I heard that washing teeth was not good for teeth?Wrong, don’t fall into these three teeth misunderstandings anymore

Teeth are not the sturdy we think. With a little attention, various health problems will occur.The plaque in the oral cavity is piled up from more than 800 bacteria inside, and the brushing can only be cleaned up 70%. The remaining cleaning is not thorough.General material -dental stones.The formation of dental stones can easily cause periodontal disease, which further affects the health of the whole body.

1. Increase risk of nephritis and coronary heart disease.Studies have found that after the pathogenic bacteria of periodontal disease enters the blood circulation, diseases such as glomerular nephritis or bacterial heart endometritis will occur, and it is easy to cause coronary heart disease.

2. The more severe the periodontitis, the worse the lung function.Once the pathogenic bacteria are inhaled into the lungs, or entering the blood circulation through small ulcers in the mouth, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (chronic obstructive pulmonary) acute attacks will be induced.

3. It may cause premature birth.Detainers during pregnancy are likely to cause premature birth. It is recommended to see the dentist before preparing for pregnancy.

4, indigestion.Dental disease can easily make the teeth off early, and the lack of teeth will lead to a decrease in chewing function and cause indigestion.

The dental stone is relatively stubborn and cannot be removed by brushing the teeth.In an online interview with family doctors, the chief physician of the Southern Medical University of Southern Medical University said that it should use the upper and lower cleansing equipment to remove the upper and lower bacterial plaque and dental stones with the gums, and polish the dental surface, prevent the tooth stone and then precipitateEssence

Washing your teeth regularly, you can bleed gums, loose, and treat diseases such as periodontitis.Wu Bun’s proposal suggested that patients with gingivitis do cleaning every six months or a year can effectively maintain periodontal health.

There are many misunderstandings about washing teeth and dare not try. In fact, washing the teeth is not terrible. The following facts tell you the truth.

1. Washing teeth is equally important as brushing

The thorough cleaning of the oral cavity cannot be done by brushing alone. Brushing will only treat the "junk" on the surface, and regular tooth washing can ensure that each hidden corner can be completely cleaned.

2. Washing your teeth without hurting your teeth

Many people feel that tooth washing can make the seams larger and the teeth are loose.In fact, tooth washing is the purpose of using ultrasonic to break the dental stones to reach the purpose of removing the dental stone, and it does not cause tooth damage.The larger tooth seams were removed by the illusion of the original tooth stone. Similarly, the loosening of the teeth was because the support of the dental stones was normal, so it was normal.The problem, but the gums will shrink more and more, and the problem will become more serious.

3. Washing teeth can only restore the color of the tooth itself

Many people will be curious whether to wash teeth whitening teeth. The fact is not possible. Washing the teeth only removes exogenous attachments such as plaque, pigment, and dental stones on the surface of the teeth.

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