I have been lying on my left side after pregnancy, but I can’t sleep at all. Do I still lie on my left side?

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After pregnancy, the life of expectant mothers does not say that it has changed dramatically, but it is impossible to say that it is unchanged.Take the sleeping posture, everyone has their own sleeping habits. Some people are used to lying down to sleep, and some people like to sleep on their stomachs, but no matter what posture, they will be unified into a posture after pregnancy and sleep on the left side.

However, you can often see the complaints of many pregnant mothers in the background, some say that the left side sleeps on the left side, which makes them feel uncomfortable, and some say that the posture of the left side cannot sleep at all.Do I have to sleep on my left side during pregnancy?

Compared to lying or lying on the stomach, the side sleeping position is more suitable for women during pregnancy, especially the left side.When the pregnant mother’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, the two postures of lying and lying on their stomach are not a good choice for expectant mothers.

Needless to say, the pregnant mother can understand how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the stomach, and the weight on her body may be pressed on the baby.When the baby in the stomach is getting bigger and bigger, lying on the sleeping position will press the weight of the entire uterus on the back. If the pregnant mother has a manifestation of back pain and hemorrhoids, it will worsen.So sometimes the back pain of the pregnant mother is also related to the sleeping position.

Sleeping on the left side can ensure good blood circulation, and it can also provide nutrition to the baby to more smoothly.In addition, sleeping on the left side can also improve the right rotation of the uterus and avoid the performance of hypoxia in the fetus, which is more conducive to growth.For pregnant mothers, it can also improve the swelling of the body.

For pregnant mothers who are not used to sleeping on the left, there are three small tips here, which may help everyone.

Sleep on the left side to watch the timing

To sleep on the left side, it is not required that pregnant mothers will execute immediately after knowing that they are pregnant.In fact, sleeping on the left side is more suitable for the third trimester, and it is also available in the second trimester.During this period, the stomach of the pregnant mother had been protruding, and she couldn’t even bend over. The baby’s baby became particularly noticeable. It is recommended that the pregnant mothers start to sleep on the left side.This can reduce the compression of the uterus to the body, and also reduce the symptoms of shortness of breath of the chest tightness of the pregnant mother.

Sleeping position can change

After waking up, some pregnant mothers will find that they are not sleeping on the left side, and they will be worried that if you use other sleeping positions, it will hurt your baby.In fact, it is difficult to maintain the same sleeping position for a long time, so if the pregnant mother sleeps on the left side before going to bed, it does n’t matter if you find that you change your sleeping position after waking up.Then restore the left side to sleep.After such a period of time, pregnant mothers will also find that they have adapted to the left sleeping position.

Use one pillow while sleeping

I feel that sleeping on the left side is particularly uncomfortable, and expectant mothers can try to add a pillow while trying to sleep.After lying on the left side, put a pillow between your legs. You can also use a professional pregnant woman’s pillow to complete this posture. You will feel that it will become much more comfortable.This is also the most suitable action for pregnant mothers. It can also reduce the compression of both legs, ensure the smooth blood circulation, and improve the quality of sleep.

How long did you use to adapt to the sleeping position on the left side?


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