I am 28 years old. The marriage report shows that I am pregnant for two months. My boyfriend scolded me for a holiday high and wanted to break up with me.


I am Tang Li, 28 years old. During school, I was a typical obedient girl. Under the advice of my parents, I did n’t have a relationship during my studies, but my parents were anxious after graduating from graduation graduation.

They arranged me a blind date many times. At the last blind date, I watched Li Dawei. He was two years older than me. He was a very sunny boy. He wore a clean cotton shirt, and I liked such a refreshing boy.

Li Dawei was also very satisfied with me. After seeing it a few times, we determined the relationship of love.

I remember when he took my hand for the first time, I felt embarrassed, and the face was red, and he was picked up by him, but listening to his ridicule, I felt very happy.

When I was dating for three months, Li Dawei proposed to go further with me, but my good tutor did not allow me to have such behavior before marriage. I want to leave the best on the day of marriage.

Li Dawei respects my thoughts. We are limited to holding hands, hugs and kisses during the fall in love.

A year later, with the urging of parents of both parties, we were ready to get married, so we went to the hospital for a pre -marital examination.


After the physical examination, the inspection report will not be obtained the next day.I couldn’t go to work at work, so I asked Li Dawei to go to the hospital to get a report.

In the morning, I was busy working. Li Dawei called me, and his voice sounded very angry. He said, Tang Li, you immediately come to the company’s gate.

I asked, what’s wrong with you?How does the sound sound weird?

He replied indifferently, don’t pretend, you know when you come out.

I felt very puzzled. After we had a year -on -year, although I had conflicts during the period, he never said so indifferently to me.

I quickly left the job and trot all the way to the company’s door.Seeing Li Dawei standing from a distance, Tie Qing’s face was staring fiercely at me.

What’s wrong with you?I ran to him with panting and asked while running.


What you do, come and ask me, do you want to be shame?He threw a report to me hard.

I glanced at him and opened the report. Then I knew that it was yesterday’s wedding inspection report. The conclusion in the report wrote that I was two months pregnant.

Seeing this result, I was stunned at once, how could this be!

I only had a love with Li Dawei, and we didn’t have a half step in Lei Chi. Do you get pregnant?

This is impossible. I looked up to Li Dawei that the hospital must be wrong.


Li Dawei sneered twice and said that the black and black words were written clearly. Is it fake?

Usually you pretend to be high in front of me. This is not allowed to be inaccurate, but you can mess with others in your back. Now even your children are pregnant. Do you want me to be a Panman, no door.

Looking at the angry Li Dawei, I felt very aggrieved and yelled at him. I didn’t, you have to believe me, this must be wrong.

But Li Dawei couldn’t listen to me. He asked me, let’s say, who is that person?Do I know?

There is no one at all, you do n’t know if you do n’t know. I only have you. I almost burst into tears, and it ’s uncomfortable to be wronged by the beloved.

I really know people and do not know. Li Dawei said angrily, break up, you really make me nauseous, I do n’t want to see you anymore.

After speaking, he didn’t look at me and went away.

Looking at Li Dawei’s decisive back, I shed tears.Is this who I want to entrust for life?


Which link must be wrong, I must recover the innocence for myself.

Back in the office, I asked for leave and went to another hospital for inspection. The results of the inspection showed that I was not pregnant.

With the report and found the hospital for my marriage inspection, I would let them give me a statement.

After the hospital knew the situation, he apologized solemnly.

It turned out that on that day, a pregnant woman with the same name as me also came to check. As a result, the staff of the hospital accidentally made the inspection report wrong.

I felt very speechless. I actually made such an oolong, and I also stirred my wedding.


After Li Dawei learned of this, he regretted it. He found me and wanted to reunite with me.

He said that he was too anxious at that time. He said what he should not say, and did not find the reason why he was wrong with me. He didn’t think about the problem from my perspective. He regretted it now and hoped that I could forgive him.

I forgive him. From his perspective, the impulse is understandable. Inexplicably being wearing a green hat must be uncomfortable.

But I did not agree with the reunion. The impulse was the devil, all adults. If you want to rush out when your emotions are excited.

Marriage is based on trust, not even at least trust, talk about how long.

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