I am pregnant, what should I do if my vaginal bleeding?

The editor said: Xiao Li often vomited recently, thinking that he had chronic gastritis. When he went to the hospital, he found that he was pregnant.It ’s not right to count the pregnancy time, obviously I have only come to menstruation in the past two days.What is going on?

Text/Ye Cuifen Foshan City Hospital Deputy Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Is this a normal menstruation?


The so -called "menstruation" that Xiao Li had been here in the past two days was actually the vaginal bleeding after pregnancy. If you carefully compare the normal menstruation, it is still very different.After pregnancy, the primary symptoms of women with normal menstruation are menopause, followed by anorexia, malignant vomiting, and breast swelling.Therefore, when a small amount of vaginal hemorrhage occurs, the different situations of biological and pathological should be divided.


Why does the symptoms of vaginal bleeding after pregnancy?


For the first two months after pregnancy, there is a small amount of menstruation at each cycle without even having a sanitary napkin.This is because the early embryo has not occupied the uterine cavity, and a small part of the lower section of the uterine has become an endometrium with a molt.As the embryo gradually develops, this phenomenon will stop naturally.Traditional Chinese medicine calls this phenomenon "dirt", also known as the "stimulus", which is not pathological.

But most women have vaginal bleeding after pregnancy but cannot be taken lightly because it may be related to the following diseases:

1. Breakal abortion, the fetus is normal at this time.Bleeding is a threatened symptoms of miscarriage. It can be accompanied by abdominal pain or lumbaric acid discomfort. It may occur or aggravate after fatigue. After treatment, normal pregnancy can be continued after treatment. Otherwise, it will develop into real abortion or embryo.

2. In the abortion or fetal death, the embryo stops developing and explaining abortion. At this time, it is necessary to remove the intrauterine embryo or pregnancy as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to cause great bleeding.

3. Extrace The pregnancy (ectopic pregnancy), that is, the embryo is not the normal position in the uterine cavity, but is pregnant with an uterine cavity or a history of caesarean section in the caesarean section of the uterine cavity or caesarean section.Embryo growth often causes major bleeding, and rescue will be difficult to keep in time.


What should I do with vaginal bleeding after pregnancy?


Many fetal symptoms of early abortion can continue pregnancy after a tire treatment, which is a residence information from the fetus.If it is a woman who has always been normal and regularly living, it suddenly appears that it does not come on time, the menstrual flow is less than before, and it is not clean for a long time. After pushing the tide or accompanied by abdominal pain, anal tenderness, dizziness, etc.Symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the disease is mainly due to failure, which can be caused by a variety of reasons such as kidney deficiency, weak qi and blood, blood fever, and trauma.In addition, pay attention to the following points in life:

1. Pay attention to rest and avoid severe exercise and labor, and you can take a slow walking activity.

2. After pregnancy, you should avoid dense, noisy, and bad air.Avoid the newly renovated places where it is decorated and has a irritating smell.

3. Try to avoid sexual life within March pregnancy.

4. Properly increase nutrition, diverse diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and fish, etc., eat more nuts, such as walnuts, peanuts, etc., avoid stimulating foods such as marinated and friedThe cold product.

Source | "Traditional Chinese Medicine Health and Health" January 2019 issue

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