I don’t know why they are not pregnant, Director Yang Weimin teaches you how to see the trick

Young couples always like the two -person world of freedom, relaxed and romantic, but it will inevitably feel that a family must have a cute baby to be complete after a long time.Check, raise your body, quit smoking and drinking, and exercise your body before pregnancy.So check again, all major hospitals have visited everywhere, and they are always informed that both parties have no problems!But why is it infertility?

Pregnancy is actually not as simple as we usually watch movies and TV series.Conception is a very complicated process. As long as one of the procedures is wrong, you cannot conceive.

The various indicators checked by an infertile couple are normal, and when the cause of infertility cannot be explained, the diagnosis is infertility for unknown causes.

Unknown cause infertility?

Unknown infertility means that the couple has a normal sexual life, the woman has ovulation, no abnormalities were found after gynecological examination and comprehensive examination, and the men’s semen and other examinations were normal, but those who were not pregnant for more than a year.In other words, neither parties have found the cause of infertility.According to reports, the incidence of unknown infertility accounts for about 10%of infertility.

Examination of unknown infertility

1. Laparoscopic examination:

Can diagnose pelvic endometriosis and treat them at the same time.

2. Immunology examination:

Blood, semen, cervical mucus can detect immune infertility caused by anti -sperm antibodies, anti -egg transparent band antibodies, and antibody endometrial antibodies, ovarian antibodies, etc.Fighting sperm antibody immunity can also be diagnosed for sperm condensation test, sperm braking test and sexual intercourse test.

3. Examination of cervical mucus traits:

Generally, the changes in cervical mucus can be observed during ovulation, and cervical mucus can be taken as a mirror examination to see if the teeth of sheep tooth shade, and understand whether mucus is conducive to sperm penetration and enter the cervix.

4. vaginal B ultrasound:

Following the follicles during the period of ovulation, you can know whether there is an ovulation or ovulation illusion, and to solve the endometrium thickness and estrogen effect on the endometrium.

5. Test the foundation body temperature:

From the basic body thermometer curve, it can reflect whether the ovary ovulation is ovulated and whether the luteal function is sound.

6. Careful gynecological examination and B -ultrasound examination:

It can be discovered that the uterine development of the neglected uterine is found.

7. Collection of medical history:

It can be found that the effects of spiritual and psychological factors on endocrine function and germ cells can be found. Through the necessary further testing, the cause of most "unknown infertility" can be found, and then treatment can be improved according to the cause to improve the pregnancy rate.

Although there are many reasons for infertility, the current medical technology has the same way to do infertility in the unknown cause. Therefore, everyone should be actively and scientifically prepared for pregnancy.You can definitely find you.

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