I am a hungry female ghost who has been hungry for hundreds of years to eat, I took the initiative to let the bad guy sell me to Xiaoshan Village

I am a female ghost who has been hungry for hundreds of years. In order to eat, I took the initiative to sell me to Xiaoshan Village.

The person who bought me was holding yellow teeth and said that let me give him ten or eight.

I blinked: "You can get a kinship first …"

He rushed to me and laughed insignificantly.

"We are not a marriage!"

I stretched out the bones and grabbed his back of his head: "I mean, a cloud of marriage, know it?"


I am a female ghost who has been hungry for hundreds of years, attributes to food, but extremely picky about food.

That night, I shrank in the dead hutong, and suddenly smelled a strange fragrance …

That taste is absolutely absolutely.

For the first time for hundreds of years!

Opening his eyes, a girl walked in panic.

I hurried forward and smelled it-


It’s so strange!

I return to the wall and look for the source of fragrance again …

Finally, the taste comes from behind the girl.

Ten seconds later, several men covering tightly appeared at the mouth of the hutong.

When they passed by my side, I almost cried out ——


This is the taste!


I was about to start behind them, but they suddenly accelerated their steps.

Looking at the girl again, the panic has reached the dead corner of the alley–

No way to escape.

They rushed up, knocked her with a wooden stick, covered her mouth with a towel, and finally stuffed her into a sack.

At this time, the leader’s mobile phone rang. He took out his phone from the leather bag sandwiched under the armpit, glanced, and scolded.

"What the fucking reminder! The whole village is an old bachelor! Lao Tzu is exhausted! Could it be urged!"

On the phone, it should be the girl’s buyer.

It’s no wonder–

As a evil ghost, I only love to eat evil things.

The bad guy is not forgiven, I said how could it be so fragrant …

Then the buyer is also very bad, wouldn’t it have to lose his eyebrows?Intersection

Thinking of this, I can’t hold back!

I slowly floated in front of them and slowly appeared from the darkness.

"Brother, please grab me too!"


I smell this rich fragrance, I really can’t wait to give them now!

The man looked at me suspiciously, and looked like he heard some jokes, turned his head to others.

"Also send it to the door by yourself …"

After speaking, the smile disappeared: "Then take it away!"

They tied my hands and feet, stuffed me into a sack, and threw it into a van.

The car drove all the way to the west, and the leader on the road glanced at me at three differences, and his eyes were skeptical.

I don’t care about him, shrinking in a sacks, Meimei sleeps.

The next night, the car drove to the small village in the ravine.

Sheep intestine trail seven bending around, but the driver seemed to be able to open his eyes closed, as if he had come to his own home.

When he arrived at the door of a family, the car stopped, and several people raised a sack with a girl and threw it at the door of the house.

The man came to the ground, and then drilled out a few people from the door to carry people in.


The door was closed, as if nothing happened.

4. 4..

The car continued for a few minutes and arrived at the door of another household.

I know it should throw me.

I saw the leader got out of the car and muttered a few words.

The old man was holding a cigarette bag, and he didn’t speak for a while, and finally nodded.

The man was relieved, opened the door and dragged me down.

It’s just that you don’t worry before leaving: "The village chief, you know the temper of your brother! If something happens, you will send us in, and your village will not want to live a stable life in the future!"

After listening to this, the old man no longer stunned a cigarette bag, and looked at the buttocks of the far away.

In the sack, I sneered.

Hee hee hee……

I have already been here. Where can they have a stable day?Intersection


I was brought to the small black house by the village chief.

After a while, a young man walked in and should be his son.

As soon as he entered the door, he looked up and looked up at me.

"Really white … the children born must be very white!"

I smiled and met: "What is said …"

The bones are also very white.

Seeing that I did not resist, he started to undress without saying a word.

"Then give me ten or eight!"

I blinked: "You can get a kinship first …"

He rushed to me and laughed insignificantly.

"We are not a marriage!"

I shook my head, stretched out the white bone claws, grabbed his back of the back–

"I mean, get married, understand?"


After eating and drinking, I was so lazy.

The gate of the yard suddenly "squeaked", and several villagers walked in.

"village head……"

The village chief was drinking big wine in the house, and he heard someone calling him, and his face was a little impatient.

The lights in the house illuminated a few people’s pale faces. When they walked to the door, they stopped, but they shouted like a soul: "The village chief …"

The village chief put down the wine glass and walked out.

Several people whispered a few words to him, and then showed him the things on his hand.

Under the moonlight, the wet light flashed, just like the one who had just been removed from the water–

It is the bag that the bad guy is soaked by the blood.

I smiled and appreciated the red face of the village chief.

