I found that I was pregnant. His Bai Yueguang brought their five -year -old daughter back

When I was pregnant, twins, when I was about to tell him the news, his Bai Yueguang brought their five -year -old daughter back."My daughter is only five years old, she needs dad, can you give us Song Yan?" Her daughter needs dad, what about my child?My two children.I looked up at him, hoping that he could make a choice, but he twisted his head aside.Later I learned that the children brought back by Bai Yueguang were not her child at all, but the children of Song Yan.One or five years ago, Song Yan and I had a child, but because of physical reasons, I died as soon as I was born. The doctor also said that it was difficult for me to get pregnant.That incident hit me a lot. For a long time, as soon as I saw the child, I would collapse.His parents did not dare to urge me, and he didn’t dare to tell me about his children.Every time he sees the mother and baby shop, he will talk about some other topics to transfer my attention, or take me to bypass.I mentioned divorce, but Song Yan refused to, he said that the child was optional for him. If you really want it, you can adopt it.I know that he actually likes children very much, aside from himself, and he has undergone a lot of pressure at his parents.In the past year, I hid him to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that I had no problem with my body and let me relax, saying that as long as he had no problem, pregnancy was sooner or later.He didn’t have any questions at all, so after he lost his child for five years, I was pregnant as expected, 48 days of pregnancy, and twins.When I heard the doctor say two gestational sacs and confirmed the twin, my tears immediately fell.God took me away from one baby and gave me two.Song Yan would be happy if he heard the news.I didn’t want to wait for a moment, I went to the company to find him with a pregnancy checklist.I drove all the way downstairs in his company. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a tall man holding a little girl. I didn’t know what the girl looked up and asked what the sentence was. The man stopped and squatted and answered patiently.At noon, the sun fell on the face of the father and daughter, and it was extremely beautiful.I think, if it is Song Yan, he will definitely treat our children so gentle.He will definitely be a good father.The woman next to it whispered: "Simi, Dad is very busy, let’s go home first, okay?" "Don’t, I want to be with my dad." The girl was a little willful, holding the man’s arm and refused to let go."Sisi … Dad is going to work now, can you come and accompany you when you get out of get off work?" The man leaned over and hugged the child, but when he turned his head to see me, his entire face froze.He is really Song Yan.But he called his father, but it was not me and his child.He was standing beside him, Gu Ziyi, who had broken up with him.When do they have children?2 "Yuan Yuan …" saw me, Song Yan put the little girl in her arms back to the ground, got up and stood up and walked towards me."Why are you here?" He was slightly nervous and asked, "Are you not going to work today?" "If I don’t come, I can see such a tender picture so." I raised my lips and laughed, but my heart was dripping blood, but my heart was dripping blood.EssenceAs soon as I went to the hospital to confirm my pregnancy, I turned to see that he had a four or five -year -old child."It’s been a long time." Gu Ziyi took the child behind him, greeted me and whispered: "That … the child has to find a dad, I was grinded to take her over.Just take Sisi back first. "" No, the person who should go is me. "After I said this as soon as possible, I turned my head in the car and drove away from the scene.I was afraid that I would collapse in a second.But no matter how tolerated, the moment I got home, I still collapsed.I don’t want to understand why Song Yan and Gu Ziyi have such a big child.The child looks four or five years old.If my child did not die five years ago, it should be so big.The probability of Song Yan and his predecessor is very small.So it is very likely that when they broke up, Gu Ziyi already had his child.The child should not be four or five years old, but five or six years old.I was sitting in the car, looking out the window, tears couldn’t stop falling.What should I do now … What should I do?I lost a child five years ago, and this time I don’t want to lose these two children anymore.So I have to give birth to children anyway.But if they want to share a dad with others?3 Song Yan doesn’t love me, I always know.When marrying him, he said to me, "Since I chose to get married, I will treat you well, but I have a lot of heart in my heart, so Lu Yuan, if you want to love, I may not be able to give you, butI will try to love you. "With his last sentence, I think it is enough.I smiled and said, "It’s okay, I don’t live on love." I don’t live on love, I live by you.At that time, I just felt that as long as I could live with Mrs. Song’s title for the rest of my life, I was very happy.Because from the age of sixteen, he became his wife, and it was my greatest wish in life, and even more than painting.In the six years of marriage, I did not regret it a day.Although Song Yan doesn’t love me, he is a very good husband.He has a mild personality, has no bad hobbies, works seriously, has harmonious family, has a handsome money, and never hesitate to me. More importantly, he does not lack romance.Knowing that I like a sense of ritual, he spent a lot of time when he got married. The scene was arranged to be warm orange I like. From my parents, I found my photos and small videos from small to large.After so many years of care, it will be replenished in the future.The girls at the scene and me were moved with tears.After getting married, he took me to the honeymoon in Switzerland and knew that I liked skiing. I specially found my favorite ski player to accompany me.And every time he was married, he never forgotten and was never absent. In addition to giving gifts, he would take me out to play.I remember last year, he rented a yacht to take me to the sea. We dive together, rush to the sea together, and watch the sunrise at the sea together. He also said that this year’s anniversary will take me to Turkey to take a hot balloon.When a child, he rarely worked overtime that year. He came back from work every day to eat with me. After eating meals, watching movies or walking with me.All these romantic details are vivid, as if something happened yesterday.I sometimes doubt whether he has been in love with me long ago, otherwise why did he spend time doing so much for me?But this idea will always go back at midnight,When he saw him dazed on the balcony alone, he was stifled in the cradle when he secretly looked at his ex -girlfriend’s diary.In the past six years, he never mentioned the name of that person, but the three words never left him.Now she is back and brought back his child.In front of their mother and daughter, he was not comparable to the only sense of responsibility and movement of me. There was no need to blow the wind.What about the two children in my stomach?I have no confidence to compete with her.4 I cried in the car for a long time. When I sorted out my emotions and walked into the house, Song Yan