I don’t know if she is pregnant. A 20 -year -old woman gave birth to a baby while taking a bath in the hotel!Children are dead

At 7 o’clock this morning, the hourly news client received a call from reader Mr. Zhu: A young woman gave birth to a child in a bathroom near Jiubao, and had been taken to Shawaru Hospital.

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Mr. Zhu told reporters that the woman was in her 20s and claimed to be in Hangzhou last night and lived in the room on the second floor of the second floor of the second -floor hotel in the second district of Jiubao Jiayuan.This morning, the woman accidentally fell while taking a bath in the bathroom, and the baby in her stomach was born!

"She said she didn’t know that she was pregnant!" Later, the 120 emergency car rushed to the scene.After preliminary evaluation, the woman was only 7 months old.

Xiasha Shaw Hospital confirmed that the woman did treat it.

The Jiubao Police Station in the jurisdiction stated that the baby has no vital signs and the relevant situation is still under investigation.

Infant emergency delivery is not an example

Just got on the train from Ningbo

The woman shouted "I’m going to give birth!"

January 11, 2020 was the second day when the Spring Festival was officially begun. A pregnant woman took the D656 train alone and returned to her hometown Hubei Enshi from Ningbo, Zhejiang.Unexpectedly, halfway through the car, she suddenly shouted her stomach pain and felt like she was going to give birth. She wanted to get out of the car.

When the train staff successfully sent her the nearest site Changxing Station, the maternal amniotic fluid suddenly broke.With the help of the staff of Changxing Station, the mother successfully gave birth to a female baby in Changxing Station.Later, he was sent to Changxing Maternal and Child Health Hospital. After inspection, his mother and daughter were safe.

Two -child pregnant mothers are walking

The baby suddenly "falls out"!

Ms. Li (pseudonym), who lives in the Jinwan District of Zhuhai, is a two -child expectant mother. After the dinner, she was walking in the living room leisurely. Suddenly her stomach had a painful pain, and she had not waited for Ms. Li to respond to call for help.) It was "drilled" from her belly.

Because Ms. Li was standing when Xiaomao was born, there was no soft safety protection measures on the ground. Xiaomao’s head fell towards the ground, and his head immediately raised a big bag.According to CT, Ms. Li’s children have already experienced epidural hematoma, and hematoma is still increasing.Fortunately, after surgery, it is finally dangerous.

Urgent baby does not cry 120 telephone to guide self -rescue

"Come on, my wife gave birth to the baby, please come and help me!" In September 2019, a man in Yichun City dialed the 120 emergency call for help.

At about 7 am that day, Xiao He, a dispatcher at Yichun 120 Schedule and Command Center, received a call. The man on the phone on the phone was anxious and panicked. He said that his wife gave birth to the child at home."Hurry up and send a car quickly."After asking the man’s address, contact information, and on -site situation in detail, I immediately contacted the nearby ambulance to the rescue.

Xiao He learned on the phone that the mother had given birth to her baby at the time, but could not hear the cry.So, Xiaohe quickly phone to guide his family members to wipe the liquid in the baby’s mouth and nose, and then gently patted the baby’s feet to stimulate the baby. Soon, the baby’s cry came from the phone, and Xiao He was relieved.Let the family pay attention to keep warm to the baby and wait for the ambulance.After 5 minutes, Yichun 120 ambulance arrived at the scene.In the body, the baby’s complexion was rosy, the stock tension was good, everything was normal, and the mother was safe.The emergency doctor immediately gave the baby to break the umbilical cord, monitor the vitality signs, opens vein pathways, oxygen absorbing and other first -aid measures, and quickly sent the mother and child to the hospital.After returning to the visit, the mother and child were admitted to the hospital in a timely manner, and there was no big deal, and further treatment was received in the hospital.

First aid doctor reminds: Near the due date, pregnant women must be prepared for labor under the guidance of obstetricians.If you have irregular abdominal pain and redness at home at home, don’t be too nervous, you can call the 120 emergency phone call for help as soon as possible.

In order to avoid the harm caused by emergency production,

What should expectant mothers do?

Director Weng Bifen reminds that mothers must regularly check before delivery, participate in pregnant classes, learn about obstetrics, do not go out two weeks before the expected date of due date, and they cannot engage in physical labor. Once a sign of labor, go to the hospital in time.If it is a pregnant woman who is known to occur, it can start planning production after a month.

In case you encounter urgent birth, be calm.

First of all, you must lie down to avoid the child’s head on the ground when the child is born; the mother should not take the breath hard, breathe opens, try to relax, call 120, and the obstetrician to the scene.When the baby’s head is exposed, hold the head with both hands, pay attention not to pull or twist.When the baby’s shoulder is exposed, he holds his head and body with both hands and slowly proposes.Waiting for the placenta to give birth naturally.Wrap the baby to keep warm.Wipe the neck of the baby’s mouth nose with a clean and soft cloth.Do not cut the umbilical cord and place the placenta higher than the infant or the same as the baby.

Send the mother and baby to the hospital as soon as possible, or wait for the rescue of 120 obstetricians.

Source: Beiwan New Visual Comprehensive Qianjiang Evening News Guangzhou Daily Yichun Daily Process Edit: TF021

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