I have confirmed that I am pregnant, but what should I do if progesterone is low?

Q: Symptoms of low progesterone?

If there are low progesterone before pregnancy, it means that women are prone to infertility.Symptoms of low progesterone are external manifestations as: thyroid dysfunction, fiber cystic breasts, gallbladder disease, hypoglycemia and other symptoms are not easy to find; there will also be symptoms such as irregular menstrual cycle, weight gain, vaginal dryness, breast tenderness and other symptoms.If you are more careful, you can find it. If you find that these troubles should go to a professional hospital in time to hear the opinions of doctors.

However, after pregnancy, the progesterone is low, and the most commonly occur is a threatened abortion. This is because the progesterone secretion will cause the fetus instability. Therefore, if the pregnant woman does not pay attention at this time, the fetus may cause abortion orIt’s premature.

Question: What are the reasons for low progesterone?

There are a few about the officially introduced causes:

1. Lutectal dysfunction, ovarian luteal dysplasia, progesterone content decreases accordingly.

2. Severe dysfunction of adrenal glands and thyroid dysfunction can also affect ovarian function, cause ovulation disorders, and decreased progesterone content accordingly.

3. Insulin resistance in the body.

Q: What should I do if progesterone is low?

Hospital treatment

The cause of low progesterone is caused by disease factors. Therefore, it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for relevant examinations in time to clarify the pathogenic factor, so that the symptoms can effectively achieve the purpose of cure diseases.

Generally, a progesterone will be checked in about one month of pregnancy. Once the progesterone of pregnant women is found, the doctor will take the initiative to tell you and provide you with a method of tire protection.When the progesterone value is checked, doctors will prescribe drugs supplemented with progesterone, or supplement machinone needles to pregnant women.

For injections, most people can be cured in more than 10 days.Eat athlete tablets, according to the recovery of the pregnant mother itself, doctors will give long -term observation and suggestions.

Pregnant mothers with low progesterone can also choose to see the medical hospital for medical treatment, and adopt the combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine for tire preservation.Some people also suggest that you can drink more soy milk, supplement hormones, and adjust the condition of hormone imbalance in the body, which will help to improve the progesterone value of pregnant mothers.

Food adjustment

Pregnant mothers can also adjust their progesterone values through the method of diet, and consume the ingredients that contain rich soy isoflavones and natural e -E from food. For these ingredients in food, they can help pregnant mothers produce more.Weltone.

Preparation of pregnant sisters to eat some fruit with glue and rich dietary fiber can also help replenish progesterone, such as: kiwi, strawberry and other fruits to help women supplement vitamin C and vitamin E in the body, which can assist progesterone to normal levels.

Reminder 1: If the pregnant mothers are low, they must be recuperated in the first three months of pregnancy. Do not do physical work, do not tired, and rest in bed.If you see red in your lower body during pregnancy, you must not take it lightly. You must go to the hospital for examination in time, especially pregnant mothers with a history of abortion.In addition, if the progesterone value is less than 25 and there is no fetal heart, the comprehensive doctor recommends whether to abandon the fetus, because most of this situation is caused by poor embryo development, and high -quality embryos must be survival of the fittest.

Reminder 2: Many pregnant mothers now encounter low progesterone, so pregnant mothers do not need to be too anxious, which may be related to people’s food habits now.When the pregnant mothers encounter this situation, they must listen to the doctor’s order, but at the same time they must be confident, and the vitality of the fetus is also tenacious.While trying to protect the fetus, you must also be prepared to be inadequate.Excessive worry also affects the mood of pregnant mothers.

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