returned.He is carrying my favorite fresh shrimp."Isn’t you eating yet? I bought you the ravioli you love to eat." He put the packaging box on his hand on the table and opened the packaging slowly."Mom said that you went to the hospital for examination today. Is it uncomfortable?" His words in his words were too sincere, and sincerely, I was about to forget. Not long ago, he also shook the city with his former child.I took a deep breath and looked up at Song Yan.Looking at this husband who has been in love for more than ten years and has been in bed for six years, I suddenly feel strange."Is that your child, right?" Actually, there are many more than this question.If not, he would not be able to call himself "dad", nor could he chase it back to explain to me until now, but stopped me on the spot.He lowered his eyes and responded to me with silence.Obviously, silence is the default.My heart sank a little bit.After a while, he explained: "I don’t know what she is pregnant, and she doesn’t know that she gave birth to a child." "So?" I looked up at him.I am very messy now, I really don’t know what to do.Thinking of the children in my stomach, sometimes I hope he can leave their mother and daughter and live a stable life with me.But at the moment they appeared, my life could not be stable."When did you know?" I asked."It didn’t take long for it, just half a month ago." Half a month ago, I suddenly remembered that one night half a month ago, he said that he went to work with me to watch a movie. I bought a movie ticket in the mall.He, he said that there was an important thing for a while.I thought he was working overtime and finished watching the movie by himself.He returned that night before he was late.Since that day, he often worked overtime. At noon, I said that meals had been eaten with him in the past. He always excuses to eat outside.Two days ago, I started to have a pregnancy reaction, and I always vomited. I just started to think that there was a problem with the stomach and stomach. He was discovered by him that he had dinner together the day before yesterday. He said that he accompanied me to the hospital for examination.I was pregnant, and I didn’t wait for him to accompany me to check.All this is actually trace.But because of the six years of getting along, I chose to ignore these details and choose to believe it.I thought I could finally surprise him.Unexpectedly, he surprised me first, so unexpectedly."I will solve it, give me a little time." It seems that he has a deep sense of responsibility for me, so this is the case, and he has not mentioned divorce."I’m tired, go up to sleep for a while." I wanted to ask him how to solve it. I wanted to break the jar and broke a answer that could die.But I held back.I am chaotic now. He should also be in a difficult choice. If I stimulate him, I will only push him to their mother and daughter.It is good to say that I am selfish, and I do n’t know how to know myself, I just do n’t want to be their family.He is my husband now, why do I have to compromise.I also want the children in my stomach to be born in a fulfilling family. I also hope that they will be loved by my father as soon as they are born, instead of being abandoned by my father.5 Song Yan didn’t catch up, and I was relieved a little.I sat in the bed for a while, and I was lying on the bed and fell asleep.I don’t know how long I slept, I was awakened by hungry.I wanted to go downstairs to find something to eat, but heard Song Yan and his mother talking at the stairs."Why don’t you tell me earlier? If she hadn’t called me, I didn’t know she brought a child back." It was the voice of her mother -in -law, with a small voice and a little helpless tone.It seems that Gu Ziyi couldn’t wait anymore, and went directly to Song Yan’s mother."Then what do you have to plan now?" Mother -in -law asked again.I saw Song Yan lying on the sofa decadent, grabbing my hair irritably, and replied: "I don’t know." "I did a parent -child identification, it was yours?"Children, I ca n’t flow out. ”From far away, I ca n’t see my mother -in -law’ s expression, but in her tone, I even heard a trace of happiness. "Yuan Yuan is a good girl, and I have a good girl, and I have a good girl.Well, but because of this, let’s get the Song family. "" Mom, I can’t live up to Yuanyuan. If it wasn’t for their family, "and I married Song Yan, not because he was moved by my many years of liked it.It is because my family helped the Song family through the difficulties, so that his company to go bankrupt will return to life.At the beginning, my dad actually disagreed, because the Song family needed too much holes, and I couldn’t hold on my begging in the end. My dad helped the Song family.I didn’t mention marriage. Marriage was mentioned by Song Yan.He said he would treat me well and repay me with the rest of his life."Mom knows all these mothers know. But we can’t do it, for children, or so, give that woman money, take the child over, you and Yuan Yuan will raise it together." "Instead of it, you are willing to support youHer husband’s predecessor? "Song Yan asked dumbly."What do you do? You can’t forget the righteousness, divorce Yuanyuan and marry that woman home." "I don’t know, I shouldn’t listen to you at the beginning. OtherwiseSong Yan’s words, my heart was tight."Now you blame me. When I asked you to do this, you did not object?" "Am I used to use useful? Wedding is that you set a notification to me. The honeymoon travel is arranged by you. Each holiday anniversary,You all help me prepare a gift for me to give me to Lu Yuan, and even when I get to work every day, you will send me a message to call and bomb, ask me to go home to accompany her. "Yes, continue to say: "As long as I don’t do well, you will use his father to fund our company, saying that I can’t forget the righteousness, say that I want to be good to Yuan Yuan, and say that Gu Ziyi suspects that the poor love the rich and leave.It’s a good girl. I can’t live up to her. "" What can’t say that you can’t live up to her. Mom, you don’t want to cooperate with Lu’s."So this is ah.It turned out that they were nice to me over the years, just because my dad helped them that year, and now I have been helping them.I thought those surprises were carefully prepared. I thought he was really moved by my sincerity and wanted to accept me. It turned out that all this was forced by his mother.In fact, there is no feeling at all.I found that every time he treats me better, I can feel his alienation. Every time I am happy, I can see the sad emotions on his face a little more.Over the years, pretending to like me, pretending to be good for me, he can bear it very hard and pretend to be hard?Vomiting -the stomach turned over the mountains, and I turned my mouth and turned my head to run back to the bathroom in the room, almost spitting the bile.I endured unwell and squatted slowly, for fear of the sudden loss of weight that made me fall to the ground.The stomach came with a hot burns like burning. I panting my mouth, holding my body with one hand, and the other hand holding my neck to relieve a fierce sense of suffocation.Baby, mother is useless.For so many years, even a person is sincere or false.6 I don’t know when Song Yan and his mother left. When I was in good health and went downstairs again, they