I do n’t know how to put on POSE these actions. These actions can be applied directly

I do n’t know how to put on POSE these actions. These actions can be applied directly

If you want to leave a memorial after pregnancy, taking photos is undoubtedly the most direct way.However, for many mummy who took pregnancy photos for the first time, they still worry about what to do if she will not move.To this end, we summarized several commonly used and easy -to -learn pregnant photos to take POSE, and the fairy moms who need it can like to collect it.

1. This shooting posture is currently the most popular.Two -handed stomach, staring at the baby’s eyes, the picture is full of warmth.

2. Touch the neck with one hand, do one hand straight back, the body is slightly side, and the legs are vertically crossing. This movement will help show the body curve, beautiful and stylish.

3. Touch the corner of the mouth in one hand, hold the pregnant belly with one hand, and the legs are slightly flexed and extended, so that the legs will be thin and long.

4. Give the camera from the side, touch your stomach with both hands, gently pad your toes, and look down at your stomach (note: just slightly lower your head, if you accidentally lower the side, you will have a double chin so you can slightly apply a little neck)

5. One hand in one hand, stroking his face with one hand, raising his right leg slightly, visually lens, generous and elegant.

6. Hold your hands with both hands and gently resist your head (remember to be light, do not destroy your hairstyle), lean your body on a chair or table. This kind of action is really superb.

7, hold the edge of the bench with both hands, lean back on the head, and the back of the shoulders is straight, so the photos taken in this way will be more youthful.

8. This action is really super simple. As long as you sit quietly on the bench, hold your belly with both hands, as long as your expression should not collapse, the photos taken are absolutely beautiful.

To summarize the POSE for the prospective moms, take pictures of pregnant women mostly, holding their stomachs on the front, touching their stomachs on the side, sitting on the chair and touching the stomach, sitting on the ground and touching the stomach.Not only

In addition, if you are worried that your expression is not good and you ca n’t laugh, you can try to take some pregnant photos without laughing.

The next issue will update various photos of POSE for you.”D pregnant woman photos “pregnant women photo “pregnant women ” “photography “

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