I have a miscarriage of my second marriage 3 times. After seeing my ex -husband’s wife pregnant, I collapsed.

I found that I was pregnant, and I told my husband Xu Yi as soon as possible. Xu Yi was happy to send this incident in the circle of friends, attracting congratulations from friends and relatives from all walks of life. At night, I received a call from my mother -in -law.He said that Xu Yi called me without answering the phone, and asked why he didn’t tell her such a big thing. I told my mother -in -law: Sorry, I thought Xu Yi told you.In fact, I don’t want to tell her myself. I am afraid that because I am pregnant, my mother -in -law will come to our house. I have a shadow to my mother -in -law. The shadow comes from my ex -mother -in -law.

1. My first failed marriage

I and Xu Yi are both married. Let me talk about my ex -husband. My ex -husband and I are college classmates. He has a house in our local area. When we were in my junior year, we started to fall in love. After graduation, we got married.It’s right.

At that time, I loved my ex -husband, and it was also very stupid. The former mother -in -law said that the new house used his house to go out of our house. In this way, there is no need to buy a house anymore.Now it seems that I am not just stupid, but I am stupid. The consequence of this is that my divorce did not be divided.

When I went to school, my ex -husband was particularly good, and I listened to his mother’s words. At that time, I thought it was filial piety. I especially appreciated the ex -husband. Later, I realized that the ex -husband was a mother Baoman, and he obeyed his mother.

After we got married, the ex -mother -in -law lived in our house. At that time, I opposed it with my ex -husband. The ex -husband said: It was my mother, who did she live with us.After my ex -mother -in -law lived in the house, I was not pleasing to me. It turned out that I had a housework with my ex -husband, but my mother -in -law could not see his son work. He always said that I didn’t do it.It seems that anyone does not go to work.

What’s more, my ex -mother -in -law likes to turn my things. I didn’t have a little privacy at home. I told my ex -husband many times. The ex -husband never said that it was a fuck, but then I simply said nothing.The ex -mother -in -law had a kind of obsession with her son. I didn’t know where to find the recipe from. I boiled the medicine to drink every day. I told my ex -husband that I didn’t want to drink it. The ex -husband only said: My mother is also for you, drink it.

In this way, I was drinking until I was pregnant. When I was pregnant, I explicitly told my former mother -in -law that I was allergic to peanuts. Do not buy peanuts at home.I want to see my reaction. I was hungry when I came back that day. I ate several cakes that caused me serious allergies.When I was taken to the hospital, allergies were cured, but the children were flowing.

Afterwards, my mother -in -law did not apologize. I only thought you were talking about playing. Where did you know that it was true.The ex -husband also guarded his mother, only to say that I did not make it clear.At that time, I really wanted to fight with them, but I held back and went to divorce after I was discharged.

2. Fear of getting along with mother -in -law

Because of this, when I was married to Xu Yi, I made it clear that I didn’t want to live with her mother -in -law. At that time, Xu Yi said that his mother would bring his brother to his brother in another city and would not live with him.We also discussed it. After giving birth to a child, we invited Yuexun, and found a reliable nanny to take the child after confinement.Without the intervention of the elders at home, our life after marriage is also very sweet.

Xu Yi knew that I might be too happy after pregnancy. The reason why he divorced his ex -wife was derailed. At that time, they had a child. After Xu Yi knew that his ex -wife was derailed, he said that he could forgive his ex -wife for the child, but Xu Yi’s brother was afraid that his brother would suffer.He secretly gave the child a parent -child identification. After getting the result, Xu Yi and his ex -wife’s marriage were completely broken.

Third, the plan cannot keep up with changes

My mother -in -law knew that when I was pregnant, I asked Xu Yi to come to take care of me. At that time, Xu Yi said that he didn’t need it, and the mother -in -law didn’t say anything.However, after pregnancy, I did n’t hear the fetal heart after I had a pregnancy test. At first, the doctor said that I would wait, but I still had no fetal heart after two weeks. I went to the hospital for examination.Essence

At that time, the uncomfortable in my heart could not be speechless. This was my second child, and I still didn’t keep it, and she shed tears quietly in the hospital.Xu Yi was uncomfortable, only comforted me to say that it was okay, and there could be children in the future.

After staying at the hospital for two days home, I saw my mother -in -law’s shadow in the kitchen. I guess it was Xu Yi asked her mother -in -law to come to take care of me.My mother -in -law saw me and said: Jiajia, you are back, you go in and rest, this little confinement is not enough.