had left.For the baby in my stomach, I supported two fresh shrimp ravioli bought by Song Yan.The cold flavor of the cold shrimp was heavy, and it was difficult to eat. I barely ate two, and finally spit it out.After vomiting, I didn’t feel uncomfortable, but the whole person suddenly calmed down.There is also an idea in my heart.At the age of sixteen, I thought that my love for Song Yan was as firm as a rock. I thought I would love him as before, no matter how Song Yan treats me.But I now find that letting love disappear is actually a moment, a word.My marriage with him, in this relationship, I have always been a unicorn.But how about that, even if this unicorn sang to death, I didn’t want to be all him and Gu Ziyi.Therefore, the divorce became all of them, and I chose the latter.I pretended not to hear the conversation between Song Yan and his mother, and continued to make Song Yan fall into a dilemma.Because I know very well, if I choose to divorce at this time, it is liberation for him. He may not be grateful for me. It is more relieved, and I can’t let him like it.Thinking of this, I suddenly had a bit of spirit.I opened WeChat to send the news of Song Yan: "Husband, the shrimp you bought for me is cold, but I’m hungry now, can you help me buy another one?" "Okay." Song Yan quickly replied to reply quicklyIt’s me.In less than twenty minutes, he took the dust to the in front of me with fresh shrimp. Under his eager eyes, I ate one by one.But I underestimated my endurance, and I couldn’t help but go to the bathroom and vomited."What’s the matter with your body?" He cared about asking, "Mom said you went to the hospital for examination, what did the doctor say?" "Well, it was checking." I hesitated to look at him, and his eyes couldn’t bear redness, "But now I don’t want to tell you anymore, I’m afraid "" What are you afraid of? "He frowned and asked," What’s the matter? "I took a deep breath and said," I am pregnantIt’s time. "When I said this, I saw the expression on his face a few seconds of mistakes, surprised, and was at a loss.Mr. Song, who has always been happy, has a rich expression on his face at this moment.But there is no happiness."Originally I thought you would be happy … but now I am now ⋯ ⋯ ⋯「 「「, and I asked for a word: "Fortunately, I didn’t tell my parents, let’s deal with it ourselves, and they are sad."Entry is the best way.With my understanding of Song Yan for so many years, he has eaten me.The reason why he listened to his mother was good to me. It was nothing more than owing me. What I could do now is to make him feel that he owes me more.I took out the wrinkled pregnancy checklist from the bag and opened it in front of him. "The doctor said it was twins. I wanted to secretly remove it by myself, but there was no courage.OK? "I guess he won’t let me get rid of the child.The reason why he secretly met Gu Ziyi in half a month is that the cooperation between Song and Lu could not be broken by our marriage."Why do you want to get it?" Song Yan reached out and took the pregnancy checklist. After reading it, his eyes turned red slightly.He hugged me in his arms and apologized: "Yuan Yuan, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry." "I am very happy, you can conceive your child, don’t kill it, will it be born?" "Then you andWhat about her child? "I raised her tearful eyes and looked at Song Yan."I will deal with it." He reached out and patted my shoulder gently, and then helped me sit down again.The time of home has become earlier, and even at noon in the past few days, I will accompany me for lunch.The gallery I worked was not far from the place where he went to work, and driving was ten minutes.In the past, I was entangled to him for dinner. Now my identity is confronted. He will come to me every day.I get along with him as usual, talk about the customers I met today, talk about my paintings, talk about his work, and I have seen good -looking movies in the near future.Child.If you do n’t mention it, it makes him feel that I do n’t investigate it.In this way, it is in sharp contrast to Gu Ziyi, who is forced by day and day.In the past few days, Song Yan accompanied me every day, Gu Ziyi should be very anxious.Several times I saw Song Yan’s phone lit up and dark, one after another, information one by one.Except for a few job calls, everything else is Gu Ziyi.I know that he will still take advantage of his mother and daughter at work.Song Yan, you are more sincere, and you are a bit ruthless about their mother and daughter, and I will not be so disappointed with you.However, Gu Ziyi was not stupid. She knew that Song Yan couldn’t do it. She found Song Yan’s parents.On the weekend holiday, I went back to the old house with Song Yan and saw that the child was there."Her mother said that she would send it for two days, and no one brought it to the child." The mother -in -law was a little guilty, fearing that I was angry.It is said that letting her live and destroy her, and there is really no way. I ca n’t really ignore it. ”Although my mother -in -law said this, although I was helpless,But looking at the child’s eyes was drowned.It seems that children should have been here for several days, and they are very harmonious with Song Yan’s parents.In fact, you can understand.The old couples were more than sixty. When they saw that their peers around had grandson, they began to enjoy the joy of people. They naturally envious.I can imagine that when they took this little girl out, they were praised when they were such a well -behaved and beautiful granddaughter, and the smile on her face was brilliant."Daddy …" When the little girl saw Song Yan, she came timidly and came over, and called softly.Watching her want to rush into Song Yan’s arms, and she didn’t dare to grieve, I felt a little sad.Obviously I should hate this child, because of her appearance, letting me find that my happy marriage was just an illusion, and the two little lives I originally looked into became a joke.But looking at her thin body and the poor appearance of fear, I couldn’t hate her.But it is clear that she hates me very much under her mother’s "teaching".Seeing me walking into the door of the villa, she ran over and hit me: "You bad woman, you don’t let your dad look at me, it is you who let your mother sneak in tears at night, I hate you." "What are you doing?"Song Yan guarded me for the first time, leaned over and grabbed the little girl’s hand, and said lowly: "You can’t be so polite." Gu Siling’s name was so good."Woohoo … Dad is sorry, Sisi is not intentional. Sisi just miss Dad very much." The little girl rushed to Song Yan’s arms, crying and crying.Seeing that the child was crying so much, Song Yan’s parents came over and whispered: "Oh, the child is not sensible, forget it." "Why can’t my father play with thinking, why can’t your father go to school, why another childI want to scold Sisi that no one wants, and Sisi obviously has a father. "The problem of the series fell, and the scene was silent for a while, and no one could answer her question.Realizing the embarrassment of the atmosphere, Song Yan’s mother came over and pulled me into the house.Let Song Yan sneer in my heart, and I sneered in my heart: Whether the child is ignorant, or the mother taught well.8 Because of Gu Siling’s arrival, Gu’s old house, who