I haven’t felt fetal movement after 20 weeks of pregnancy. What happened to the baby?Many novice mothers have misunderstood

When many mothers during pregnancy are communicating together, they often talk about an important topic when they are moving.On the one hand, it is because pregnant mothers feel that it is finally clear that this is a life, and he will move.

Everyone will feel very excited, excited, or feel a little nervous, strange; of course, there are also some mothers who are more confused.In short, the pregnant mothers and mothers at this time will always have various, complicated, unparalleled moods and communicate with each other.

On the other hand, it also shows that mothers feel their babies through fetal movements, understand whether the fetus is healthy, and can interact with them, communicate, and cultivate feelings very important and not many means.No matter what kind of feelings you are, for what reason, come and take a closer look at the overall feeling of fetal movement ~

The most straightforward understanding of fetal movement is that the fetus in the mother’s belly’s activity is considered as fetal movement.For example: exercise to exercise and coordinate the muscles in growth, there are also daily activities such as turning over, changing their positions, and sucking their fingers because they feel uncomfortable.The feeling at the beginning is very much like the feeling of fish swimming or floating by feathers. It is an important indicator for reflecting the state of the fetus!

The number of fetal movements and weakness in one day and night has a certain regularity (similar to the habit of biological clocks).Usually, the fetal movement is even uniform at 8 to 12 am, at least from 2 to 3 pm, and gradually increase after 6 o’clock, and it will gradually increase after 6 pm. It is the most active in the evening.

There are five fetal movements in a relatively obvious time. These times are often more active in the baby, and the fetal movement is more obvious.Pregnant mothers seize five critical time points to help them better feel fetal movement.They are: before going to bed at night, after eating, taking a bath, talking to the stomach, and when listening to music.

However, due to the large difference in individual fetal movement, the fetal movement count of the day cannot scientifically reflect the fetal condition.Therefore, it is recommended that mothers: It is best to observe the changes daily and persist in the record to effectively reflect the baby’s situation.

For most pregnant mothers, from 18 weeks of pregnancy, mothers can feel fetal movements one after another, and they will increase their number in the future.The peak of Da Da from 29 to 38 weeks then decreased slightly.Among them, the tires feel the fetal movement around 18-20 weeks. If you are a second child, you may feel the fetal movement at 16 weeks or even earlier.

1. From the 8th weeks (2 months): The fetus will start activity (fetal movement), and at this time the spine has also begun to perform minor movements.But at this time, the activity was too subtle, and the pregnant mothers could not know it.

2. From the end of 16 weeks (4 months): The completely developed limbs will start to move active. Usually, at this time, the mother can feel the fetal movement, but some people may still not know what it feels.

Many expectant mothers say that the earliest fetal movement feels like around the navel, like fish swimming or wings are dancing, or they are gurgling and vomiting bubbles; they are often mistaken for indigestion, flatulence, or flatulence, or flatulence orCaused by hunger.

3. At 20 weeks (May of pregnancy): The fetal movement is active. At this time, the baby is not as long as the longest space in the uterus, so the fetal movement is the most.Second-rate.Specific mothers can feel that there are often small hands and feet that are similar to babies in punching and kicking, and they can often see small hands on their belly.

4. From 32 weeks (8 months): The most number of fetal movements can be increased to 375 times. The number of daily fetal movements may be between 100 and 700.After 32 weeks, the fetus gradually occupied the entire uterus. The space was limited, and the movement was obviously limited, but the fetus occasionally made a hard blow.

For example, when the head of the fetus hitting the muscles on the pelvis bottom (at this time, the fetal position has changed, and the head is preparing for the childbirth and birth of the baby), you will suddenly feel that you are heavy.I don’t know what kind of fetal movement you feel your baby recently?

Mom, do you first noticed the baby’s fetal movement for the first time?What kind of mood did you feel at the time?Make a message in the comment area below to share your pregnancy.

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