I have been pregnant for four months. What’s wrong with insomnia at night?4 methods to relieve it

Many expectant mothers often have insomnia during pregnancy, which makes many expectant mothers nervous. What causes?

1. When the expectant mothers are about to give birth, many expectant mothers will have cramps, and it is still cramps in the middle of the night. The reason for cramps will cause the quality of sleep to reduce the quality of sleep. The cause of cramps is mainly dueThe posture when sleeping is incorrect.

2. It may be caused by the usual eating habits of expectant mothers. Some expectant mothers are used to drinking coffee, and drinking coffee is also refreshing, so drinking coffee at night will affect sleep quality.

3. Due to the increase in hormones in the body, because expectant mothers will be more sensitive to mental and psychological mentality and psychology during pregnancy, so hormones in the body are constantly changing, and insomnia or depression may occur.

4. Because expectant mothers eat something, they cause allergies, and allergies will reduce their immune system, and it is likely that insomnia will occur.

1. expectant mothers should control their diet reasonably.

Expectant mothers must not eat very full at night. Although during pregnancy, the nutrition of the fetus needs to be provided by mothers, so expectant mothers should eat more during pregnancy.If you provide a little nutrition, eat a lot, and after eating a lot, you may have a certain impact on your stomach. The food you eat cannot be digested in time, so that insomnia will occur.Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers should eat less meals, and they cannot eat three hours before going to bed.

2. expectant mothers need to supplement calcium in time

During pregnancy, expectant mothers are prone to calcium deficiency, and if the expectant mothers are deficient in calcium, cramps and insomnia will occur in the middle of the night. Calcium deficiency may also cause their liver function to slowly decrease.It is easy to occur early.Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers should add more calcium and eat more calcium -containing substances.

3. expectant mothers should exercise more during pregnancy

During the pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body is in the era of the largest load. Therefore, expectant mothers should do some exercise appropriately, so that they can not only make themselves unwilling during pregnancy, but also improve their own immune system.Essence

4. expectant mothers should maintain a pleasant mood every day.

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