was originally dead, instantly became lively.In the end, it is a five or six -year -old child. Even if he has just been wronged, he can still laugh very happy when he has just been wronged and encountered fun toys and delicious food.But for a few days, there were many children’s toys in the house, and even the slippery ladder played by children was ready.It’s all pink.Dazzling.Even the Song Father’s face with a glance had a smile and kindness.Maybe, this is the relationship between blood. Even Song Yan’s parents don’t like Gu Ziyi anymore, but there is no way to not like her and Song Yan’s daughter.However, it was not completely because of blood, and I found it for two hours.Aside from the daughter of her love rivals, she didn’t say, as others also felt that she looked good and sensible.For example, if the servant cuts the fruit, she will give her grandparents first, and then eat Song Yan. Finally, she eats her own. If she wants to play toys, she will ask her grandparents if she can play.In front of Song Yan, he will also deliberately find a sense of presence, with a bit of pleasure, which makes people feel more distressing.Looking at their family’s fun, at this moment I felt like an outsider.Oh, it was an outsider, why bother to say.Song Yan also seemed to realize that he was too concerned about his daughter and ignored me. When eating, he kept giving me vegetables and let me eat more.However, because of the bad mood, the original ease of many pregnancy reactions attacked again, and after taking a few mouthfuls, he couldn’t help nausea."What’s wrong with Yuan Yuan?" Song Yan’s mother turned and looked at me, "Remember you didn’t say that the body was uncomfortable to go to the hospital for examination? Check it?" "Well, check it." I wavedWaved and said, "I have nothing wrong." I turned my head to look at Song Yan. The meaning was obvious. If he didn’t want to say, I wouldn’t say it."That … Yuanyuan was pregnant." I talked to Song Yan before talking about this topic before, and deliberately told him not to tell his parents, he said that sooner or later, he had to know."Really?" Song Yan’s mother was pleasantly surprised, and she couldn’t laugh. "Oh, Yuanyuan, you, how can you say such a big thing." When she said this, she still glanced at it intentionally or unintentionallyGu Siling next to eyes.I guess, she should have thought that Gu Siling just rushed over to hit me.After all, there are children in the stomach and no children, which is completely different."What is pregnancy?" Gu Siling looked up naively to look at Song’s mother.Song mother laughed: "Pregnancy is … you have to have a younger brother." Sure enough, Song Yan’s parents were very serious about men and women. Although they said that men and women are the same, it is actually different.I lowered myself: My child has no sister, only my brother who died five years ago.Knowing that it was a twin, Song Yan’s parents were even more happy, and he grinned to the temple with a smile.Why did I come to this trip? In fact, I wanted Song Yan to tell them this.9 The second day after eating the old house of the Song family, Song Yan’s mother suddenly proposed to move over and I live with Song Yan’s wedding room, saying that she would cook for me and take care of my living.Because she was born last year was a dead child, she was particularly nervous now, especially when I was pregnant with twins.If they can give birth to twin sons, they will feel that the Song family is more light.I didn’t refuse, enjoying their care.Because I have a very vicious idea in my heart: the higher the expectations, the more painful the moment I lose.When I was pregnant before, I took care of myself, and I had never troubled Song Yan for a checkup.But this time I learned smartly. Every time I ’s inspection, I excused that I was uncomfortable with Song Yan, and I also coaxed her mother to say," It’s small now, and I can see the gender after two months."Oh, ask what this is, it’s good for men or women." Song Yan’s mother said that she didn’t care, and she said that she couldn’t wait for me to speak, "But we know, we can still give two in advanceA baby is ready. "" I love sour, saying that sour girls, should be a son. "Hahaha, it must be two chubby little boy." Well, no matter the boy and girl, they will not belong to SongHome."If the baby was still five years ago, it should be as big as that girl. In the past two days, he always dreamed of dreams. In the dream, he told me: Mom, I want to be with my brother, I want to be with my brother.I want to be with my younger brothers. "The words obviously sank the mother -in -law’s face. She sighed and held my hand and said," Don’t think about it in the past, you will give birth to the child now.Seeing that little girl, I won’t let her come home in the future. "I continued to pretend to be:" The child is nothing wrong, after all, it is the blood of the Song family.Try not to return to the old house. "" How can that do that. "The traditional thoughts in the mother -in -law’s bones are very solid." When you wait for the confinement, you must go back to the old house. The child is growing there.Bring. "The purpose was achieved, and I lowered my eyes and stopped talking."Rest assured Yuan Yuan, the Song family will not let you be wronged." I didn’t deliberately ask, but I know that since that day, Song Yan’s parents have never asked Gu Ziyi’s children to return to the Gu family. I bought it to the past and bought it for it.Her toy was also sent to Gu Ziyi directly.In order to welcome the two small lives in my belly, they spent time and energy to renovate two large houses, one in the bedroom, and one as a children’s park. The outside park was also dressed as the playground.All are blue, toys are also toy cars and toy guns that boys like."Parents, the child is only more than three months old, you don’t have to be so anxious." "Preparation in advance, just this time is scattered, it is okay to the child in the future." I touched the belly that was slightly revealed, and used the extremely gentle voice.Said, "Baby, grandparents love you so much, you will have to filial piety to grandparents in the future." The couple were very useful, couldn’t hold their mouths, and spent money to prepare for small things.Xu was because Song Yan and Song’s mother always turned around. Gu Ziyi was very dissatisfied and called me out.She came out with her daughter, and the mother and daughter looked pitiful. If they didn’t know, they thought they were the original match."Sisi, call aunt." As soon as I sat down, Gu Ziyi pulled her daughter next to her mouth and asked her to say hello to me."Hum." Her daughter was not big, her temper was not small, she looked at me with a humming, twisted her head over."Sisi is such a sense of spirit, Miss Lu, don’t care." I was too lazy to return to her and asked directly, "If you have anything to say, there is no need to turn around." For so many years, Gu Ziyi hasn’t changed much.She looks cold, her face is thin, and her face looks like a pitiful appearance, which can easily arouse the protection of boys.Song Yan and I are actually a bamboo horse and have known them since childhood.At first I often stick to Song Yan and follow his ass, but since he knew Gu Ziyi, he began to alienate me.After they were together, Song Yan and I were completely