I have found that nephritis has been divorced in half a year. What is nephritis?Does it affect pregnancy?

When I watched Mango TV’s "Eating in the Spring Day" a few days ago, Lu Ying said in the interview that she had found nephritis for half a year when she got married. To do puncture, it may affect fertility problems. The ex -husband made a divorce request.After watching it, I would break people’s defense, and I felt distressed by my sister.

Many people think that nephritis is difficult to cure or is not cured, and it is really terrible to have nephritis that cannot be pregnant?What is kidney puncture?As a clinical pharmacist who has been working in the kidney for many years, he will talk about "nephritis" today.

Nephritis is not an independent disease, but a general term for a major type of disease.It can be divided into a few or even hundreds of them according to its type.

According to the cause, it can be divided into two types: primary and secondary: primary nature: nephritis that are unknown for various reasons, generally the consequences of perverted reactions (that is, immune); secondary nature: These people generally suffer from other diseases with other diseases, And then affect the kidneys, such as diabetes, lupus, hepatitis B, etc., causing kidney damage.In addition, drugs, infections, toxins, etc. may also cause.

Different types of nephritis are very different in manifestations and treatment and ending.Because of this, a comprehensive examination should be made during the diagnosis, the types are made clear, and the targeted treatment should be performed.

Whether female nephritis can have fertility should be judged according to the condition that some nephritis such as chronic concealment nephritis and mild renal diseases, only a small amount of protein urine, no hypertension and renal dysfunction, which can be tightly observed and regularly examined.Therefore, specific analysis should be analyzed.

Kidney puncture biopsy is a common way to clarify the cause of kidney disease, referred to as kidney wearing.

Many patients are worried before doing it, because they do not understand the connotation of biopsy in Dao Stomach.In fact, the puncture needle is inserted into the kidneys and took a little kidney tissue for pathological examination. It was performed under the "surveillance" of the B -ultrasound.

Although it is a creative operation, it has been carried out for a long time and has a mature technology.After some patients are punctured, there will be symptoms such as hematuria, low back pain. After drinking more water and sufficient rest, most of them will improve, and follow -up will not affect normal life.

Lu Ying in the show did not have a marriage examination, and usually did not have regular medical examinations, so he did not discover the emergence of nephritis in time.

In fact, patients with nephritis may have some "early warning signals" in the early days. Pay attention to observation in life that may be discovered more in time.Beduria (strong tea color or meat washing water sample) proteinuria (increased urine foam) lower limbs/eyelid puffiness, dizziness, fatigue, severe cases of anemia backache, increased number of night urine, low urine, hypertension, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Many people think that nephritis is difficult to cure or is not cured. In fact, this is a misunderstanding.Not only can nephritis can be cured, but most of them can be cured or relieved.

The treatment plan is mainly based on the type of kidney pathological, and different types of treatment methods will be different.Generally speaking, the treatment of nephritis mainly includes the following aspects:

如 Control symptoms: such as low -salt diet, water limit, diuretic, etc.

用 reduces inflammation: The commonly used drugs that suppress immune, such as hormones, cycloidamide, etc. It should be pointed out that such drugs have strong side effects or side reactions. The dosage and use time must be strictly grasped.use.

Prevention and treatment of complications: nephritis is easy to combine infection, thrombosis, hypertension, etc. During the treatment, you need to pay attention to controlling blood pressure and correcting hyperlipidemia.

“2022””Everyone pays attention to kidney health”

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