I am not married at the age of 42, don’t abduct her with "happiness" anymore

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"I, Ren Jiaxuan Selina, I ~ Wai ~ pregnancy ~!"

On March 13, Selina suddenly acknowledged the news of pregnancy on Weibo.

It has been pregnant for 12 weeks, and the nickname is "Little Limp Fruit", hoping that he/she is a happy child.

Selina also showed the B -ultrasound photos of small cashews and "Dad’s Pregnancy Parenting" and "Pregnant Women Health Manual". The excitement and joy of the screen almost overflowed the screen.

One year ago, she wrote oil poems on Weibo to admit that she was in love with 7 -year -old boys.

One year later, she wrote the news of the oil poetry officials again.

There are comments on the Internet. Ah, there are children, it’s not easy, hurry up "complete."I felt that she was finally "since then".

So, in just one year, is she really getting better from that crying girl who was hit by fate?

Selina is very typical. The girl with traditional thinking yearns for marriage and projected her value with love and binds very closely.

The first half of Selina is a little princess living in a pink bubble.

She has liked singing and dancing since she was a child. At the age of 19, she won the first place in the Taiwan draft show "Universe 2000 Powerful Girl Selection Contest", and made her debut with Tian Yanzhen and Chen Jiahua formed a women’s group S.H.E.

Before their debut, some people in the industry said that they would disappear if three albums appeared.

But fate cares, they have been known from their debut to being known, and they only use a album.

In my middle school, I also treasured the tape of S.H.E. The "Super Star" made me magic.

When S.H.E was the hottest, she was the most popular "S.H.E most beautiful princess" in the entire group.

I can’t help but love all the pink things. I wear beautiful small skirts every day. I hold a flat comb in a flat comb. If there is a mirror nearby when chatting with people, she will definitely look at the mirror instead of talking to people …… The princess is completely correct.

Moreover, she said that she liked to fall in love and set up her life goals early -married before 30 years old, gave birth to a child, and husband and son.

Until the fire burned everything, it stopped abruptly.

(After more than ten days of engagement, at the shooting scene of "I have a date with Spring", a explosion drama, Selina accidentally burned.)

Because of inferiority, Selina proposed twice withdrawal, and Zhang Chengzhong did not agree.

Later, we understood that that wedding was the only option that Zhang Chengzhong was not nailed to the "scum man shame".

In order to escape public opinion, Zhang Chengzhong chose to get married with Selina as soon as possible, so that she had not recovered, and she sat down to complete the wedding.

I don’t want to repeat Zhang Chengzhong’s ups and downs in the marriage, and there is no need to discuss who is more or wrong in divorce, because Zhang Chengzhong is just an individual, not God, he has his own cowardice, avoidance, and self -protection, which is normal.

The only thing I want to say is that a fire and a divorce completely destroyed the "happiness" identified by a little girl.

After the burns, she said the most to herself: I will never be beautiful anymore.

When pretending to make a joke with friends, I will say: I should be a woman who is very safe now. They don’t have to worry about the other half that they will like me. Men will not feel that I am sexy.

In "Daughter’s Love" in 2019, he started to worry before seeing male guests, saying that he last date was 10 years ago.

When Zhang Xuanrui chose to date her, her first reaction was: You may have a bad mind to like me.

At that time, she admitted that she still believed in love, but did not believe that love would happen to herself.

Marriage is going on, but the pain of burns and divorce has made her confident.

Two years after the divorce, her face had just started a little smile, and her dog Pinky died with her 15 years.

Later, Selina lost even the proud "voice" since childhood. There was no way to control the sound. He ran through the hospital. The doctor only gave a ambiguous explanation such as "may be too stressful".

Over the years, Selina’s life is really hard.

Why don’t I want to, the public can easily evaluate, whether Selina is happy because, after so many she, if there is no more growth, I still have to return to my 20 -year -old thinking, follow the basic cognition of the public, and follow the "good husband with good husbands.It is happiness "" having children is happiness ", I think it’s too cruel.

Because Selina’s entire life experience is answering a question: everything that needs to be given by others is the easiest to be taken away.

Today, her new boyfriend is good, and she will be happy. Tomorrow, the other party is accidentally derailed, and she is miserable again?

If there is a child today, she will be happy. Tomorrow, because of the old injury to have a recurrence, she is miserable again?

But please, who is eligible, is more miserable than what she knows.

During the recovery, she was so painful to faint, and when she saw the skin that was too tight and broken, she sprayed blood from the blood, and once felt that she was not like a living person.

