I didn’t see movement for more than a year. I dreamed that I was pregnant!

Since pregnancy, have you often dreamed of some animals, or cute or fierce.These are not often or even never happened before you are pregnant?

Scientifically referred to this phenomenon as "fetal dreams". Since ancient times, whether it is or Eastern or Western countries, they attach great importance to fetal dreams, because they think that the baby dream is a hint of the baby to themselves.

Then the fetal dream is not allowed, there is no accurate answer so far.Because some mothers who have had a baby have been confirmed from the dream of fetal dreams, they are convinced of the dream of fetal dreams; but some mothers have not been confirmed that there may be a suspicion in this heart.

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Let ’s share a case with you. This case is the personal experience of the sisters told Mengma:

朋友: Mengma has a friend who has not been pregnant for a long time for a long time. He was very anxious. Their husbands and wives thought whether there was a problem with their bodies.But one night, the friend dreamed that he met a big turtle on the seaside, and the turtle told her to have a dream like a business.Maybe I want to get pregnant a bit nervous. This friend even regarded this dream as a hint of pregnancy. As a result, my friend was really pregnant that month.Since then, she is convinced of the birth dream.

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Regarding the baby dream, many people have explained the result of "thinking about the sun and dreaming at night". Let’s take a look at what common fetal dreams indicate:

生 Dreaming of a snake is a sign of a boy;

将 Dreaming of the dragon, indicating that boys born in the future can become big people;

Dreaming of sea turtles means that the boy born in the future will have great power;

将 Dreaming of a tiger is a sign of the positive and brave boy in the future;

Dreaming of pigs, implied wealth and blessings, and also implied that children born in the future are more wealthy and blessed.(Black pig hints to have a boy, white pig hints to have a daughter)

I dream of a carp, indicating that in the future, she will have a superb, beautiful, and wise daughter in the future;

将 Dreaming of eggs, the chance of having a daughter in the future is very high;

表示 Dreaming of a butterfly, indicating that having a daughter;

Dreaming of pigeons, there will be a daughter.


There are a lot of fetal dreams, such as dreaming of plants, dreaming of characters, and some phenomena of dreaming of nature. This is not listed here.Go to find out.

However, there is no way to give a scientific explanation about the inaccurate baby dream. The dream of the fetal dream is actually a psychological suggestion of the dreamer, but from ancient times to the present, the baby dream has been confirmed, it is not just a coincidence.This phenomenon is not easy to use scientific interpretation, but it does exist.

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Mengma fluttering

Regarding the dream of fetal dreams, there is also a phenomenon that there is no way to explain science; some mothers have the same fetal dreams as they usually make, so they will be convinced of fetal dreams, but on the contrary, they willThey feel that the baby dream is purely entertainment.Pregnant moms, do you think, do you dream of something interesting during pregnancy?

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