I became pregnant after Gangyang, is it "stay" or "flow"?Clarify these before making a decision


Ms. Li, 35, has been married for many years,

I have been preparing for pregnancy.

Just infected the new coronal virus but became pregnant,

Is it "stay" or "flow"?

The first release of the "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of the New Crown Virus Infection of Maternal Maternal Maternal Maternal" states that the incidence of natural abortion or birth defects has not increased during the global epidemic period.

Of the newborn in the new crown virus infection, more than 95%of the newborn in the pregnant woman are not infected and the birth state is good.

Early pregnancy period is divided into early embryo and the embryo period. The early stages of embryo refers to 2 weeks after fertilization. The embryo is not sensitive to the toxic substances of the outside world. The gestational sac is within or without time period, which is not a sensitive period of teratogenic.

During this period of time, most drugs either cause abortion of embryos or embryos to continue to develop.

The embryonic period is the third to the 8th after the fertilization period, which is a sensitive period that leads to deformity, that is, the period of organ formation.

In this period, the combination of embryonic cells forms an organs, and the fetal heart, nervous system, respiratory system, limbs, gonads, and vulva are developed one after another, which is the most sensitive to teratogenic effects.

After 9 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus has been formed into the fetal stage. The fetal growth and development are fast. The organisms are tissue differentiation and functional differentiation. After suffering, they will also cause abnormalities, but they are mostly tissue structure and functional defects.

Generally speaking, the teratogenic sensitivity period began on the 12th to 20th after conception, the peak was about 30 days, and the sensitivity after 55-60 days was rapidly reduced.

There is no evidence that the new coronal virus will pass through the placenta infection.

However, if you use medicine during the infection, you need to explain which medicines are used with doctors. The doctor will evaluate the development of the embryo based on the contraindications of the drug, the symptoms of pregnant women, and the auxiliary examination, such as B -ultrasound, blood HCG, progesterone, etc.index.

You can continue to observe, and the normal checkup can be continued. On the other hand, if the auxiliary examination is abnormal or the symptoms of abortion in pregnant women, it means that the embryo is abnormal and should be treated in time.

Generally speaking, after the new crown "Yang Kang", there will be a period of weakness, physical reduction, and people in a weak state.You can start preparing for pregnancy 3 months after recovery.

During the pre -pregnancy examination, the sperm vitality of men and the deformed rate of sperm must be checked. If it does not meet the standard, it is recommended to stop pregnancy.

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