噔噔 噔噔!

Good show open!


With a "pop", the bulb was broken.

In the dark house, I made a scream of heartbreaking.

"Help! There are ghosts!"

The outside was quiet, and they looked at the room with a stunned manner, all showing a frightened expression.

Only the village chief picked up an iron pupa, and he looked forward to open the door with a face.

But as soon as his hand touched the door, the person was popped up for three or four meters away.

Tiechi bounced on the gang, and all the screams of fear were screaming.

"Hahahahahaha …"

I laughed for a while, and the voice surrounded the yard, making them feel like laughing from all directions.

"Those who hurt me, I won’t let it go! You are waiting!"


Suddenly, the sound dissipated, and everything was calm.

A light wind opened the door.

The village chief rushed in, and saw that I shivered in the corner, as if I was scared to lose my soul.


There was a crisp sound from his feet.

He took a step back subconsciously and flashed his body next to him, so that the moonlight was on it to see what it was.

In the moonlight, the white light flashed, it was the bones of his son.

His eyes were suddenly scarlet, his face was grief, and he held the iron pupa to stand firm.

"It’s her … she came back to revenge …"

Everyone lost his color, and the yard was dead.


I didn’t hold back, I was full.

His grandma, he was stood up.


"Village chief, what should I do now …"

For a long time, someone asked the village chief.

The village chief forced himself to look back from sadness, and looked at me coldly: "Did you see that ghost?"

I also fought chills like wokening from the nightmare, and then whispered after a while.

"Long black hair, white dress, and long scars on your face, seemingly a knife …"

"Okay!" The village chief interrupted me rudely.

Although his face was calm, his body was honest, and his hands were shaking like a sieve.

The other people’s faces are even more humane.

"It seems really her …"

"She is back, come to us to get revenge …"

The villagers kneeled one by one, and some people even scared their pants, and pulled the village chief to not let it go.


"Village chief, please save us, we don’t want to die …"

"Yeah! At that time, I also offended her to help your family! You can’t hurt us!"

The village chief frowned, and after thinking about it for a while before he opened it again: "You all go back first … I will go to the mountain to ask the old Taoist!" He must have a way! "

After the villagers left, the village chief also returned to his own house.

After a while, I heard his sullen cry.

I can’t help but sigh-

Crying is really ugly!

I closed the door of the house, wasolated his crying, and lying leisurely on the cymbal.

"Go down."

I said to the guy on the beam.


A little ghost fell lightly and looked at the age, but was only five or six years old.

I pointed to the corner of the Fang Liang: "Why can’t she come down?"

The child glared at me and said angrily, "You scared her!"


I rolled my eyes.

Obviously, when I came, she was crying as if she was out of breath. I didn’t think she had noisy me. I didn’t eat a good meal.

This little ghost is really unreasonable!

Not much nonsense with him, I drifted to the beam of the room to check the situation of the female ghost.

Seeing me up, she shrank back, and her body was shaking even more.

Both eyes were tearful and lived like Lin Daiyu in the TV series.

Looking at her scarred body, especially the bulging belly, I raised an eyebrow–


Really strange.


Strange in two places:

The first is that this Daiyu was pregnant during her lifetime, so why did the village chief more harm her?

The second is that she was put in the lock soul mantra, but the village chief didn’t seem to know, so who was the curse?

Is it the old Taoist in the mouth of the village chief?

You should know that there are three souls and seven souls in life, and there are only one soul left after death.

And the rest of her soul was nailed to died in this house by the lock -locked soul, not only couldn’t she reborn or go out to wander, but she also endured the pain of the soul to tear.

Because of this, she was so painful and weak.

Because every second for her, it was extremely torment.

Such a cursing spell, if the person who applied her, did not hate her to the extreme, then there must be any attempts.

Thinking of this, I licked my teeth with excitement-

No matter who it is, it’s right!


"Child, who is the locking soul mantra? Is that old Taoist?"

Little Ghost Flash now behind me: "Is it better to ask others for privacy?"

I sneered: "Cut, not big people, the vocabulary is a lot."

He raised his head proudly: "My grandfather is our primary school principal! I can memorize three hundred Tang poems at the age of two!

"So, do you call someone abducting?"

He was stunned, and the light in his eyes was dark instantly, and only the eyelashes fluttered the fan.

Then he lowered his head, and said, "Um."

"How did you die?"

For a moment, he looked up at me and glanced at me: "What do you know so much? Anyway, you can’t help us."

Then he hid behind Daiyu, and no longer ignored me.


What grade, dare to look down on me?


Why did I suddenly feel so strange?

Can not remember.