alienated, and even good friends had to do it.Just when I thought they were old and old, and when I was under this secret love and unwilling to live for a lifetime, the company of the Song Yan family encountered a crisis, and Gu Ziyi broke up with Song Yan for the future.During that time, I accompanied Song Yan.Accompany him to the airport and watch Gu Ziyi pass the security check.At that time, Song Yan, how could there be a clean and arrogant in the past, full of despair.He cried and asked me, "Have she never loved me?" "Isn’t she loved me, but my status is right?" "Song Yan, I am accompanied you, I will accompany you to Dongshan." SoI ask my dad and ask my dad to save Song.On the day my dad promised to bet on Song family, Song Yan proposed to me and said that he would use it for a lifetime.Six years have passed, and I accompanied Song Yan through the lowest days of the tide. After the rest of his Dongshan, she took the child back and wanted to grab Song Yan back.How can there be such a good thing.But she was as thick as the city wall. She whispered and begged me: "My daughter is only five years old, she needs dad, can you give us Song Yan?" Her daughter needs dad, what about my child?My two children.10 I took the water on the table and took a sip. After a while, I slowly looked up at the man who came in from the outside and asked him, "Song Yan, what do you think? Do I give you to them?"Song Yan shouted, in fact, I really wanted him to make a decision.But I was disappointed again.He twisted his head aside, lowered his eyes and didn’t speak for a long time.I also blame me. I have n’t found him for so many years. Except for work and study, he can be regarded as an idiot at all.Because there is a mother who loves carelessness, many things are that the mother helped him to do it so that he did not know how to solve it at all.To me, he is a deep sense of responsibility and guilt. For Gu Ziyi, he may be more reluctant.Therefore, he spin on both sides and pleased on both sides, but when he and Gu Ziyi met together and needed him to choose, he hesitated.He hopes that both sides should not be harmed, and hope that neither of them will not hate him.But invisible, both of them hurt."I’m tired, do you deal with it yourself." After I left this, I got up and picked up my bag and left.Song Yan did not chase me, but first appeased their mother and daughter, and returned after sending them home.After returning, he apologized to me and asked me to tell him, don’t see their mother and daughter, and said he would solve it.I am tired of this kind of words.How to solve such a big child?So let’s solve the children who are not born.However, I didn’t make trouble with him, so he was arranged between me and Gu Ziyi and me.I felt that he was angry with Gu Ziyi, and he was more gentle to him, and let him look forward to the beautiful life of the child after birth.The twins are heavier than Gu Ziyi’s children.The fifth month of pregnancy, the weather is much warm, and my girlfriend is afraid that I am uncomfortable at home, so I asked me to go shopping.The girlfriend asked: "Do you really plan to give birth to a child, just live with that scumbag?" Looking up at the blue sky above his head, I went back to her: "How is it possible?"Is it warm?Even if the sun is so enthusiastic, I don’t seem to feel a little warmth."It seems that you already have the idea." Girlfriend knew that I had ideas in my heart and didn’t ask much about it. Seeing that there was my favorite milk tea shop on the opposite side, she said with a bright eyes, "Don’t you say you want to drink milk tea? Waiting for me to give me give it to me.You go to buy it. "Without waiting for me to refuse, she ran over and lined up.I want to line up with her. She pushed me and said, "It’s hot outside, you stay in the mall."I was warm and nodded," Okay. "When I entered the mall, I saw a pair of mother and daughter not far from the side.The mother was wearing a white dress, almost dragging the girl through the road."You lose money, why are you so stupid? You ca n’t even fight for children who are not born in my belly. What do I do so much?" "Mom, I’m wrong, I’m sorry." "Go to your dad when you wait,If he doesn’t come back, I will throw you away, and don’t come back. "Regardless of the eyes of the people, the woman was fighting and playing against the little girl, and it was difficult to hear.I was curious to take a closer look, and found that it was not others to implement violence on children, but Gu Ziyi.The girl cried grievily, but did not dare to cry too loudly."Hurry up, don’t be embarrassed." They walked to the other side.A road is separated from the opposite side of Song Yan.I thought that all children were loved by my parents, like me, like Song Yan, but when I saw this scene, I discovered that Gu Ziyi was more terrible than I thought.She gave birth to a child and raised her child.No wonder, the child who is almost six years old is so thin and looks like four or five years old.No wonder, the little girl is always pitiful, even if she sees Song Yan.I thought it was Gu Ziyi that it was because she was not loved by her mother.I was a little sad when I thought of this.During this time, I attracted Song Yan’s parents, and Song Yan came back from get off work every day to accompany me. Did Gu Ziyi treat her so every day?But what does these have to do with me?The little girl is right, but I have nothing wrong?Why am I uncomfortable, why do I sympathize with her?I stood in the place of sting in the place, and my girlfriend bought milk tea and came over. "It’s not for you to go in, what are you standing here." I slowed down and reached out to pick up the hot milk tea she handed in,Laughing: "Isn’t this waiting for you." "Go, buy whatever you want to buy today, sister, even if it is the godmother’s early gift." "Okay, this is what you said." Girlfriend said,The weather is so good and the future life is so beautiful. We don’t need to make our lives a mess because of some unimportant people and things.I think she is right, and I think so too.12 I thought I would never see the little girl again. I did not expect that a week later, I met her at the door of my house.She squatted under a tree and saw me back and wanted to avoid it, but I found it."I saw you, come out." After a while, she trembled and came out."Are you here?" I asked her."Um." She nodded softly, her voice was so small that she almost couldn’t hear."Why come here?" She pursed her lips and didn’t speak, and she looked down in the wrong thing."Do you want to eat cakes?" I was stunned and went out to buy a small cake back.She raised her eyes and looked at me, her big eyes seemed to be peeled with peeled grapes, and she was shining.I have to say that the little girl looks really beautiful, her face is round, her nose and mouth are very delicate, maybe she just cried, the small face fluttering, the eyes of water grapes flickered, and they were so cute.I should have hated her, but I saw this face, but I couldn’t hate it.Song Yan is not a round face, and Gu Ziyi is not a round face. I don’t know who she looks like. The face turned out to be round, but she was thin and her chin was not meaty.If you get a little bit more, a little more cute will be more cute.She stared at my cake for a long time.I walked directly and held his dirty hand and