinary mistake made by all men.

This words are shameless, but the harm to his wife is very great.The first hidden good wife who made mistakes did not know.

The second type was wrong, and my wife knew it, but she had no divorce, and my life continued.The third type was left.

Of course, there are fourth men, that is, people never make mistakes.

For example, I am.

Third, let him make a comprehensive guarantee, not to use his mouth, but to ensure that the real estate deposit is transferred to your name with actual actions.

If he is not a household in your name, he can be transferred to the child’s name.

You can tell him like this, I am not fighting for property with you, I leave a property for my children, and I don’t want you to lose.

In this way, we live more confident and more confident in life.

Fourth, if you do it above, but your heart must be very painful, it must be sad. What should I do?

If you think about it, before you get married, he must not be a virgin. He must have other girlfriends, right?

Think about it before and after, find a psychological balance first, and live first.If he made a mistake again next time, it doesn’t matter. At that time, the real estate deposit was under the child’s name, or he kicked him away in your name.

No, I teach you a set of martial arts, and you can kick him far away.

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