To be honest, I still don’t want my mother -in -law to come over. In my heart, I lived very much with my mother -in -law.Xu Yi’s mother is a very qualified person, not like her ex -mother -in -law, but I still think she is stressful to live together.That night I thought my mother -in -law went out for a walk. I told Xu Yi that he asked him to find a way to send back his mother -in -law. Whoever knew something and heard a voice outside the door.There was no explanation. The next day, my mother -in -law said that there was something at home, and we had to go back first to let us take care of ourselves.

Fourth, get pregnant again and accident

I was pregnant again in a few months. At that time, Xu Yi and I were very happy, but this time we didn’t tell, and I wanted to wait for the fetal heart.However, God made a joke with us. This time, there was still no fetal heart, and I had to choose to flow the children again.Although Xu Yi has been comforting me, I have been unable to pass by. Often, I often quarrel with him because of this, and the atmosphere at home has also changed from the original sweetness to depression.

At this moment, Xu Yi was sent by the company to work overseas. At least it took a year to go. I knew the news and quarreled with him.Are others pregnant?At that time, Xu Yi was very angry, and he left the luggage. I knew that I had no choice but to talk about his pain. His ex -wife was a child who was born with others.

Fortunately, Xu Yi did not really get angry with me. After that, I sent me a message to call me as usual, but I seemed to be interested in everything. I imagine which woman can accept several pregnancy.fact.

Fifth, seeing my ex -husband’s wife holding a pregnant belly, this scene deeply stabbed me

Once I saw that I sent a circle of friends with my ex -husband’s co -friend. The ex -husband was holding his wife, and my ex -husband’s wife was holding a big belly. This scene deeply tingled me. At this time, Xu Yi also called.I was immersed in that scene, and I didn’t know what I said to Xu Yi at all.

I think why the ex -husband’s family is so bad, he can still have children, and me and I have such a good person with Xu Yi, why do you encounter such a thing, the more he wants to get angry, and think of what his ex -mother -in -law hurts me.Now I ca n’t get pregnant normally. I have a lot to do with my former mother -in -law. How can I make their family better?

In this way, I was caught in extremes. I lay at home for a day. I thought about it. I was going to find a account for my ex -husband’s family.I was in a wrong state and asked his mother to see me.

My mother -in -law saw that I walked out angrily and asked me where I was going. I was very angry at the time and only said: I don’t need to manage it.I was in a hurry to run out. My mother -in -law saw that I had a bad condition. I held me and said I would talk to me.Think about it now, but fortunately she took me at that time, otherwise I didn’t know what I would do.

6. My mother -in -law’s arrival made me out of trouble

After my mother -in -law pulled me home, I made some food for me, and pulled me to watch TV with her again. We just sat on the sofa and talked with each other. It may be that the emotions of those two days were too nervous.I fell asleep after a while.After I woke up the next day, I found that I fell asleep on my mother -in -law’s leg on the sofa.

At that time, I cried. My mother -in -law scared and asked me what I cried. I said that I would like to call you a mother. Is my mother -in -law said that I was your mother, you are Xu Yi’s daughter -in -law, and my child.

This is the first time I have felt my motherly love. I have my parents myself, but they gave all my love to my brother. I was perfunctory about my business. Under the planning of family planning, I was successfully given to my uncle and a child.I do n’t bother them, it is not important to get married.

Later, I told my mother -in -law that I was miscarriage by my ex -mother -in -law. After listening to it, my mother -in -law took me to see Chinese medicine. I also said that if I was pregnant, I would not be pregnant again like the last time.You can live without a child.

I also asked my mother -in -law why she was so good to me. My mother -in -law said: Is it good for my son to be good to you? You’re fine.After listening to it, I felt warm and felt that I was really lucky. I could meet such a good mother -in -law, and I slowly came out of extreme emotions.

When Xu Yi returned, the mother -in -law had been back. He saw that the relationship with my mother -in -law became so strange that I told others that they would always change.

Later, I became pregnant again. I told my mother -in -law that I was afraid that I would be like before. My mother -in -law said that I do n’t worry about letting go of my mentality. If it does n’t work, I will give you a child.A mother can understand my daughter -in -law like this. I really think that the pattern of my mother -in -law is not ordinary. Fortunately, this time I care about it. After a few weeks of pregnancy, I had a fetal heart, and I cried at the time.

In October, the child was finally born. I called my mother. My mother just asked me to pay attention to my body. I didn’t even look at it. The outside of the delivery room was that Xu Yi and my mother -in -law were guarding me. After the child was born, the child was born.I invited my mother -in -law to live at home. Although I invited a nanny, I felt that my mother -in -law was more at ease.

Later, I heard that my ex -husband’s wife had a daughter and suffered from depression. How could such a family not depressed, I knew that I should be depressed at the time. FortunatelyGood life.

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