I am pregnant in less than 2 years after a caesarean section. If you don’t pay attention to these 4 o’clock, pregnant women and fetuses will be dangerous.

Guide: Is it dangerous for less than 2 years after a caesarean section?

A friend’s first child is a caesarean section. Now Dabao is one year old and seven months old, and she is pregnant with her second child again. It has been a month. She is a little worried. Is it dangerous?

I want to say that since I am pregnant, let it go naturally. If this child is not required, it is not necessarily good for the body.

1. Chen Haomin’s wife Jiang Lisha had four babies within five years, all of which were cesarean section, and the interval was less than 1 year.It is also quite dangerous.The diving queen Fu Mingxia’s three children will have a caesarean section, and the time interval is less than 2 years.

2. Mom 1: I plans three, three years, three years old, five years old, the second child and three years old, the third child is now 6 months!I think the third one is smooth, and the eldest and secondary have fever, and the third child lives for four days!

3. Mom 2: I am also a caesarean section, a child, a child, a second child daughter, and a third child is pregnant. The doctor recommends that it will be born.Born in the third child, he was a son again, and the pressure was large.

4. Mom 3: I am 34 years old, with a caesarean section with three babies, a first child for 11 months, and a second child with a second child.

5. Mom 4: Dabao is one year old and three months old, and Dabao has a cesarean section. Now Erbao has been in his belly for six months.

6. Mom 5: This is the same. My son is now one year old for almost seven months. The second baby is now more than 32 weeks. He has a small stomach, controlling weight, and no matter.Good hospital production.These brave mothers chose to be born after pregnancy, and they were not as scared as expected.

It is less than 2 years of caesarean section and pregnancy again. It is indeed risky, but it will vary from person to person.I saw in "Zheng Yu Qiao Parenting Scripture -Fetal Volume": If you are still preparing to have children after cesarean section, it is best to be more than 1 year from this caesarean section. If you want to give birth naturally next time, it is best to wait 2 years before pregnancy.Once you are pregnant, you will have an artificial abortion dangerous because you have a cesarean section.

In fact, pregnancy itself is danger and happiness coexisting. Under any circumstances, there will be various risks in pregnancy. What you need to do now is:

1, 7-8 weeks to go to the hospital for a check-up to check whether the position of the gestational sac is on the scar. If it is on the scar, the general doctor does not recommend retaining the child, because in the later periodDanger.If the scar is far away, the general problem is not big.

2. In the later period, pay attention to the on -time check -up. The scar pregnancy is a high -risk pregnancy. The risk of complications of pregnancy disease is greater than that of ordinary mothers. Checking the risk in time in time is beneficial to pregnant mothers and children.

3. Pay attention to the balanced diet, do not make up, the fetus is too fat, the scar will become thinner, and the risk is high.

4. Pay attention to appropriate exercise, improve immunity, maintain physical strength, keep the intestinal smoothness at the same time, and prevent discomfort from bloating and constipation.

In short, it is generally okay to communicate with the doctor in time.The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Follow me with thousands of mothers to follow me and get more parenting knowledge.

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