But it’s weird.


The next day, Tian Gang was loud, and I woke up hungry, and heard footsteps in the yard.

I frowned and looked out, and saw the village chief walking in with a white -bearded man in a gray robe.

The old man was holding a dust in his hands, with a deep expression of his unpredictable expression, and it should be the old Taoist in the mouth of the village chief.

The two walked in front of the house. The old man looked at the room for a few seconds, and nodded with a beard while looking at him, while the village chief looked at him with a stunned face.

"Old Taoist, what is it like? Can I be overwhelming?"

The old man’s head was high: "What’s wrong with this? With my old Taoist teacher, everything is not talking!"

After listening to him, the village chief smiled.

He trotted a table out of the house, took out a pair of candles, a fragrant, three wine cups, three pairs of chopsticks on the table, and took out a stack of paper money to put it on the ground.

The old man put these things one by one, and then lit the candle, and ignited the fragrance on the wine cup and put it back to the original place.

Everything was ready, he picked up the paper money to get close to the candle.

Seeing that the fire was led to the paper money, I took a sigh of relief.


The cremation of paper money into a ray of green smoke.

Seeing this, the old man frowned.

He repeatedly tried it a few times, but the fire that was cited to the paper money turned into smoke.

So he began to be anxious: "That female ghost is making trouble! See me to give her some colors and see!"

Speaking of him pulling out a rune paper from his pocket, what he was "wow" in his mouth, and then wiped out with the dust, and the rune paper burned.

As soon as Fu paper burned, Dai Yu was put on the beam from the beam, and he couldn’t move behind the door tightly. He also made a low pain.

"elder sister!"

The little ghost hurried down and pulled his sister desperately.

But the harder he was, the tighter his sister was close to the door. Not only could he not save her, but he was helping.

"Save some energy, it’s not tired."

The little ghost glared at me fiercely: "It’s all you caught the bad guys! If you kill my sister, I want you to look good!"

Hey!This little white eye wolf!

It’s right to say.


Looking at the funny picture in front of me, I stunned and laughed.

Although the old ones outside the spell, the fire could not be ordered, he was angry and embarrassed, and his old face turned red.

Not to mention the small ones inside, the rush is so rushing to fly around, and you will toss yourself.

The lively was almost watched, and then it was my turn to perform!

I grabbed a handful of ghost fire from Daiyu and blown it on the pile of paper money.

Paper money ordered it.

The old man saw the paper money and was ecstatic.

However, there was a village chief beside him, and he still put the paper money on the ground with no lightness.

"That female ghost has been conquered by me, and you can go smoothly."

When the village chief listened, he knelt down and knocked down a few heads.

"The old Taoist punishes evil and removes ghosts, and our villagers will be a cattle to return to a horse!"

The old man listened to what he said, and his head became higher and higher, so a master.


He did not notice that the flame he burned was yellow -green.

In other words, he couldn’t see what was wrong in it.


How could he see it?

He is just a liar!



The flame is getting louder and Daiyu’s voice is getting smaller and smaller.


She was about to fart.

Now I have taken the only ghost fire left by her, and she is not far from death.

Just when her face was so green that she couldn’t be green anymore, her spirit body appeared on the door.

At the same time, there was a nail with blue light.

This is torture her soul lock.

Looking at the female ghost appearing at the door, the scammer stared out almost out.

He was panicked and could only swing his hand more exaggeratedly.

Two eyes are dripping, obviously how to run.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t run anymore.

I lazily underground, and then raised my feet elegantly and kicked the little ghost back to the beam.

No longer stop, he will be burned alive.


I was attached to Daiyu and felt her breath was extremely weak.

Then I urged the spells, holding the lock soul to pull up and pulled up.


Just just moved, Daiyu yelled like a corpse.

This locking soul nail not only oppress the spirit, but also sticks to the spirit body after a long time.

So if you want to pull it out, it is like pulling the skin and carrying meat. It is naturally painful.

But I didn’t stop in my hand, and I took some strength, anyway, I pulled the dog nail.


A black blood sprayed on my face.

I looked down, and the blood was sprayed from the bottom of the nail.

The lock -locked soul nail must be used as an attractive child with the whole body of the lock -locked person to suppress the soul.

Blood flowing out of the door, and soon flowed out of the door.

The two were frightened and stood there without moving.

The pile of paper money in front of them was destroyed.

Daiyu at the door was silent.


Everything is still.

Only the blood of the blood was like a black snake, and a head was out of the papers.

After the past, the pile of ashes started to burn again.

Blood is dark, but the burning fire is red, and the blood red is shocking.

