I can use a test paper for a few days of pregnancy

It can be tested with test strips a few days of pregnancy. This is a healthy topic that many female friends are focusing on. Only in the early stage, I have a deep understanding of common sense of pregnancy.Preparation during pregnancy will help avoid diseases during pregnancy. How to know if you are pregnant, here is a detailed introduction to how to detect the basic common sense of pregnancy.

1. Combination of sperm and eggs

After a woman is in the same room with men, sperm needs to enter the female fallopian tube after 24 hours, and then combine with the eggs in the fallopian tube to form fertilized eggs.At this time, it was the real beginning of pregnancy.So at this time, if you use test strips, you can roughly judge whether you are pregnant.

2. 11 days after the same room

It takes about 8 days to start from the same room to pregnancy, and after 3 days of pregnancy, the body and urine will change to a certain amount. At this time, female friends can use early pregnancy test strips for testing.In terms of whether you want to use test strips to test whether you are pregnant, then after 11 days in the same room, the results may be inaccurate.

3. Accurate testing time

Early pregnancy test strip testing is mainly to detect the HCG value. This hormone is manufactured by the placenta. Generally, he will appear in the urine after a few days of pregnancy, but at the beginningEssenceIf you want to accurately detect whether you are pregnant, the results will not be obvious when 10 to 14 days after pregnancy.When testing with test strips, it is best to use morning urine in the morning. Such test results are more accurate.

The above introduces you to test strips for a few days of pregnancy. Only by in -depth understanding of the common sense of pregnancy, the basic common sense of pregnancy, and actively taking related nursing measures during pregnancy can we better avoid the occurrence of pregnancy diseases during pregnancy.Essence

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