I finally got pregnant with the third child, but I couldn’t get up … The doctor said that this situation is very dangerous

Ms. Li, who lives in Xinyang

Plan for the third baby

I have been pregnant for nearly a year before I succeed

But then I was pregnant for more than 40 days

Vaginal bleeding frequently

She went to the local hospital for treatment …

The color Doppler ultrasound results of the local hospital showed that the patient’s pregnancy was cut on the cutting edge of the knife.

It is understood that the patient has two history of cesarean section. The doctor considers Ms. Li for scar pregnancy.

Ms. Li strongly demanded tire protection treatment, and the doctor also told her the risk of existence and reducing the bleeding when the bleeding was reduced.

However, just a week, the patient’s vagina bleed again.

The doctor told the patient again that the abortion of scar pregnancy may occur, and the uterus must be removed in severe cases.

The patient was anxious and came to the Maternal Division of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (Henan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the Provincial Women’s and Children’s Hospital).

After a re -examination, Ms. Li’s pregnancy in the palace was 70mm*48mm*43mm, the head and hip diameter was 45mm, the fetal heart was within reach, and the pregnancy sac was covered with the uterine scar knife.Darge bleeding may occur at any time, and the doctor recommends stop pregnancy immediately.

The couple are very frustrated. Zhang Lindong, director of the Women’s First Section, comforts them patiently. "This situation is now more common. It is not only that you encounter this situation. There was also a scarring pregnancy patient in the past two days …"

Patients were diagnosed with type of scar pregnancy. After active pre -surgery, the experienced high -age doctors performed surgery for Ms. Li, and the surgery was successfully completed.

The next day, the patient expressed his gratitude to the doctor again when he was discharged.

What is scar pregnancy?

Scar pregnancy, also known as scar pregnancy and uterine scar parting, refers to the history of uterine surgery such as cesarean section, curettoos, fibroids, and hysteroscopic surgery.An ectopic pregnancy, of which pregnancy (CSP) is most common in cesarean scars.

What are the risks of scar pregnancy?

Scar pregnancy is prone to uterine rupture, big bleeding, placental implantation and dangerous prefabricated placenta, threatening women’s reproductive health and even life, and uterine is required in severe cases.At present, with the development of technologies such as intervention section, the chance of cutting uterus is gradually decreasing.

What are the schemes for patients with scar pregnancy?

There are the following choices for scar pregnancy to terminate pregnancy. It is necessary to comprehensively consider the scar pregnancy classification, pregnancy time, fertility requirements and other factors to formulate personalized solutions.

1. Drug treatment: not the first choice for scar pregnancy treatment;

2. Qing Gong Shu: Including Under ultrasonic monitoring, Qing Gong Shu and Under -Hysteric Mirror Clear Releasions;

3. Yin -type, open, laparoscopic gestational removal and uterine scar removal, whether to choose the risk of major bleeding requires an auxiliary uterine arterial embolism.

4. Uterine removal, often choices when they save patients’ lives, or patients when they have no fertility requirements.

What are the precautions after the termination of pregnancy?

1. For patients with no pregnancy requirements, long -term and efficient contraceptive measures must be taken: contraceptives, use condoms, internal palace breeding device, skin burial, etc.;

2. It is recommended that patients with scar pregnancy termination of pregnancy, at least half a year to one year before pregnancy;

3. Pre -birth examination on time in early pregnancy, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

We are committed to scientific assessment, accurate treatment, minimizing the trauma of patients, and protecting the health of patients to the greatest extent.

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Text: Zhang Lingdong

Editor: Liang Xiao

Review: Hua Xiaoya Shi Yanxiang

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