I found that I was pregnant after taking the chest. What should I do?

As a little doctor at a reproductive center, Xiaobian often heard such a problem in outpatient clinics: "After taking the chest tablet, I found that I was pregnant! What should we do?! This baby can’t ask?", "ListenIt is said that the radiation of the chest tablet can be large. Can I prepare for the chest tablet? "

Don’t panic, this is not, the hot expert consensus is out, listen to me carefully!

The figure below is a commonly used radioactive test (Table 1). It can be seen in the table that the radiation fetus dosage of the most commonly done chest tablets and cervical spine test belongs to the extremely low dose test (<0.1mgy) chestCT check is a low-to-medium dose check (0.1-10mgy).

Indeed, research has found that in the early days of embryonic development, radiation doses exposed to 50-100mgy will lead to an increase in natural abortion!For early developmental embryos, 100mgy radiation exposure is caused by embryo death!It can be seen that the X -ray radiation dose we usually apply clinically is very small, far from reaching this dose!

There is an internationally recognized "full or no" theory in the early pregnancy, which is aimed at women who have recently been pregnant but worried about the recent X -ray examination or taking drugs.The theory of "all or no" means that in the early pregnancy (before 4 weeks of pregnancy), it was used for medication or received X -ray irradiation. There were only two results on the effects of the embryo: natural abortion or normal growth.In a word, it is natural.Why do you say that?Because in the early pregnancy, the fertilized eggs were split with simple cells, but different cells, tissues and organs have not yet been differentiated. Since the organs are not differentiated, they can not talk about organ malformation. In addition, the fertilized eggs have a self -correction of self -correctionThe function, the cells are split smoothly, and the embryo grows healthy, otherwise it will be eliminated naturally, that is, abortion.

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women who are exposed to radiation within 14 days after fertilization can continue their pregnancy without worrying about their fetal safety.It is not just because the pregnant woman accepts X -ray, it is recommended to terminate pregnancy.

Therefore, there is no need to have a miscarriage after taking X -ray breasts during pregnancy.It is naturally the best choice to do a good job during pregnancy.

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