I have not been menstruation after childbirth. How can I get pregnant in the same room?

Recently, Xiaobian saw a message from a fan in the background of the public account, saying that he had just given birth to a child for 8 months, but he did not expect that he was pregnant with a second child.

I thought that as long as the menstruation did not come, I would definitely not be pregnant, so I did not take contraceptive measures. I was in the same room with my husband several times. Where did I get it?

Many Baoma has some misunderstandings in "postpartum contraception" for granted:

"Just after giving birth to a baby, the uterus hasn’t recovered yet, it should not be pregnant."

"If breastfeeding is fed, it is not easy to get pregnant."


However, this is not the case.It is not uncommon to get pregnant during breastfeeding during breastfeeding!

Don’t think that you can do no contraceptive measures during the same room during lactation!This is very easy to cause unexpected pregnancy!

Baoma is not breastfeeding every moment, so it is not enough to completely suppress ovulation.Many Baoma "recruited" again shortly after giving birth, but because of poor physical conditions or other factors had to go to "abortion", it suffered a lot of unnecessary sins.

Especially the mother -in -law of the cesarean section, the wound of the uterus itself has not been cured, and it is more likely to cause damage during the flow of people. One does not pay attention, the uterine perforation, intestinal tube rupture, and big bleeding may come to the door.So I especially remind Bao Mom that after giving birth, you have to worry about it.

First of all, it is clear that the end of the dew is not equal to physical recovery.

Although the start time of applauding after giving birth is not clearly determined, doctors generally recommend that they will be carried out after the reproductive organs are restored, otherwise the same room will be premature, which will easily lead to female infection.

Theoretically, the suitable time for the same room is: 2 months after delivery, 3 months after cesarean section.

If you cannot make accurate judgments on your body, go to the hospital for examination, and then applaud according to your personal circumstances.

Except for Ms. Chen, a mother who has an unexpected pregnancy, a family of multiple plans may be very urgent about pregnancy.

But remind everyone here, don’t worry.

The recommended interval for postpartum pregnancy is more than 2 years. This can reduce the mortality rate of maternal mothers by about 30%.

In particular, the first child is a woman with a cesarean section. If the embryo accidentally wraps the bed at the uterine incision during the cesarean section, it is likely that the maternal bleeding will be caused, and the uterine resection will be used to save their lives.

Therefore, no matter whether there is a re -pregnancy plan, contraception should be paid within one year after giving birth to maintain the reproductive health of mothers.

Not recommended!

If you are breastfeeding, it is not recommended to take the contraceptive pill for contraception.Most of the current contraceptives, the main component contains estrogen hormones.After taking estrogen hormones, it will inhibit the secretion of milk, and the hormone of contraceptives can still enter milk, which will have a bad impact on the health of the baby.

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