I do n’t know who the child is when I am pregnant.

I said this sentence, and I was speechless. Although Wu Shao spoke unpleasant, he would save me. I was grateful to him. "Thank you for saving me that day."

Wu Shao coolly said: "Don’t thank me, the person who wants to save you is Mo Ziqian, I just run my legs. But the next time, you will run out by yourself. I don’t want to always be others for others.Marry your clothes! "

Wu Shao had a handsome face, and went to the bedroom.But I have been staying. Is it really Mo Ziqian to save me?

Is he contacted Wu Shao?

But why did Mo Ziqian save me? Didn’t he hate me?

I stood there blankly, and I felt that the situation was in the mist.

Wu Shao took a shower, and after changing the clean clothes, I was about to leave. I called him again, "Five Shao?"

Wu Shao gave me a faint glance, "Do you?"

"Really, Mo Ziqian asked you to save me?"

Wu Shao glanced at me, "Otherwise, who would be so stupid, Gan Gan let me make a profit for me, just to save my ex -wife."

I dumb suddenly.

It was really Mo Ziqian who asked Wu Shao to save me, and therefore made 20 % of the profit.What are he thinking about?

I stood there dumbfounded, until Wu Shao opened the door, and I was left in the house.

I feel that everything is so incredible. Why did Mo Ziqian do this?

I feel like I have had a dream. I ca n’t tell the reality or dream. Is this too outrageous?

When I left Wu Shao’s apartment, I was still puzzled, and my phone had noise. A silver bell -like girl came in my ears. "Sister with a smile, tomorrow is my birthday.?"

I’m happy.

"Yes, no problem, tomorrow morning, my sister will send you it in person."

"That’s great."

Said happily.

After hanging up the phone, I hurried to the store. The cake made early and not fresh. Today I can only prepare ingredients. I called Jiayu and told her that I would sleep in the store tonight.I want to get up to make cakes.

Jiayu said, "You are crazy, so early."

"No way, this little guest is my favorite little sister, and it is nothing to sleep for her.

The time passed was really fast. It seemed that it was only a while for a while, and it was three o’clock in the morning. I started my spirit and started to prepare for the happy cake.

The characters on the cake must be the most like, it took me a few hours, and did it, and did not know how many times when the first time, and finally felt that the villain in front of me was particularly special.When the big -eyed star I liked happily, I finally relieved my heart.

I set off with the cake with a gift to be happy.

The villa area where Gao family lived was still in the old place. Three years ago, I have been there many times. The light car is cooked and soon found.

When I arrived at the Gaojia Villa, I saw so many cars stopped from a distance, and I suddenly stopped. The little princess of the Gao family had a birthday, and the guests must be gathered. Mo Ziqian and Chen Liyan will go.Unnecessary trouble, I still don’t want to go in.

I gave Gao Le’s gifts and cakes to the Gao family’s watchman, let him give me happiness, and wish her a happy birthday and was leaving, but there was a pleasant voice behind him.Sister, why can’t you come in? I have been waiting for you for a long time. "

When I turned around, I was seeing a beautiful white princess skirt and ran to me.

I was happy to pull my hand, "Sister with a smile, go in, today I am absent?"

"Uh, okay." In the face of the sincere and sincere eyes of the child, I really can’t think of remarking.

At this moment, the woman’s ridicule came from behind my ear, "Yo, isn’t this a girlfriend of the five young?

I frowned at the time. It was a narrow road to the enemy, and I met Chen Liyan so soon.

With a few days ago, I knew that Chen Liyan was Hu Yeming’s sister. I would never get rid of trouble. People like Hu Yiming, let alone a small person like me.Go around.

I ignored Chen Liyan, only raising my hand and rubbing my happiness. "Happy, my sister will not be with you today.

I was a little unwilling to pursue my mouth, but I still whispered.

When I turned around, Mo Ziqian and Chen Liyan stood behind not far behind. Mo Ziqian’s expression was faint, and Chen Liyan was arrogant with a sarcasm, holding their daughter in her hand.

I ignored them and Gu Zi left.

Back in the store, it was still early. I continued to prepare the next order. It was in the evening when I finished it. The customer took the cake, and I was exhausted.After locking the store, I went to a nearby store and bought some daily necessities. When I came out of the store, I saw a pair of men and women, men’s appearance, and a fitted casual jeans.Essence

Women, long and exquisite, wearing goose yellow skirts, arms holding men, looking like birds.

