I eat 15,000 words of tomatoes "Cosmic Professional Players", successfully broke through two million words

Today, I came to Xiapu, Fujian again.

I didn’t pay attention to buying the high -speed rail ticket before. I bought Cheng Ningde. As a result, a trip was turned in the middle, and it was late here.So there is only one more today, and simply talk about some news.

The 11th novel "Cosmic Professional Players" of Tomato has officially completed today.I was worried about whether he could break two million words. As a result, the tomato was very stuck, and the finale was more than 15,000 words, which directly made up the final difference.

In addition, because of the end of the end of this time, the novel directly reached the top spot for the best -selling list, ending the three consecutive days of the top three consecutive days.

What do you say about the content of the finale? I feel that I directly pull the tone of the story.

The protagonist is already the ultimate big man, and the relatives around him have a almost eternal life because of his influence.In order to avoid this situation, there is the story of the universe professional player. The protagonist is like dividing a little divine thought. With the character Xu Jingming, the family and their own memories are closed, and the minds are continuously reincarnation to exercise their minds.Essence

What kind of civilized disputes and the ultimate gambling contract is nonsense, and it is because he arranges his men’s acting. I feel that I have watched a loneliness.

Of course, if you can accept his writing, you can also see it.

In addition, after this novel is over, the tomato is ready to rest for a long time, but it has not been said.However, since it is very long, at least it starts in a year. Otherwise, it is not in line with this concept, let’s look at who he and Chen Dong will open a new book first.

By the way, the end of the novel has also been released simultaneously. All readers can receive rewards and draw prizes. Chatting is better than nothing.

For the authors of the Internet, the main awards and IP development routes are mainly based on the author of the network.

The 14 novels here have great results in Zhuo Mu’s "Binjiang Police". The subscription results of the remaining works can be ignored. Many people may be like me. If you do n’t pay attention to this essay result, you may not hear it.Pass.

Of course, if you pay attention to the previous essays, many authors are still familiar with it. For example, Dashen Yishan has won prizes now, as well as the main actual themes such as Mei Master, Xu Yan, and Jing Xixiao.

The final rifle, writing a novel "Battle of the Great Country", specializing in military articles, is in the trough period in the past two years.

By the way, Zhuo Mu Xian wrote the quota of the National Day gift because of the protagonist before, but at the end, because of a case investigation that could not be available, he did not participate in the National Day Gifts, and poisoned many readers.A lot of readers have recently been discussed.

If you look tired, you can try these realistic themes.Look at the stories under different tracks, can you challenge your reading limit.

The Swordsman opened the new book "I can simulate unlimited simulation, it is not divided into a 100 million points" this week. His millions of old books "I am in the fantasy world pretending to be the heavenly calculation" is still written.His current state is trying to catch up with the current market. As for the effects, but not obvious, I don’t know if this new book will be better.

The real person of the hid cattle sent his 40 -year -old life today, which mentioned that "The Earth is too fierce" is still over a few days.

I watched the novel of the first part of the first part of Longcheng through the different realms, and humans united to survive, but there are many places where conspiracy is.

The protagonist was forced to flow into the orc kingdom, and I didn’t watch it.However, the author likes to write such bridge sections. What is prominent is that human and alien people can actually understand and coexist with each other.I remember the story of the protagonist in "Aura", the protagonist also became a mouse.

His novels actually like to think about it, so sometimes it is inevitable that it is boring. In short, you can accept his creative habits, you can still see it.

Then the above is the content of today. Tomorrow will go to a island for a person to install the machine. You have to take the round for an hour. After many years, you have n’t taken the ferry for many years. Feel it tomorrow.Then we see you tomorrow.

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