said, "Eat it, you can call your father home when you are full." "Why don’t Dad come to see me and my mother?" She looked up at me and asked:"Is it because Sisi is not obedient? Is Sisi too stupid?" This reminded me a little bit blocked."I will tell you after you eat it." I shook the little cake in my hand.She finally nodded and followed me into the house.My mother -in -law was not here today, and Song Yan also went to work. The huge villa, only me and Gu Siling.She was obviously curious about the strange environment and looked around."Don’t you hate me very much? Why come here?" I asked her.She thought about it and replied, "Actually, I don’t think you hate it, but my mother said that you are a bad woman … but I think you are not bad." "Oh?" I was curious about her words."Because I saw you holding food to feed the stray cat." Her eyes widened, her voice was cute, and it sounded very nice."In the past, my mother saw a stray cat or a stray dog kicked away fiercely, but you didn’t, so I don’t think you hate it." It seems that this little guy not only stayed at the door for a day.Is Gu Ziyi so big?Not afraid that she was abducted by the bad guy."I take you to wash my hands." I remembered the cake box, and the little guy was too dirty.She was a little resistant when she washed her to the bathroom.I said she would not be able to hold her sleeves up, she refused."You will wash your clothes wet like this," I said again."Then I won’t eat it anymore." She turned her head and wanted to leave, and I reached out and grabbed her.The moment I grabbed her hand, I heard her breath.I pulled her sleeves and found that she was a piece of purple.It looks like being purple.My heart was slightly tight, holding up her sleeves on the other side, and even a piece of purple, the legs on my legs, and on my body."She hit you?" My nose was sour and asked softly.She lowered her head and didn’t speak, her tears fell."I’m too stupid, it’s not useful, my mother punished me." The five or six -year -old children, her own flesh, Gu Ziyi, how could she have to do it."Because Dad didn’t go to your house, did you hit you?" I asked again."Um." She nodded, and then looked up at me again, crying and begging, "Auntie, I know you are not a bad aunt, you are a good aunt, can you give us back to us? Mom said that Dad said originally belonged toOur, you have snatched your father, "Gu Ziyi really dare to say."Dad doesn’t come back, my mother blames me, just hit me." "I’m sorry, my aunt is sorry, I know that there are also little younger brothers and sisters in your stomach. If my father go home with us, is it a brother and sister?Will you hit them in the future? "" No. "My throat choked a bit, and then said," Dad is not around you, it’s not your fault, but Dad is too busy, you go back and tell your mother, youWhen he was busy, it would be fine.He will come back."Really?" "Um." I don’t know if Gu Ziyi deliberately sent the child over and performed the play in front of me.But whether it is, she has succeeded.Because of my mother, I couldn’t watch such a small child suffering from abuse, and it was related to me.She won.In fact, she won the day when she returned with her child.It’s just that I don’t accept losses.At about seven months of pregnancy, in the Song family’s family, I was looking forward to it, and I left a paper divorce agreement and a fake miscarriage certificate disappeared into their sight.Song Yan was panicked, looking for me crazy, calling me a message, I would not bother."Song Yan, pretending to love me for so many years, it is very hard. I won’t make you so hard in the future. Don’t find me anymore." Although Song Yan is developing well now, it is almost compared to Lu’s.My parents have the ability to let me live well in a country in the world, and Song Yan has no trace to find it.I live in the family where my parents love, and my brother is very happy.I think my child will be very happy, even if there is no dad.Less than 9 months of pregnancy, the child was born prematurely.Because I had lost a child, my parents and I were careful this time, and realized that I was not right, and my parents were hospitalized for me.They accompanied me and comforted me, saying that this time they would definitely give birth to two children.But I’m still scared.I always dreamed that the child was five years ago. Obviously my doctor told me that the boy died, but I do n’t know why I have always dreamed of being a beautiful little girl recently.With a round face, big eyes.She shouted my mother sweetly and said that she was lonely and had to be with her younger and sisters."Baby, you will bless your mother, right?" I was pushed into the operating room by the doctor.Looking at them a little tight brows, I felt more and more confident."Doctor, please save my baby, and you must save your baby regardless of me." Friends who studied medicine once told me that in fact, when pregnant women produced, they did not say that they would not say.All gynecologists will do their best to ensure the safety of the mother, because the mother and the baby are one, and the baby is not born. Relatively speaking, pregnant women themselves are the complete life.But even so, I just want them to do their best to save my children.Even sacrifice my own life.But in the end, because of too much bleeding, the child still did not keep it, and my life stayed at this moment."Don’t sleep, Yuan Yuan," "Yuan Yuan, wake up, look at your mother, don’t sleep?" In the confused, I heard the familiar voice sounded in my ear, they kept callingMy name, I woke up over and over again.But I’m so tired, it’s really tired.My body hurts, and I can’t breathe my breath.I want to take a good rest for a while, and for more than ten years I like Song Yan, I seem to have not lived for myself. I am always chasing his steps, and even the one that he and Gu Ziyi have interactedIn three years, I have not stopped.I think, if I work harder, if I am better than Gu Ziyi and better study, if I can get the places of the insurance delivery graduate student, will he look back at me?But he didn’t … even if I was admitted to the best art college in the country, he didn’t look at me.Until that day, his parents went to my house with a gift to find my dad and asked my dad to help them.I suddenly noticed.I think, if everything can come back, I must not make the same choice.Children must not want to be trapped in this unhealthy family, so refuse to come to this world.Since they don’t want to, I don’t want to embarrass them.Therefore, when I opened my eyes again, I found that I was 22 years old, and found that I was sitting in the car where I met Song Yan.Suddenly I felt that the sun was warm.Looking at the opposite side, wearing a white shirt and a straight figure, facing his proposal with complex emotions, I directly rejected: "No, I don’t want to marry you, and I don’t need you to try to love me. "I love my family, my girlfriends and friends, and myself, I don’t need your fake love anymore.And I thought that he would be relieved, but he heard that he was red -eyed, and said to me with low eyes, "I’m sorry." "I’m sorry." I smiled bitterly: "Song Yan, your hole is too bigOnce, my dad may not be able to fill in it. "I did not forget the last life. In order to fill in Song’s holes, my dad paid how much he paid for the Song family who was about to go bankrupt.He stayed up late every day and helped Song’s pull -ups, and his hair was white.I was too selfish, and even made my parents worried about my hair for my age."Okay, it’s okay." Song Yan smiled at me, and his tone was relieved.I know, he doesn’t want to marry me at all."Goodbye." I waved farewell to him, thanking him for not asking me, nor did he catch up.In my life, my life was too deep.Re -living, I want to live a better self.After returning home, I reached out and hugged my father, and said to him, "Dad, do we help me? We have no obligation to help them."