I have a bag of cigarettes a day when I am pregnant!For example, the effect of smoking on fetal development

Xiao Zhang was pregnant, but she was also divorced, and she was not attentive at work.I couldn’t control the addiction, one pack a day, so she wondered if the children in her stomach would have anything to do, can the child keep it?

Many people cannot understand the bad habits of Xiao Zhang’s smoking during pregnancy. The first reaction is naturally criticized. For the time being, she should not talk about how much her behavior is. Today, let’s talk about what harm to the fetus.

First, affect the development of the fetal brain

Women smoke during pregnancy sensitivity, and they will harm the body more. Secondly, smoke will affect the blood supply to the fetal brain, thereby affecting the development of the fetal brain.At the same time, nicotine also disturb the migration of brain cells, affect intellectual development. The fetal brain cannot get normal oxygen supply and nutritional supply, and the chance of brain development is very risk.

Second, fetal malformations have a great chance

Studies have shown that smoking during pregnancy causes defects for fetal production to develop by 25%higher than normal. The fetal malformations caused by smoking include limb defects, lip cracks, internal and external feet, skull defects, etc. These are displayed by data.Don’t fortunately think that smoking a pack of cigarettes will not affect the development of the fetus.

Then, affect fetal health

Smoking during pregnancy is the most direct harm to the fetus is unhealthy. There are too many examples of smoking children who smoke during pregnancy.Smoke contains a large amount of carcinogens. These carcinogenic substances cannot be ruined in the mother’s body. Staying in the body, the development of the fetus will inevitably be affected by these carcinogen.No healthy body is too cruel to him.

The fetus will also be dyed with smoking addiction and the risk of carcinogenic cancer. These may be the risk of smoking during pregnancy. Therefore, doctors and the public will repeatedly emphasize that quit smoking and alcohol during pregnancy are proven by high data.

If this situation is like Xiao Zhang, a pack of cigarettes during pregnancy is worried that the child’s development is not normal. Considering whether to stay. Xiaobian’s answer is to go to the hospital for thorough examination, quit smoking, observe more in the later period, and find that the fetus development is found.After there are problems, consider the problem that you want, after all, it is a warm life, and you must be responsible for him.Finally, we also warned the majority of pregnant mothers not to smoke, smoke, no smoking …

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