I got pregnant when I got married, my mother -in -law stretched my face and asked me to do a parent -child identification

“”I became pregnant when I got married. After my mother -in -law knew, her face was pulled.After I was born, I did not let my mother -in -law see the child. I did n’t have it once. Many people advised me. I just do n’t let me see it.HH?

When I graduated from junior high school at the age of 16, I went to work with the workers in the same village to work in Dongguan. Due to the unsatisfactory appearance, in the words of my grandma, "ten miles and eight shortages", instead of being a girl, it is better to say that the boy is more pleasing to the eye.EssenceMaybe this is the reason. In Dongguan, who is young, I have not found an object in Dongguan, not only, let alone get married.In my 30s, I can only marry my husband and the seven aunts and eight aunts every year. The blind date married the husband of the second village.

He was a second marriage. He left with his ex -wife less than three years after he married his ex -wife.Already on the thief boat, I couldn’t get off.I can only grasp the present and get better.

As soon as my husband was married for a month, I had a little symptoms of poor stomach and stomach. I always felt that the taste was wrong. I didn’t care about it. I thought it was a long time outside.Later, the situation became more and more serious, and I felt wrong, and the test results were pregnant.

Newlywed conception is a happy thing, I will take it

The news told her husband, and he was also very happy.Who knows that there was an error in my mother -in -law. When my mother -in -law knew that I was pregnant, I immediately stretched my face. I immediately asked my husband what was going on. It stands to reason that my mother -in -law knew that her daughter -in -law was pregnant, and she should not be like this.

Later, he asked his husband to know that he had been married to his ex -wife for almost three years, and his ex -wife had not been pregnant. They all suspected that her husband had a problem with fertility.And when I got married with him, my mother -in -law felt abnormal. She did not doubt her son infertility, but that my child was unknown.My mother -in -law’s suspicion suddenly stunned me. When the mother -in -law said that her husband was married and divorced, he defeated the bottom of the family, so he had to be wronged. Cai Li was only given 110,000, and his name was "10,000 miles".The house still lives, the furniture is also the same. The man is the same. The difference is that the house is poured back.When I was treated like this, I also responded, like a bunch of garbage, forced to take over.

But when I think of being so old, it is not easy for people to meet my husband, so I can’t bear anything.Unexpectedly, my mother -in -law regarded me as such a person.What’s more, my mother -in -law forced me to do parent -child identification, otherwise the child would not admit it.Her husband also agreed with her mother -in -law’s approach.I really want to kill him.

I can’t bullish them in this way, and also put forward my own conditions: Be a parent -child identification. If the child is not a husband, I am divorced, all the things and money I give me, I will return all the original numbers and leave the house. If the child isMy husband, I am also divorced, I should give me, and I must not be less. I have to give it to me.

I take it away, don’t want to see anyone.

The results of the appraisal came out, and the husband was born.I asked for a divorce, and my husband knelt down and said that he did not agree.I said it was okay not to divorce. We moved out for a single. I do n’t want to see my child with my mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law rolled, crying, two troubles, my husband stood on my side, we moved out

For almost three years, the child is going to kindergarten immediately. He did not let her mother -in -law climb the door once, nor did she see her.As soon as my mother -in -law asked me to do a parent -child identification, I knew that my husband did not say as simple as he said last time.This is why I insist on not going with him.

Many people persuade me to do what the elderly do, and suggest that my mother -in -law will see the child.But I would have to enter the ruler and continue to be a demon.But I know that I don’t want a life of chicken feathers. I think my child has a warm home, a parent who loves him, and can grow up safely and happily. Then I will be this wicked person for a lifetime.

Let me talk about the value of my wicked man?

(The story is fictional, if there is similar, it is a coincidence)

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