I don’t know the man, but the woman was An Ran.

An Ran said softly to the man’s soft voice, somehow he said what he said, and suddenly blinked, for a while, the little girl like a beep lip, pretending to be the simple and coquettish look of the little girl, in exchange for the man’s petting gaze.

A car drove beside them, perhaps the stimulus of gasoline. An Ran suddenly let go of the man’s arm, covered his mouth and ran to the big tree to retider.

"Ran Ran? What’s wrong with you?" The man chased over and worried.

An Ran had been vomiting for a long time, as if he was comfortable, smiling at the man, shyness, "Dear, I seem to be pregnant. My one has not come for ten days."

The man opened his eyes in surprise. For a long time, he hugged An Ran into his arms, "Really? Ran Ran? It’s great, I’m going to be my father.Grandpa and grandma, we get married right away. "

An Ran nodded shyly, letting the man holding, and the two walked towards a car not far ahead.

I was shocked by this scene and returned to God for a long time. This Ran can really pretend. In her stomach, 80 % was the hacking children she found that day. Now I saw her in the hospital last time.However, it was only ten days after she had passed. She couldn’t get a fetus and became pregnant immediately.

I don’t know where this is a silly man, she was found to be a pick -up man.

I remembered that An Ran pushed Jiayu to the ground, causing the abortion of Jiayu. Although Jiayu was originally going to do the drug flow, the child’s abortion was caused by An Ran, which made me guilty for a long time.

This bad woman now wants to hurt others again. I really worry about this man, and I have to raise children for others.

Perhaps God couldn’t stand what An Ran did. When the man got on the car, he fell off the same thing, but the man did not find it.Essence

I walked over and picked up that thing, but was a wallet.

The wallet was opened, and there was a ID card inside. The name was Shen Jian, and there were several hundred -yuan banknote, and various bank cards.

I torn off the page from the notebook in my hand bag, wrote a line of words on it, stuffed it into the wallet, put it with those hundred -dollar banknotes, and then went to the courier company.

I asked the courier staff to express the wallet by the address on the identity card of Shen Jian and left.

I believe that as soon as the wallet named Shen Jian opened the wallet, I would see the note I wrote, with only one line of words on it: Be careful to be a Picker.

The surname is Shen, my sister can only help you here.

When I returned to the apartment, Jiayu had already applauded takeaway. She looked good and had a good mood. I thought it had come out of the pain given by Wu Zhihai.

Jiayu is a woman who can afford to play.

I said while holding chicken legs, "Guess who I saw today."


Jiayu asked while eating.

I said, "An Ran is that it hurts you. She found a receiver for herself, and also told others that the child’s child, the man who lost the man, the long person, and the silly pitiful.People cheated, I do n’t know, and take the woman home to see their parents, and get married quickly. "

Jiayu made a call, "Who really has it. This woman is so lacking, not afraid of the men to know in the future, do she strangle her and the child?"

I laughed and said, "Will I be strangled in the future and I don’t know, but I think her purpose should not be so easy to achieve."

If Shen Jian didn’t know if he didn’t know more about the note in the wallet, it was really stupid.

A few days later, I accompanied Jiayu to the hospital for review. From the clinic, we saw that a pair of men and women in the opposite side came out of the clinic.

The man raised his hand and gave the woman a slap,

"Well, you stinky shameless cheap goods, I do n’t know who the wild species in my stomach, I said it was mine. I want to let me be a father and support the wild species of others for you, you TM is really cheap!"

The man was so popular that he raised his feet and kicked the woman’s belly again. The woman screamed with a scream, and when she leaned back, she planted it back to the clinic.

Jia Yu and I looked at the woman, and we all recognized that woman, An Ran.

Undoubtedly, that man is Shen Jian. This man is not too stupid. He also knows that he came to the hospital to check the pregnancy age.

However, An Ran was a bit miserable, and the child couldn’t hold it.

Shen Jian walked angrily, and An Ran, who couldn’t afford to fall to the ground at all, or the doctor carried her seven hands and feet to the bed in the clinic.

Jia Yu and I also left. Jiayu didn’t know what I wrote a note to Shen Jian. She only lamented that people should not be too bad, otherwise there will always be a retribution.

But I was wondering, did I do too much?The child seemed innocent.

Jiayu’s body recovered very well, and she soon went to work again, and I continued my career in the store.

On this day, I received a message from the time when time could flow back. He wanted to make a cake, saying that it was for the elderly.

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