Blood has passed more and more, and the fire became more and more prosperous, higher and higher, and gradually showed a person’s shape.

I burned paper money with Daiyu’s ghost fire to transfer her spirit.

There is only a small handful of remnants at the door.

And her blood nourished the spirit, and Daiyu returned to most of them.

Seeing this, the two goods finally reacted and turned to run outside the courtyard.

Especially the scammer, no dust, where is it like the master who was a pretending posture when he first entered the door?

When the two walked to the door, the fireman opened his arms and closed it away, caught the two of them back.

Coincidentally, the scammer just fell into the fire under the fire.

In a few seconds, it became a bunch of gray.

Seeing this, the village chief stared at him.


I hit a grilled taste.

Hehehe, just eye -catching method.

Dai Yu’s spirit was long received by me.


"thank you……"

The locking soul was removed, and Daiyu finally stopped crying.

"Who is the person who locks you the soul? Where can I find him?"

Dai Yu shook his head: "I don’t know either."


This meal is busy?

"Then you always know how you came? Tell me! I am looking for the person who locks you the lock soul! It’s urgent!"

Really urgent.

Understand food.

Dai Yu said that her real name was Zhang Churan. Before her death last year, she had just married her boyfriend who had been in love for eight years.

Although the original days were bland but very happy, until August 16 last year.

That day, she went to work at the hospital at night. She didn’t know how to lose consciousness, and she had arrived here when she woke up again.

Before she finished speaking, the little ghost who was stunned by my beam suddenly woke up.

Seeing that Daiyu was kneeling for me, he killed him angrily.

"Sister, she is a bad ghost! She just wanted to kill you!"

Yo, this little thing.

It’s pretty a rake.


I suddenly felt that his nice little ghost’s face was quite cute.

Especially after seeing he just rescued Daiyu just now.

twenty one.

"Cheng Cheng is good, this sister helped me pull the nail, and my sister can go anywhere in the future."

The little ghost stunned for a few seconds, revealing the expression that I could help them help them.

I took my head proudly: "Be kind as a donkey liver and lungs, and I don’t know how the principal educates the grandson. I still look down on the ghost! If it wasn’t for me, some ghosts would have died long ago."

"Please don’t blame him."

Daiyu told me the experience of the ghost.

He had just returned home after school, but met a pregnant woman who invited him to lead the way on the road, and was taken here by the bad guys.

After he came, he always wanted to escape.

Finally, one day, he ran into the forest when the adult was relaxed.

But Lin Zi was too big, he was lost.

Later, he was stunned by the stone, and when he woke up again, he found that he was gone.

Later, she discovered her in the village chief’s house, and she was dependent on each other for so long.

Oh ~

After listening to Daiyu’s finish, I suddenly remembered where I felt strange before!

Generally speaking, the appearance of ghosts is related to death.

For example, Daiyu, injured when he died, and now he still has injuries.

But this little ghost’s face is clean, and you can’t see a little guilty when he died …


I shook my head.

He was not dead.

There must be any other reasons.

twenty two.

"Do you still have the impression that the people you have sent? Is the leader who holds a leather bag in your hand?"

"Yes, it is the group who sent the journey to the process, and they should be able to ask something."

"Hey hey."

I laughed.

By the way, a little late.

"What else? Who else is related to this?"

I heard me ask, what emotions in Daiyu’s eyes flashed.

She shook her head: "No, can’t remember."


Obviously lying.

I stared straight at her eyes: "Isn’t it your fiance?"

She shook her head subconsciously: "It is impossible to be him! The two of us are very good! He cannot hurt me …"

"Is it?"

I flipped my eyes.

Cangtian has no eyes!

How did I save me a love brain?

twenty three.

I’m too lazy to talk to her again.

She did not say that she was thinking about her head down.

A few minutes later, there was a sound of a rampant outside.

The village chief woke up.

He struggled up, shaking his body, and his eyes looked around alertly, like a monkey that had tall.

Seeing that Daiyu was not in the yard, he was relieved.

I floated behind the window to shout him: "The village chief … the female ghost said … there is a grievance, the debt has the owner … if you find her debtor … she can spare you to death …"

The love brain oil and salt can’t enter, and they can only start from him.

But he didn’t seem to ignore me, and he returned to the room.

A few minutes later, the sound of his call came from next door: "Seeing that I have helped you in the past, you will make a lot of compassion!"

"Looking at your past love, she will definitely not be to you!"

"If you don’t come, I will tell her, it’s all …"


The sigh was angry and anxious, obviously he was hung up.

After a while, I scolded again, obviously I couldn’t get it anymore.

I looked at Daiyu, she was shaking.

I sighed, "Can you say this time?"

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