I know if I am pregnant in a few days?Generally at this time, but you cannot make a conclusion

In real life, many people rely on menstruation to determine whether they are pregnant. In fact, this is not reliable.The late menstrual period may be related to the physical factors, such as the usual pressure, abnormal diet, uneven nutrition, often staying up late, or often lost their temper, etc. It will affect the menstrual period.Of course, it may also be related to pregnancy.If the menstrual period is very regular, the menstrual period is not yet available, and the possibility is considered to be pregnant.If menstruation is more disordered, you cannot judge pregnancy by menstruation.Generally, menstrual delay is 1-2 weeks, and it is easy to judge whether you are pregnant.

In addition to judging the menstrual period, you should also cooperate with the performance of early pregnancy to observe and judge. For example, the vomiting phenomenon that everyone knows, especially when you get up in the morning, will cause retching, nausea, or nausea for greasy foods.There is also easy to get tired, want to sleep, and don’t want to move.There will also be some people’s appetite changes. If you do n’t eat things, you like to eat, and you do n’t want to eat it, or you will have appetite and so on. However, these performances basically occur after 6 weeks.EssenceThere is also a way to conclude that pregnancy is that the body temperature will be higher than that of the usual period. It is maintained at high temperature, and it has not dropped for 18 days or longer, which is basically pregnancy.

Of course, going to the hospital for examination can be determined in the end.Therefore, if there are signs of above, it can only represent the possible pregnancy. Specifically, they still have to go to the hospital for examination, because everyone’s pregnancy response is different.The accurate method of judging pregnancy is B -ultrasound. You can see the menu after a week, and the B -ultrasound will not have a great impact on the fetus, and it is also a method that people usually use.

At present, this method of HCG detection is to judge whether women are pregnant.This is because the nourishing cells of pregnancy can produce HCG, and this situation can be detected by women’s urine and blood.Under normal circumstances, as long as the body has an embryonic activity, it can be detected at this time. Of course, this is also the earliest indicator that can be diagnosed with pregnancy, and sometimes even women’s menstruation can be tested before it expires.

However, what needs to be known, as for the quality of women’s embryo, whether it is inside or outside the palace, it cannot be seen just by relying on the HCG method.Sometimes you can use dynamic testing. If the rise is more satisfactory, the possibility of normal pregnancy in the palace is relatively high.In addition, B -ultrasound is a more accurate way to judge pregnancy.In theory, it can be seen in one week after a period of month, but it is generally recommended that women do it 2-4 weeks before doing it, so that the shape of the embryo can be seen more accurately.Of course, for women with stomach pain or vaginal bleeding, at this time, you should do a B -ultrasound properly.

Guide expert: Zhang Yunmei, deputy dean of the Second People’s Hospital of Dunhua City, Jilin Province, director of obstetrics and gynecology.

He has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics and obstetrics, and is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. He has profound accomplishments in obstetric emergency, infertility, endocrine, and menopause.

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