像 好 好 好 I feel like his child. I saw his ex -girlfriend go to obstetrics and gynecology a few days ago.If you do n’t go out, you should fight this stinky boy. All other women are pregnant and want to marry my daughter, and let us help their family, what is the abacus of Song Lao!In terms of friendship, I really want to give them two more knives. "" Forget it, they are already like this, and they are too lazy to take care of them. Don’t be sad daughter, Song Yan, I don’t feel too good, his mother is too strong, his mother is too strong, his mother is too strong.He doesn’t have much opinion he looks at you by himself. How good can you treat you? In the future, you will definitely meet that better person. "" Well, I know, but I don’t want to get married in the future. I just want to accompany my parents.There are brothers. "" Okay, if you do n’t get married, you will not get married. Dad will raise you to old. "Fairy: When Song Yan 1 received a divorce notice and abortion certificate from Lu Yuan, I thought she was joking with me.EssenceI walked upstairs and found that she took away her things.My parents happened to come back from my hometown and took a lot of their hometown. The chickens and ducks and some ginseng said that when they wanted to supplement Lu Yuan, when they were confinement, they would ask two nanny to take care of the children.Lu Yuan was worried about watching my parents’ interest and looking forward to it, and my throat was slightly choked, and I almost couldn’t speak."What about Yuan Yuan?" My mother looked up at me."Are you sleeping? Let’s get dinner first, let’s call her to eat well." My dad never worried about the trivial matters at home, and he would not care about what to eat every day. After knowing Lu Yuan’s twins, heAfter busy every day, I am either busy preparing their children’s toys and rooms, or to contact my grandfather and uncle, and let them leave some pure and natural food at home.But now, Lu Yuan killed the child."Parent, Lu Yuan, she was gone." When I opened my mouth, I found that my voice choked."Where did you go? Back to my mother’s house?" My mother’s first reaction was Lu Yuan’s home.When my mother said, I reacted, and I ran out of my legs.I drove all the way to Lu’s house and found that their family was not there.Aunt Nanny said that the family accompanied Lu Yuan to go to the hospital to finish the operation today, so she accompanied her to rest abroad.I desperately called Lu Yuan, and finally got her only: "Song Yan, pretending to love me for so many years, it is very hard. I won’t let you work so hard anymore in the future, don’t find me again." Looking at the sentence, look at that sentence, look at that sentence,My eyes seemed to be blindfolded."Lu Yuan, are you retaliated with me?" I held my phone, and my heart couldn’t help shaking.I can’t tell what I feel at this moment. I don’t know if it is more regrets or more angry.I have always felt that I have done a good job in the past six years. I spend time and energy every day to accompany her, and use all the tenderness to her.Even when Gu Ziyi was used to Gu Ziyi, he was not so patient.It is undeniable that most of her reason for her is that her father helped our Song family, she was graceful to me, and I owed her.But in fact, when Gu Ziyi took the child to appear, I already understood that I was not just grateful and owed to Lu Yuan.I don’t want to separate from her, and I don’t want to look back with Gu Ziyi to continue her front.However, she didn’t give me this opportunity.When my parents learned of this, the first reaction was angry.They yelled at Lu Yuan, saying that she was a murderer and killed the children of our Song family."Six or seven -month -old children have taken shape, and they can be produced prematurely in a month. How can she kill it cruelly?" My mother cried and couldn’t accept this reality at all.Yes, the six -month -old child has taken shape. How can she kill them cruelly.But if it wasn’t for me to hate me that she couldn’t forgive, how could she be able to kill her children severely?My parents were going to the Lu family to find out, and I stopped them.I know very well that even if I found Lu Yuan, there was no way.The child is gone.In fact, I originally thought that I had no love for Lu Yuan, but only moved and grateful. In the past six years, I was like a line puppet and was directed by my mother to be good to Lu Yuan.But really because my mother wants me to treat her?Actually not.Six years ago, because Gu Ziyi’s departure and the changes of the company at home, I was emotional and uncomfortable every day. Lu Yuan came out with me.She showed me the painting she painted, and the sunny boy painted was me.The boy who was confident, optimistic, always showing a warm smile on his face was me.She said: "Song Yan I know is the best boy. He will definitely help the family through the difficulties, and he will definitely let Song’s Dongshan stand back through his own efforts." She said, "Song Yan, I am accompanied by you., I will always be with you. "In the past six years, she has been with me, and has left without a day.But now, I return to get off work every day to the huge villa. It is empty, without her hot meals, without her rushing hug. Without her, she has never existed.At this moment, I understand that what I love is not the power of her family, not the two children in her stomach.I love her.Even if she killed the child, I would like to recover her back.She is my wife’s wife, and she is always.I put down my job and let people go to her.I found it for almost two months, and finally found a little eyebrow by investigating the trace of her family.She lives in a small country in Australia.But I haven’t had time to go to her. Gu Siling’s school called me and said that she had an accident at school. Now she is taking it to the hospital and let me go to the hospital to see."Sorry, it’s not my daughter." I hung up the phone hard.I knocked Lu Yuan and left the child and blame them to their mother and daughter.In fact, if it wasn’t for their mother and daughter back, how could Lu Yuan kill the children cruelly.The teacher called over and over again: "Mr. Song, please come over a trip, the child is very dangerous now, her mother can’t get through, we really can’t help it." At this time, I thought, I have lost two children …I think it is my child, and I can’t let her accident.So I went.Standing at the door of the operating room, the doctor asked: "Mr. Song, do you have relatives and friends who are O -type blood, the hospital’s blood storage is insufficient, and the blood from other hospitals will come over for at least half an hour.Yes, I was her father. "I panicked and stretched out my hand, and I suddenly stunned."Wait for the blood of O -type? Why