I have been married for three years and have no pregnancy. I want to monitor whether I have ovulation. Do I use ovulation test strips?

Xiao Gong has been married for three years. Although he has been actively preparing for pregnancy, the baby has not appeared late, and the two husbands and wives have broken the two husbands and wives.Xiao Gong’s husband was worried that he was his own problem. He went to the hospital to do a detailed examination without finding the problem. When he returned home, he advised Xiao Gong to go to the hospital for a examination. Xiao Gong, did not want to go to the hospital.Sorry, and trouble, I thought about alternatives.

"Simply, I buy an ovulation test paper to see the test value. If it can ovulate, don’t it mean that there is no problem?" Xiao Gong told her husband.

So, this approach of Xiao Gong is not scientific?

Let’s first popularize the scientific principles of ovulation test strips.

Normal women ovulate every month. After a ovarian matures in the ovaries, it is discharged from the ovaries and transported to the uterus through the fallopian tube.A egg is in the uterus, suitable for fertilization for about 24-36 hours after ovulation, so it is easy to conceive 2-3 days before ovulation and 1-2 days after ovulation.

One or two days before women ovulate, the lutein will rise to a peak, and it will stimulate ovulation. Ovulation test strips can detect the changes in the content of luteal in female urine, so as to determine the ovulation time and women’s menstruationThe "safety period" in the cycle achieves the purpose of choosing the best time to conceive or "safety period" contraception.The best time to collect urine with an ovulation test paper is from 10 am to 8 pm after menstruation.

Specifically, women like Xiao Gong suspect that they do not have normal ovulation. In order to verify, use ovulation test strips to detect. This self -service detection method is not accurate, because ovulation test strips are mainly detected by luteal formation.Indications, regardless of whether there is an egg in the end, women’s lutein will rise.

There are also some women. Even if the follicles are mature, they may not be discharged. It will continue to grow up to form luteal cysts, and some will shrink.Therefore, if you want to monitor it, to see if you have ovulation, the most accurate way is to go to the hospital. It is more intuitive and accurate through the B ultrasound. You can also see if there are mature follicles development and whether it can be discharged.

There are also women who often confuse ovulation test strips and early pregnancy test strips, and the ovulation test strip cannot detect pregnancy.If you want to know if you are pregnant, you need to test it with early pregnancy test strips.Generally, 14 days after the same room, monitoring with early pregnancy test strips will be more accurate.Of course, a more accurate method is to diagnose HCG and B -ultrasound at the hospital.

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