(Selina’s whole body burns are as high as 54%, and the three -degree burns reach 41%, and the legs are the most serious. In order to perform leather surgery, she shave her hair, remove the scalp one by one, and endure it with a knife.).)

The most painful time, she thought of life.

From this situation, to this day, she can stop avoiding scars and generously exposed her shape in Vlog.

It can be more and more relaxed.

You can celebrate many rounds and enjoy it.

Everyone also judged her with the standards such as marriage and having children, and it was shallow.

Of course, I understand and believe that good love will have a healing effect. Even the days when it is difficult to get rid of it is full of joy.

(Selina is very happy now, and even Ella can’t help but sigh: She is in love again like a 16 -year -old girl, and the whole person exudes pink bubbles, which is really precious.)

But I have to admit that in all the healing, what I want to see even more is Selina’s self -healing and growth.

At the age of 38, in "Women’s 30+", the former "Crying Little Princess" showed a particularly different side. She talked about "compared with the scars on her body, wrinkles are nothing."

She said that the 10th anniversary of the injury, I also planned to hold a running seat.

In the past, I always asked myself to "be strong", but later I found that the meaning of life is not strong, but happiness. Without happiness, a strong life is just a day of hard work.

Psychologist Jung has a saying on Selina, and it is more suitable. He said that everyone has two lives.The first time was given to others, and the second was to yourself.The second life often starts at the age of 40.

Selina said in the show "Welcome to" that as the experience increased, her age increased, and she was 38 or 39 years old who came to the best age in her life.

The encounter with her new boyfriend is not accidental, but her proactive results.

She began to fall in love at the middle of the country, but it was only at this age that love also needs to learn, and she needs to work hard to create opportunities.

She had a small social circle before and began to try to expand the communication circle.Last year, she tried to go to a nightclub for the first time, where she met her current boyfriend Xiao Xu -her sister friend.

She no longer resisted her love, and found that her friends who were able to talk would take the initiative to eat and create opportunities.

In the past, she wrote in "The Warm Warm of Love", and once replied to love for love.

But now, no matter how sweet she is, she will not throw herself into the cold wind for anyone.

Although this love is sweet, Selina pays great attention to protecting privacy. I have never thought of announced the appearance of amateur boyfriend to the public.

But her mother was probably too satisfied with this "quasi -son -in -law", and placed Xiaoxu’s photos directly on the Internet.

When the agent went to ask his mother what was going on, his mother said, "Hey, he also needs to be responsible."

Selina obviously did not recognize this answer, and she also criticized her mother’s "family thief difficult to defend."

She also explicitly stated that she would not marry anymore.

If her boyfriend’s proposal really surprised her, she would choose to tell the world, but she would not register.

She is more inclined to live a good life every day than getting married, cherish the present and each other, and absolutely sober.

This time as a mother, within Selina’s plan.

After two people dating for a year, because of the good relationship, she began to discuss the future with her new boyfriend seriously. Selina took the initiative to propose that if God also gives us this (raising children) fate, then embrace the future together.

The first half of Selina has been pursuing the beauty of the outside world. She wants her appearance, figure, reputation, and happy marriage.

The company named Ren Jiaxuan Selina, which means "Moonlight Goddess", which represents gentleness and sweetness.But she used this world to prove it in this world: it is not enough to be gentle and sweet.

After experiencing the ups and downs of life, after the fate of fate, at the age of 40, she finally learned to bring all her beauty back and give herself.

I think this is the deep reason why Selina often feels "a woman’s forty -one flowers."

No longer use the word "happiness" to define a woman’s life.

60 -year -old Michelle Yeoh, after winning the Oscar, shouted on the stage: "Don’t let anyone define your peak period that has passed, never give up!"

The 53 -year -old Faye Wong still talked with Nicholas Tse, talking about sweet love, and holding hands on the street.

The 40 -year -old Jolin Tsai said with emotion on the stage of the concert: "40 -year -old is a great age, really Feel Damn Good!"

When Kyoko Kyoko defines feminism, he repeatedly mentioned a sentence: Treat him honestly and ask himself in every respect.It can be allowed here, there must not be allowed there, and you must figure out when you ask at the end, the key is that you cannot confuse yourself.

The age of 40 is the age when her appearance starts to go downhill, but it is often the time when women are really mature and start to enjoy freedom.

From this point of view, 40 years old is really a beautiful age.

Blessing Selina, who is free and reborn, you deserve all happiness.

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