is it O -type blood?" Gu Ziyi said that she was a type A blood, just like me.How can it be type O blood?2 "Children are O -type blood, and there is, direct relatives who can not directly transfuse blood. I will urge the blood bank to regulate blood here again, or you still ask relatives and friends now?"AB blood, our child may be type A or Type B, or it may be AB, but it is impossible to be type O blood.Suddenly I remembered that she had been with Lu Yuan for a few months, and I accidentally saw that her blood type was also O.I have done a parent -child identification, and I am sure Gu Siling is my child.So there was a ridiculous answer in my mind.But now it is not to say these times, but to cure the child first.I contacted the assistant and asked him to call the company O -type blood employees. Ten minutes later, he brought a dozen healthy O -type blood employees.Three hours later,Gu Siling broke away from the danger of life.Gu Ziyi was late, and under my question, she explained everything.Gu Siyi is indeed not her child.At that time, she had no pregnancy after breaking up with me. She regretted it a year later. When she returned to China, she found that Lu Yuan and I were not only married, but also had children.It happened that Lu Yuan was a hospital who had a child to have a child. With a doctor she knew, she bought a doctor, stole the children and Lu Yuan’s children, and changed a dead fetus to lie to us.I finally understood why, Gu Siling always looked inexplicably familiar, but she was not like me and Gu Ziyi.Because she looks like Lu Yuan as a child.However, because she was abused enough year -round, she was much thinner than Lu Yuan when she was a child, so she didn’t look so obvious.Watching Gu Ziyi knelt in front of me for forgiveness, even if she cried with pear blossoms with tears, I didn’t sympathize with her.I called my parents to take care of Gu Siyi, and I went to Australia to find Lu Yuan by plane.As for Gu Ziyi, I want to wait for Lu Yuan to come back and deal with her.I didn’t want to wait for a moment. I wanted to tell her that Gu Siling was our child. The child did not die five years ago and was stolen by Gu Ziyi.Our children are fine.But when I rushed over after thousands of hardships, she saw her cold body.She did not kill her children cruelly, but intended to sneak a child by herself, but after all, these two children were event, so she never woke up again."Lu Yuan, don’t you say that you killed the child? Why lie to me? Why didn’t the child be killed!" At this moment, I really hope that she will kill the child.Because of that, she will not leave."Yuan Yuan, can I take you home? Let’s go home …" I want to leave with Yuan Yuan, stopped by his brother and his father, and they also punch two punching.They didn’t let me take Lu Yuan away, saying that I had divorced her.There is no divorce, I have no divorce with Yuanyuan.We also have a child. A five -year -old child 3 I did not bring Lu Yuan back in the end. She hated me. She should not want to see me. She should be more buried by my parents.But I made a claim to create a cemetery for her, which put her album that she had given me before.She draws me by himself.She likes painting and is very talented.I remember when she was a child, she always said that when she grew up, she would become a painter, but after marrying me, in order to accompany me, she rarely painted. When she lost her first child, she was a little depressed.cry.So I won’t let her draw.It wasn’t until three years later that she slowly slowed down, but it seemed that as her child left, her painting ability was also taken away.She always said that the paintings he painted now did not draw well before.I comforted her and said, "No, it’s still very beautiful." Actually, what I said is true.The paintings she painted really beautiful.After I came back from Australia, I locked myself in the room. I sat on the balcony she often painted and watched the painting board she used before, and the heart was empty.I have heard of it before that the favorite person left, in fact, I won’t feel how sad at that moment. What really sad is that when you return home, sit on the sofa you have sat together, lie on the bed where you have been sitting together,Open the refrigerator and look at the food inside. Seeing what she had left before, at a certain moment, you would feel that he was not there, as if the whole world was dull and unknown, and it would never be clear.At this moment, looking at the painting board she didn’t take away, I finally realized this feeling.4 Gu Siling’s child was discharged from the hospital for half a month, and her parents went to pick up her.I looked at it from a distance, and I was even more sad. I didn’t dare to talk to her, afraid that I would collapse when I opened my mouth.I don’t know what kind of mood to face her, let alone how to tell her that her biological mother is not Gu Ziyi, but Lu Yuan, who was killed by me.Gu Ziyi stepped forward and begged me to ask me to continue Gu Siling’s mother.How can this be.I endured and endured, and I finally said to her, "Go to myself, otherwise I don’t know what I will do." I glanced at her and turned to leave.I am afraid that I will look at her more, and I will do something cruel.Gu Ziyi hated, but I didn’t go well myself.She finally accepted legal sanctions, but what about me?Without legal sanctions, I need to use my life and live in remorse.This is the retribution I deserved.After Gu Siling was discharged from the hospital, I changed her name: Song Jinxi.It is the name Lu Yuan once thought."My name is Lu Yuan. The road of love is so far. If there is a daughter in the future, it will be called Jin Xi. The moral of Jin is near, but cherish, I hope she can meet the boy who cherishes him." Yuan Yuan, our Jin Xi regretfulCome back, how about you?When can you come back?Although I changed her name to my daughter and asked her to return to the Song family, I didn’t dare to have too much contact with her.Because I found that the growing, the more like Lu Yuan, the little round face with the baby’s fat, and the big eyes, and Lu Yuan seemed to be carved out.Why didn’t I find it before?Every time I look at my daughter’s eyes, I miss Lu Yuan a little bit.I always dreamed of Lu Yuan in the minutes I fell asleep at night.Most of the dreams are beautiful, and we were young in our dreams.When she was a child, she was naughty and laughed. She always liked to hold my hand and told me, "Brother Song, you play with me." She likes skipping rope, chess, and sticking to me.She was lively when she was lively, but she was very quiet and serious when painting.Unconsciously, I have learned to draw and even draw her outline.However, as time passed, her appearance seemed more and more blurred.The daughter grows up slowly, but the longer she is, the less similar to her.On this day, I had another dream. Dreaming of me and her back to the age of 22. My mother took me to the Lu family and begged her father to help the Lu family.I dreamed that I called her to come out and proposed to her.But this time, she did not agree.Looking at her fair and serious face, I suddenly burst into tears, and I realized that all this was not a dream. I really came back, and she came back.And we can no longer go back.【over】

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