I became pregnant without graduating from high school. James recalled the love affairs in his early years, and there was a love rival.

As the saying goes, "The inferiority of the poverty is unforgettable.

How much is the love affair of this sentence, especially in the United States with obvious gaps in the class. When there are many black people out of the slums, they throw their wives in their place.

Of course, there is another situation, that is, the original match knows that the marriage of the marriage has flying Huang Tengda, and he is no longer worthy of him.for example

Jordan and his ex -wife Hu Antita, as early as Jordan’s rookie season, the two had already held hands, but Jordan did all the way to the leader.

Jugo Li was indifferent, and the two were indifferent to each other. In the end, Jordan was also generous. After the divorce, he paid more than $ 300 million for his ex -wife and two sons.

So what kind of ending is James and his wife Savana?

Now that James has reached Jordan’s status, will he dare not guess whether he will have Sanna, but the beginning of James and Savana is very romantic.

James will usher in the ninth anniversary wedding anniversary this fall. Zhan Huang’s latest magazine "The Los Angeles Lakers Star and Sagana" tells the relationship between the two when they fall in love.

When this relationship dates back to LeBron at the age of 17, he was studying at San Vincent Saint Mary High School, where he was recruited to join the basketball team.

The 16 -year -old Savana and LeBron grew up in the same city. Interestingly, the love rivals of Savana and James read the same high school, and James could only see that the rival was closer to Savana first than him.Essence

According to Savana, at the time, James had a dispute with the rival because of his own call, but James was fierce and weak in his heart, and the two sides did not do it.

In fact, Savana also came to James through friends. After Savana called LeBron, LeBron invited her to participate in a basketball game.

During the time when she was in love, Savana said that she did not understand basketball or what LeBron’s basketball talent looked like. After the game, James invited Sagana to a dating.

During middle school, there were no spotlights and no cameras. LeBron knew that Savana was not emotional when he had dating at that time.

In 2003, James graduated from high school and ranked first among the NBA draft.

In the same year, Savana had not waited for a high school graduation certificate in the fourth grade of high school. She did not expect to wait for two bars first, and Savana was pregnant.

High school pregnancy is not uncommon in the NBA. Her original response was scared, but LeBron promised her that he would be responsible and hoped that she would keep this secret.

"This will not let me slow down, nor will it slow down. We will continue to do what we must do," reported by the "Business Insider", she told the host Harper.

On October 6, 2004, Sagana gave birth to their eldest son Browni and ushered in a second child three years later.

Ten years after together, LeBron kneeled one knee and proposed to his high school lover after a game in 2011.He asked Wade to hold a pear -shaped diamond ring all night until the end of the game. It is reported that the ring is worth $ 300,000.

LeBron later recalled in 2012: "I was very nervous at the time, and it felt like playing the final."

On September 14, 2013, LeBron and Savana were officially married at the Capella Church Hotel in San Diego.A total of 200 people and friends participated in a three -day celebration, and the following year gave birth to a third child, their daughter.

As James continued to achieve milestone achievements, Savana has been silently supporting him, no matter what decision he makes.

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